John Oliver's New HBO Series Has a Title and a Premiere Date

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 13, 2014

After a few months of silence, HBO has finally gotten around to revealing a title and a premiere date for John Oliver's upcoming topical comedy series that was first announced last November. The weekly, half-hour show—which you'll be able to locate in your cable guide under the title of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver—will debut Sunday, April 27 at 11pm. Last Week Tonight, which takes a satirical look at news, politics, and current events, undoubtedly came to be as a result of Oliver's successful pinch-hosting stint on The Daily Show last summer, when Jon Stewart took some time off to make a movie. 

Are you looking forward to Last Week Tonight?

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  • Carla-Wexler Feb 13, 2014

    So basically the same as what Charlie Brooker has been doing?

  • Spoontown Feb 13, 2014

    There's only one Brooker, don't talk about him or someone in American TV will try and tempt him away.....

  • tobsh Feb 13, 2014

    I'm kinda disappointed. The title sounds a bit lame and the format seems awfully similar to The Daily Show. I'll check it out anyhow 'cause John Oliver rocks.

  • ben45tpy Feb 13, 2014

    What an awful title! I'm not expecting all that much from this to tell you the truth.

  • terminaltrip421 Feb 13, 2014

    looks like I'm the only "meh." thus far.

  • MightyMad Feb 13, 2014

    So you're giving us Real Times and an uncensored Oliver, HBO? With a little bit of Vice with it?


    Cannot wait!

  • current Feb 13, 2014

    Shame it's only an half hour for a week's worth of 'dirt' but one wonders how original it'll feel for material when Stewart and Colbert et al. have all had their fill throughout the week first. I'll certainly give it a go though, as I miss Oliver's TV presence.

  • iheartfrosty Feb 13, 2014

    Huzzah! Totally tuning in.