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By Tim Surette

Dec 05, 2008 user more_ncis_now's name pretty much says it all... She loves crime shows. But she also loves comedies, dramas, and game shows, and as a American-television fan living in the UK, is always looking for an audience to discuss the merits of stateside TV.

more_ncis_now took some time to answer a few questions in this edition of Lights, Camera, Community,'s interview series where we feature members of the community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

more_ncis_now: I'm British, 23, female. I enjoy long walks in the park and....oh wait, wrong site. ;) Lots of people on the site know me as Newbie (which is a nickname relating to NCIS, for those who don't know). I'm a bit of a geek, love technology and I have a sarcastic streak that I try not to let run free too often! How did you come up with your username?

more_ncis_now: When I was trying to sign up for an account with, I went through about 30 TV-related names which were all taken. In the end, I went with the reason that I was trying to sign up in the first place--the UK was on an NCIS break, I was jonesing for my favourite show, in essence I wanted MORE....NCIS.....NOW. ;) You are a moderator here on What does that entail?

more_ncis_now: Honestly, it's not a lot different to being any other user. We make submissions to the guides like any other user and all of us are editors so we deal with our queues like any other editor. We help users in the forums and via PMs, but there are a lot of regular users out there who do the same thing, so that's not really a difference either. The only thing that really differs is that we deal with the reports that other users make when they see something that doesn't belong on the site. What's your favorite thing to do here on the site?

more_ncis_now: It depends on the day. I absolutely love the database aspect of the site--it's great to know that when I make a submission, I'm improving the database, whether it be by crediting an actor, adding an episode or removing a duplicate guide. Plus I love that there are so many different submission types to be made--something for everyone! Other days, I just feel like escaping a little bit and delving into the community side of things offers that escape... some of the users here are really, really creative! There are some great bloggers out there and it's great to take a time-out from submissions and mod duties to head over to their blogs and enjoying their creativity for a little while! What's your favorite emblem you've earned, and why?

more_ncis_now: Good question! Don't make me choose just one!! I have to say, I love my mod shield--it's so shiny!--but I think my favourite emblem has to be my editor emblem because A) It looks really cool and B) More importantly, it represents the work that I've put in on the guides that I edit. I'm proud of my guides and the emblem is a great reminder of that. What's the main difference between American and British television, and which do you like more?

more_ncis_now: I think the main difference between British and American TV is that American TV tends to be bigger. There are bigger budgets, much larger audiences and the seasons tend to run to between 22 and 24 episodes as opposed to seasons here which tend to run between 6 and 12 episodes.

If you'd asked me a couple of years ago which was my favourite, it would have been a very quick answer: "American TV. Definitely." But things are changing, I'm growing to appreciate our home-grown shows. There have been some British shows that I've really enjoyed over the last few years: Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Coupling, early seasons of Cutting It, to name a few examples. I also find that we produce some really good quiz/celebrity gameshows: QI, Have I Got News For You?, Would I Lie to You? etc. Nobody beats our celeb quiz shows, they're hilarious...but, my true love is crime and I love American crime way more than British crime. It's done on a larger scale, it's faster paced and they have really cool guns & car chases!! Sorry folks, but a British crime show's car chase is never going to be as good as an American show's car chase!!

So...that doesn't answer your question at all, after all that! I guess my answer is...I like both, but for different types of shows. Do you have any theories as to who the mother is in How I Met Your Mother?

more_ncis_now: I have no idea and I like it that way! Most of the time, I don't even think about the fact that we're building up to finding out who the mother is. I like the characters, I like the storylines. If we never find out who the mother is, I'm ok with that! Recommend a show that people aren't watching and should.

more_ncis_now: I'm never really sure what people are watching in America, so I'm going to take this from a British point of view. I'm pretty sure that if I went into work and tried to talk to anyone about Chuck, they wouldn't know what I was muttering about, so, all the Brits out there (and everyone else who doesn't already watch), watch Chuck!! Espionage, unrequited love, explosions...what more could you possibly need?! Aside from your love of television, what else keeps you occupied?

more_ncis_now: Aside from my TV watching, I spend far too much time on! I also really enjoy chatting to my friends from around the world and teaching them all of my British phrases & spellings (take note of studog's spelling--extra U's all over the place, I'm so proud!). I'm a recent xbox convert, so I'm spending a lot of my time lately shooting bad guys or performing impossible tricks on my virtual skateboard. When I'm not xboxing or TV.comming, I tend to be over at earning my weekly badges. While all of this is going on, I tend to be listening to music and when all that technology gets too much, I'll head off and read some crime fiction (J.D. Robb, Sue Grafton...check 'em out!) or try to learn a new song on my guitar. If you could change one thing in the television industry, what would it be?

more_ncis_now: I'd remove the frustrating wait for UK viewers who want to see US shows without a 6 month (or longer) wait. I wouldn't mind how this happened--I'd be happy if they aired the shows faster on TV but I'd also be equally happy if the rules about viewing shows online changed in order to provide a source for US shows which could be legally utilized by viewers outside of the US. There are millions of people outside of the US who love American shows but hate the, if I could change one thing, it would be that. Thanks for talking to us!

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  • biccyuk Feb 04, 2009

    im new on here and from england the interview was great. great to see that the best of British tv was mentioned (ashes to ashes and life on mars). i also like a lot of American shows as well as British shows but have to find ways to keep up with them as the wait is so long. my fav American shows are law and order svu, cold case, gossip girl, csi, supernatural, terminator, 90210, damages, psych and the l word to name a few there are more but the list would get too long

  • grailwolf Dec 12, 2008

    Great interview, great show recommendations, and a great addition to the mod crew. I really love that there is such an international community here on the site, and Newb does a great job as a representative of her tribe across the tides.
    Or... is that "advance scout for the coming invasion"? Hmm.... ;)

  • Angus_Mac Dec 10, 2008

    Go Newb!! :)

  • more_ncis_now Dec 10, 2008

    Thanks everyone!

  • ainav Dec 08, 2008

    Newbieeeeee! I love you XD *hug*

  • funkyfresh5 Dec 08, 2008

    Yay Newbie!!! :D

  • Jaxiecracks Dec 08, 2008

    Congrats Newbie!

  • IndianaMom Dec 08, 2008

    Great interview! It's good to see the UK point of view.

  • rhiyssa Dec 08, 2008

    I am in LOVE with the show heros, it is so totaly awesome!!!! Seriously, plus the interveiw went well, it just went AWESOME!

  • rhiyssa Dec 08, 2008

    I am in LOVE with the show Heros it is so totaly awesome!!!

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