Leverage "The Broken Wing Job" Review: Sick Day

By Julia Bergen

Sep 10, 2012

Leverage S05E08: "The Broken Wing Job"

I liked this episode of Leverage a lot, but I have to say, do not show Eliot about to have a sword fight if you do not intend to show the sword fight! That's just mean!

"The Broken Wing Job" was all about Parker. Nate, Sophie, Eliot, and Hardison were doing a job in Japan. Parker couldn't come because she had a torn ACL and six weeks of doctor-ordered bed rest. Parker and bed rest, those are two things that do not go together well. She had a hard time staying still and refused to take her pain meds since they made her feel "wibbly wobbly." Hardison had assigned Amy, a waitress at the restaurant downstairs, to bring Parker meals. Amy was a sweet, smart, well-adjusted girl, so obviously she and Parker didn't get along so well at first. Parker-centric episodes are always best when she has to interact with a normal person, like in "The Juror #6 Job," where she was called for jury duty and had to befriend her fellow jurors.

In this case, Parker had to get Amy to help her take down the thieves she spotted on Hardison's cameras in the restaurant. Having no other entertainment, Parker had been watching the customers for entertainment. She noticed that two suspicious men came in every day and sat in the same spot. Amy said they referred to each other as "V" and "K." Out of boredom, a sense of territorial pride, and some legitimate concern, Parker just had to dig deeper. Because of her injured knee she needed Amy to do things like plant microphones. At first Amy simply didn't know what was going on, but as she learned more she insisted they go to the police rather than try to solve things themselves.

That's where we got a nice piece of Parker's character that we hadn't seen before. She told Amy that Amy seemed to be someone like her, someone who wanted to help. Parker doesn't talk about morality a lot, or feelings, or anything else like that. She often gives them impression that she only cares about shiny things and jumping off of buildings. Parker actually has a very strict code of ethics, it's just not the same as most people's. As she told Amy, she doesn't really care that they're thieves. She cares that they came into where she lives, and brought guns.

From their location, Parker inferred that V and K intended to rob the armored truck coming to the jewelry store across the street. She and Amy discovered that they had a getaway van waiting, and that they were timing how long it took them to do the job. Over the course of the investigation, Parker got access to the cell phones of everyone in the restaurant. When she learned that V and K were just about to pull the robbery she texted pictures of a man cheating on his girlfriend to make the two fight, which made V and K lose their window of opportunity.

Parker knew they would strike the next day. So she used the online dating profiles of two single people—who Amy referred to as "Romeo" and "Juliet," because she thought they should just date each other—to set up both of them with police officers. Her plan was for the officers to stop the robbery. However, V and K weren't after the jewelry store after all. They were trying to kidnap Amy. What a good twist! I didn't see it coming at all, but it made perfect sense.

Parker hobbled down the stairs to save Amy and got her out of the van just in time, and it was all very exciting. V followed them into the restaurant and up to the gang's HQ. Silly man. Parker on crutches is still enough to beat you senseless.

"The Broken Wing Job" was a really well-constructed episode. Information about V and K's plot was revealed at an excellent pace, and I was on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next. Amy was also a really interesting character—an heiress to an international business who waitressed while pursuing her dream of being an artist and who was also game for taking down thieves. I hope she shows up in future episodes. And I really liked the way the customers in the restaurant played in to Parker's schemes.

Since this episode worked so well, I hope they do more episodes featuring one character. Also more Eliot sword fights, because that needs to happen!

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  • Kaya112345 Sep 17, 2012

    This was an amazing episode. I loved seeing a different side of Parker. It was nice to see her actually connect with someone outside of the Leverage crew.

  • agent222 Sep 17, 2012

    I loved the scene where Parker used her crutches to take down the idiots who were trying to kidnap her new friend. Obviously she's been taking lessons from the rest of the crew. Electronics from Hardison, the art of the con from Sophie, strategy, and, planning from Nate, and, as shown is this episode, fighting from Elliot.

  • DavidJackson8 Sep 15, 2012

    I really like the episode overall. More Parker = more fun, and there was quite a lot of humor that went with the plot. It was a really fun episode.

    The only thing I'll really knock it for was all those other people in the pub. The guy playing the doctor who lost his wife was quite bad, and the resolution to that story was rather sloppily written. The same goes for Romeo and Juliet, and the bickering couple. There was potential for those stories to work REALLY well within the main plot, but it ended up being rather sloppy and lazy. The cops were really bad too. I know they're very small characters, but Leverage seems to hire more bad actors than any other show I watch.

  • ZeroCals Sep 11, 2012

    At first, I thought we were going to learn what happened in Japan in next week's episode (because they did something similar in a previous season). However, I see that next week's episode is the season finale. Man. I really wanted to know what led to Eliot having a samurai-showdown and why Hardison was decked out like a foreign dictator.

  • CrazyAsian1080 Sep 12, 2012

    Leverage is generally 15-16 episode seasons, and there are at least 3 more episodes

    Sophie gets framed

    White Rabbit

    John Casey

  • ZeroCals Sep 12, 2012

    Hm, that's weird. I could have sworn I saw "Next Week: Leverage 2-hour Season Finale" in the bottom-right corner of my television. Conspiracy?


  • crystakke Sep 12, 2012

    It's not the season finale. It's the finale of the first part of the season. It will be a few months break and come back for the second half. Although I don't think we'll find out what happened in Japan, only if it's related to some future con they'll pull off, like the the last episode or something.

  • ZeroCals Sep 12, 2012

    Yea. I know. I just thought CrazyAsian was saying that there was going to be more episodes "this season" (I refer to mid-season breaks and starts as finales and premiers). I actually like how TNT and USA do shortened seasons, and then bring their shows back relatively quick.

    ps I also figured we wouldn't be hearing more about the Japan con. I mean, that's why I was lamenting the fact that we didn't know what led to those crazy situations. :)

  • JustinJohnson9 Sep 11, 2012

    Loved this Parker-centric episode. Amy as the target was a good psych-out. Never saw it coming.

  • LoganCaron Sep 11, 2012

    I just want to know what happened in Japan and how Hardison got a monkey in a box? and also Eliot's sword fight! DAMN! but that would have been epic!

  • tnetennba Sep 12, 2012

    I doubt it. Part of what made those scenes cool is that you sort of knew that they wouldn't make sense as a part of an episode story. When writers write the cool scenes first and then fill in the gaps, I think the result is usually something like Mission Impossible 2 (i.e. garbage).

    (I read that that's actually how they wrote MI2).

  • tnetennba Sep 11, 2012

    Female cop tells male cop "check the alley, I've got these guys". So he goes outside and leaves her alone with two suspects, one of which has a gun still in his hand. Great thinking there...

    The other one starts walking towards her slowly, so she points the gun at him. He doesn't stop. Apparently she has completely forgotten about the guy with a gun in his hand, because when he lifts it and shoots her, she doesn't even react until the bullet hits her. Who gave that woman a gun in the first place?

  • DavidJackson8 Sep 15, 2012

    Yeah, I was bothered with that scene too. The "check the alley" command made no sense to me mainly because seeing two guys in the room with a gun doesn't really warrant a "check the alley" type of command. Also, as you said, leaving her alone with two 'bad guys' was pretty stupid.

    Also, were they partners? Weren't they just two random cops that had online dating profiles? How did the woman know the man beside her was also a cop? I guess they could've recognized each other if they'd seen each other around working at the same precinct...

  • Loftus Sep 15, 2012

    "Check the alley" didn't make sense... at least not without securing the one 'bad' guy's gun first.

    However the reason they might have just instantly worked together was because the lady cop pulled out her gun first and said "Portland PD..." so maybe bloke cop just went along with it? Still... occupation 'Law Enforcement' doesn't necessarily mean you are a detective or even carry your gun around with you 24/7. Beat cops can't carry their weapons with them outside of being on the job right?

  • Dudekotka Sep 11, 2012

    I love these kinds of episodes, (Buffy's The Zeppo, Supernatural's Weekend at Bobby's, probably a bunch of others) and this was no exception. But it did bring back a problem I used to have with the show in season 1-2.

    Everyone in the team is brought in to do one task, Nate's the mastermind, Sophie's the primary actress in cons, Parker's the thief, Eliot's the enforces/bodyguard, and Hardison's the hacker/computer guy. Now, why do they not stick to anything close to that formula anymore? In this episode, Parker did a lot of Hardison-type work, and I just find it hard to believe that she knows how to do those things.

  • tnetennba Sep 11, 2012

    She's had a long time to learn some of it, and he was helping her over the phone with the difficult stuff.

  • Jo_Harvelle Sep 11, 2012

    Jeez, finally great ep! I love Parker, she is never boring! And it just returned my faith in Leverage! Same old great humour and loved it!

  • Endgame65 Sep 11, 2012

    Totally agree about the sword fight. That's just teasing. Good episode, but now next week has me dying to see the new haircut. Looks like there'll be some action as well, so I can't wait.

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