Les Moonves Says Dexter Will End With Season 8

By Tim Surette

Mar 05, 2013

Okay guys, for real this time. This upcoming season of Showtime's Dexter will be its last. Probably. According to E! Online, CBS President and CEO Les Moonves broke the news to investors at Deutsche Bank's 2013 dbAccess Media, Internet, & Telecom Conference, where all important TV announcements happen these days. (CBS owns Showtime.)

We'd already prepared ourselves for Season 8 to be Dexter's last thanks to scoops and scoops and scoops full of unconfirmed rumors, but when Moonves says it will be so, it will be so. Dexter is moving to summer (June 30) for its final season instead of going with its usual late-September start, and will help usher in its replacement, the Liev Schreiber-starring Ray Donovan.

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  • DanusiaRegina Mar 30, 2013

    about time! dexter stopped being awesome at season 4, after rita dies. season 5, 6 and 7 are really terrible and i only keep watching because i must have nothing better to do. ¬¬

  • vivkirk Mar 12, 2013

    Dexter was too dark for me. S is "The Following", can't watch them. Would rather have "The Closer" back with quirkly Kyra. I love Kevin Bacon *her husband in real life, but this is a really dark show and too creepy for me, like Dexter.

  • Noor Mar 08, 2013

    How awesome would it be if the bring CRIMINAL MINDS cast to solve a crim DEXTER committed? OMG!!!
    I would watch that!!

  • outbackphantom Mar 08, 2013

    Need another option on the survey. "Yes, I will be sad to see it finish, last season was the poorest out of all of them."
    Let's get back to basics and getting rid of the trash.

  • poltergeistgu Mar 07, 2013

    As for the ending...He was dead all along, He was a figment of Debs imagination and SHE was the killer, he died when his mother was murdered and everything we've seen is just what flashed before his eyes in his final second, Shia LeBoeff is his son and the crystal skull has space-alien magic. All awful endings, and all better than the ending of Lost.

  • poltergeistgu Mar 07, 2013

    And hey! look at all the spammers! Anyone who believes that you can make $85 an hour from an online scam deserves to find themselves wrapped in polythene on my table.

  • poltergeistgu Mar 07, 2013

    This show has been a disappointment for ages. The last season was SO irritating. It started with an ok cliffhanger, and the Deb being in love with Dexter thing was a brave, interesting move. Isaac started out as the best character to appear in the show for ages, but they killed him off and just went with yet another boring romance. Hell, how about a Deb/Dex/Isaac love triangle? THAT would take guts, be original, and challenge the audience. But it's like the show is written by committee these days. I appreciate that some Twilight fans may also watch this show, but almost every show on TV focuses on the love lives of the characters. ENOUGH, already. I don't give a crap who is having sex with whom unless I am one of those involved. It's a show about a serial killer. We don't watch him on the toilet, or filling in his tax-return so why do we need to see him trying to get laid? Just kill people, already. Remember when Friends was ruined when they got all the characters in relationships with each other? Big bang theory, too. The list goes on and on. Save the damn romance for shows ABOUT romance unless you can show us an INTERESTING romance. Not just a female character that needs to be there to secure the male audience. Go with the damn Deb/Dex storyline for Gods sake. Anyone who has a problem with a guy sleeping with his step-sister, but not with him being a multiple murderer acting out of a psychotic compulsion to kill seriously needs their head looking at by someone with letters after their name.

  • DaveWebster1 Mar 07, 2013

    This show has had highs and lows, but even the lows are better written and acted than most other shows. With Breaking Bad and Dexter finishing this year there will be 2 big holes to fill in the schedules lets just hope they are not filled with yet more crappy reality shows. I hope that the networks can provide some truly entertaining shows in the near future but i doubt it. I'm sad that channels like Sy-Fy(yuk)(sci-fi) no longer invest in programming that helped build them and can only see this happening more and more with the larger networks their idea is why make a show that cost 1/2 a mil per episode when they can create 50 new reality shows with 22 episode seasons for the price of one episode of original scripted entertainment. But hey at least Game of Thrones is back soon i may smile again ;)

  • EricHonerbri Mar 07, 2013

    it stopped at a good time before running it into the ground

  • blackmage8472 Mar 06, 2013

    I love the show and as a fan I'd love to see it continue. However shows need to end on a high note before they go downhill again. Season 7 ended on a great beginning of the end moment so they need to finish it.

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