Juliette Lewis Hired by The Firm

By Tim Surette

Jul 13, 2011

... The upcoming NBC drama The Firm, an adaptation of the film and book of the same name, has added a little star power, casting Juliette Lewis as lead character Mitch's sexy secretary Tammy. I still have a bit of a problem with seeing "Juliette Lewis" and "sexy" in the same sentence, but I guess that's because I'm constantly being hounded by Eastern European supermodels. Also joining the show is The Killing's Callum Keith Rennie, who'll play Mitch's older brother Ray. Josh Lucas will play Mitch, as was previously announced. [NBC]

... True Blood is based on books, you know. Books by Charlaine Harris. Well, Charlaine Harris has apparently put an end date on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, saying that she will only write two more books for a total of 13. The show has deviated from the books a ton, so don't worry too much about how Charlaine's selfish decision might impact the series. We will see a 70-year-old Anna Paquin playing Sookie. [MTV]

... The rumors of ABC's Desperate Housewives considering an end date are being stoked again. Even though most of the principal players are signed on through next year, there's talk of ending the show in the spring and going out with a bang. [TV Guide]

... When you think of action, you think Harry's Law! Mark Valley, who last starred as a punching, shooting, ass-kicking machine in Human Target, is joining the NBC series as a lawyer who works alongside Harriet (Kathy Bates). You should have just stuck with Fringe, Mark! In other Harry's Law news (you know you can't get enough) Shooter McGavin has been upped to regular. [EW / Deadline Hollywood]

... Syfy's Alphas started off strong, grabbing 2.5 million viewers for its Monday series premiere, earning the title of SyFy's Biggest Debut Since 2009. [Syfy via press release]

... Curb Your Enthusiasm returned for its delayed 8th season on Sunday, and Larry David can thank vampires for its success. The comedy drew 1.7 million viewers, up 53 percent from last season's premiere. This year, Curb was helped by its lead-in, True Blood, which bounced back from a dismal holiday weekend performance (last Sunday's audience was cut in half, hindered by HBOGO.com's advanced preview of the second episode a week early) with 5 million viewers, about average. [EW]

... CBS' Hawaii Five-0 is adding Happy Town alum Lauren German to its cast. She'll play a former Homeland Security officer who is impossibly cute. Only on television! [TV Line]

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  • judithstein Aug 03, 2011

    oh for crying out loud - haven't u people heard of tongue-in-cheek humour. It's supposed to be a joke!!!!!

  • staind47 Jul 18, 2011

    Jeez, people need to get a sense of humor. Or maybe it's international commenters who lost something in translation. Its clearly a joke...meant to be funny.....ironic....you know 'haha lol' and all that.

  • Placebo_obecalP Jul 14, 2011

    @buildam2005 no I didn't find it offensive, but if you were Charlaine Harris or a big fan of her work it's quite possible you would...

  • hockeyrick Jul 14, 2011

    Human target was cool!
    Alphas has "something"! Hope it stays!

  • marylnsky82 Jul 19, 2011

    I really like Alphas..

  • Gudbjorg Jul 13, 2011

    It will be interesting to see Mark Valley on Harry's Law and great news to have Shooter McGavin as a regular. Lauren German on Hawaai Five-0, not seeing it work really

  • TrueTvWatcher Jul 13, 2011

    I like Juliette Lewis and would watch to see her.

  • buildam2005 Jul 13, 2011

    Really? You think calling someone "selfish" in a clearly tongue-in-cheek way is offensive? Sheesh. Bloggers are supposed to be witty and making such kinds of comments. Now, whether you actually found it witty or not, okay, argue that. But offensive? Really, now?

  • ppfclark Jul 13, 2011

    Mark Valley joining Harry's Law isn't much of a shock. After being canned from Human Target where was he to go? He played a lawyer for five glorious seasons on David E. Kelley's Boston Legal. Now all Kelley needs to do is bring the Shat back!

  • provencrt Jul 13, 2011

    good news all around, and i love mark valley

  • Geek_Queen Jul 13, 2011

    I love both Harry's Law and Mark Valley, so I'm definitely looking forward to the second season! (Human Target, I'm going to miss ya.) Yay, for more Callum Keith Rennie, too!

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