Joey sidekick lines up CBS sitcom pilot

By Reuters

Apr 06, 2006

Joey costar Paulo Costanzo has joined CBS's untitled comedy pilot about an engaged couple, a married couple, and a happily single guy.

Costanzo will play one-half of the engaged couple, opposite Kathleen Rose Perkins. Joey , in which Costanzo plays the nephew of Matt LeBlanc's title character, is not expected to return to the NBC lineup next season.

Meanwhile, Party of Five alumna Lacey Chabert has joined the cast of the CW pilot She Said/He Said, a romantic comedy starring Nick Lachey and Lindsay Sloane. Chabert will play the sister of Sloane's character.

Chabert, who costarred in Mean Girls, recently wrapped the feature Black Christmas.

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  • zsmanzar May 04, 2006

    Joey is a GOOD show then why cancelling it man..This is mind boggling. To be very honest the second season was way better than the first one....This makes it more wierd!!!!

  • BeachfrontGlass Apr 26, 2006

    If NBC wanted to have a good lineup on Thursday they should have has Joey, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, and Will & Grace, anchored by ER... The Apprentice killed Thurdays. And whats up with the lack of new episodes of ER. Every other week is a repeat... It's all about stability. When they keep rearranging the schedule and don't advertise anything, how can they expect people to watch every week? 1/2 the time I get the wrong show recorded and 1/4 the time it's a repeat.

  • stephanhklose Apr 20, 2006

    Well, due to NBC's totally mismanagement of the show it's no wonder that they now cancel 'Joey'. They never even gave it a chance. I mean to put it against 'american idol'. I mean Matt can now say "et tu nbc?" (latin referece to what Caesar said when he was stabbed, even by brutus).. I don't know why they never really gave it a chance.. but I am happy for paul. He was already very good in 'road trip' so I think he'll do fine.. But as I said.. I am really said that Joey had to go..
    Under the old management they would give a show a little more time to develop.. as they did with 'Will & Grace'

  • Jamlocka Apr 18, 2006

    If they are getting rid of micheal, i hope they might get a more interesting character. It would be great to bring back Mathew Perry

  • bharatchoragudi Apr 17, 2006

    Personally I felt "Joey" was entertaining. I'm not sure about the reasons why it hasn't achieved the success it deserves.

  • tv4ever Apr 08, 2006

    I think "Joey" is a great show and don't want it to be taken off the air but I also did'nt want "Friends" to be taken off the air either. Luckily "Friends" does come on Channel 11 and comes on 7pm if anybody wants to know.

  • Nsanity84 Apr 06, 2006

    I didn't watch it much. But I really did want Matt to do good. That's too bad the show git cancled. And that's good that Pailo found something.

  • aatish_n Apr 06, 2006

    I really dont want 'Joey' to shut shop. I think is its really good, not as good as 'Friends', but still amazing