Laurence Fishburne Is Leaving CSI

By Tim Surette

Jun 09, 2011

... Laurence Fishburne is saying goodbye to CSI after two-and-a-half seasons. Fishy joined the series after the departure of William Petersen in 2008, playing the then-new lead role of Dr. Raymond Langston. Early reviews of Fishburne's transition were mixed, but apparently things settled down enough for the actor to renew his contract going into last season. His departure leaves a gigantic hole that needs to be filled ASAP. Who would you like to see replace Fishburne as the lead on CSI? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox has tweaked its summer schedule a bit, which would mean something to me if there were anything on Fox this summer worth watching. Anything. Cooking show Masterchef will move back an hour starting immediately, to 9pm on Mondays, but the show's Tuesday airings will stay at 8pm for the time being. Hell's Kitchen will premiere on Monday, July 18 at 8pm, where it will serve as lead-in to Masterchef. Beginning Tuesday, July 19, Hell's Kitchen will air at 8pm and Masterchef will slide back to 9pm. God I hope that made sense to you, because it barely makes sense to me. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 16.4 million viewers sobbed uncontrollably on May 25 during the series finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show, according to numbers that are only being released now. It was the most-watched Oprah episode in 18 years. [Associated Press]

... Oprah's good buddy Michelle Obama will guest-star on... iCarly? Michelle will promote her initiative Joining Forces, which raises awareness for military families. And how come no one complains about this very blatant display of what's essentially product placement, but if Fringe shows a Sprint phone, everyone is all up in arms!?!? Double standard, people!! [Associated Press]

... ABC's charming Castle has earned a well-deserved second life in reruns: TNT has acquired the off-network rights for the series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. The first two seasons of the show will begin re-airing in 2012. Shiny! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Vanessa Marcil is leaving General Hospital on June 9. She's pretty. [EW]

... I hate to admit it, but I'm liking the new direction of TLC. After clogging its schedule with shows about little people, people with litters of children, and child beauty pageants, the network is finally finding its groove with normal weird people. TLC is ordering a new pilot, about people addicted to entering sweepstakes. It's appropriately called High Stakes Sweepers. The net will give it a one-hour special before deciding whether or not to make it a series, just like it did with new hit Extreme Couponing. [TV Guide]

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  • kroggieplatter Jun 18, 2011

    Where one door closes another one opens. It was a difficult task for Fishburne to replace the seemingly irrepaceable Petersen but he did a farily good job of it. I still enjoy CSI, particularly considering it's counterparts Miami and New York fall horribly short of the standard set by the original.

    Whoever they get in, hopefully it's someone of equal stature, but more importantly CSI needs to keep churning out quality episodes.

  • zsandmann Jun 14, 2011

    Sqweegel Sqweeeeeeeeeeeegel Sqweeeeeeeeeeeegel

  • ElieChatry Jun 13, 2011

    Or Kevin Bacon

  • ElieChatry Jun 13, 2011

    Bring Tom Hanks

  • MrDunham Jun 13, 2011

    It is so sad to see people happy because Fishburne is leaving.

  • OnePerCentClub Jun 13, 2011

    CSI does not suck. Some cases might not be as strong as others, but there were very good cases this season. If you don't like, just don't watch.

  • teambff Jun 12, 2011

    people always mindlessly like the first guy in a series to the point of absurdity, it makes sense to be attached to someone who you initially go on the journey with, i understand that completely but i hate when people get so attached that they can't except any change and the first guy is the only guy, etc.. that being said i don't think william peterson or fishburne are that great (they are ok, just nothing amazing) and have always thought the biggest flaw in the series was it's cast which is just medium of the road.. when you look over at a series like canada's regenesis in the first couple of seasons now that is a awesome team of people. i'm working my way through the csi's slowly catching up on all of them and from what i've seen so far the team needs alot more chemistry and bonding. bring in someone like the guy from regenesis who owns both william peterson's grissom character and fishburne's. frankly i'd like to see maxim roy brought in as a female leade or another good female (who says it gotta be a guy). that's just my opinion, all of you william peterson fanatics don't take offense as i said i think he's ok just not all that people make em out to be.

  • linmik Jun 12, 2011

    Sooooooooooooo happy that Fishburne is leaving !! tried watching ..but just couldn't take him in the role. To the "big guys" whatever is necessary to get Petersen back.

    Sara came we just need grissom.

  • jetscan Jun 11, 2011

    This is the best news I have read in ages!!!! My wife and I have been fans of the show since day one (we live in Europe BTW) and we both agreed that Fishburne was a terrible choice. As someone else in this thread said "Laurence Fishburne is a mediocre actor at best". I agree with "realjarp". Kurt Russel would be on top of my list too.

  • rsnones Jun 11, 2011

    William Petersen may come back like your "strange" wife in the show Jorja Fox...all is possibly in Twilight Zone....

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