Lara Flynn Boyle hits Vegas

By Lila Holland

Jul 07, 2005

Lara Flynn Boyle, formerly of Twin Peaks and The Practice, has joined the cast of NBC's Las Vegas.

At the end of last season, Las Vegas fans were left hanging as to who would take control of the Montecito Hotel and Casino. Series creator Gary Scott Thompson has now confirmed that Boyle's "flamboyant" character will be the new owner, and he says that, "We're excited to have someone with the style and panache of Lara Flynn Boyle as we head into a season of transition for Las Vegas. She will add even more story potential and star power to what is already a super -charged cast playing against the backdrop of a dynamic city."

Boyle has not held a series- regular role since she left The Practice--for which she once earned an Emmy nomination--in 2003. She did appear in a few episodes of the Showtime drama Huff last season, and starred in the UPN pilot of Crazy this spring. Boyle's other credits include Wayne's World, Red Rock West, and Men in Black II.

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  • xrainbowtearsx Jun 14, 2006

    i thought she was good in the practice bt havent seen her in anythin else

  • RagDolly Aug 21, 2005

    she's old and ...

  • perfectSAW Jul 08, 2005

    Laura needs to gain some weight. She is tiny and looks like she has an eating disorder.

  • snide Jul 08, 2005

    she's amazing in huff. plays totally out of character.

  • chaser892 Jul 08, 2005

    She better eat some sandwiches first

  • big_farmer47353 Jul 08, 2005

    I'll admit, she's not my favorite actress and she does need to gain a few pounds. However, I'm kinda anxious to see what happens with her as the new owner of the casino. Just cause she's gonna join the cast doesn't mean I'm gonna stop watching the show. Heck, I'd love to see Lara's character and Big Ed get into a huge arguement or see her get into a big fist fight with Delinda or Sam on the casino floor

  • silly-ya Jul 08, 2005

    oh least we can all hate her together. She's s'pose to be evil on the show anyways.

  • freaksngeeks Jul 08, 2005

    she scares me

  • FanOfDegrassi Jul 07, 2005

    Boo!Boo! Why her, cast someone who actually can eat with the cast.

  • heyburt Jul 07, 2005

    killed it........Gary TIME.