News Briefs: Linda Cardellini Will Join Kyle Chandler In Netflix's Next Drama

By Tim Surette

Feb 05, 2014


... Linda Cardellini—of Mad Men, ER, and Freaks and Geeks notoriety—will co-star opposite Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) in Netflix's upcoming series from the creators of Damages. The untitled drama follows siblings with secrets that are revealed when the black sheep brother returns home. Cardellini will play the youngest sister, a bubbly lawyer who I want to hug I mean who has some surprises of her own. [TV Line]


... Stephen King's short story Ayana is getting the television adaptation treatment. Ayana was originally published in 2007 and is set in a world where characters experience unexplained magic that alters their lives. Universal TV is developing the project, and there's no network attached at the moment, but NBC is said to be first in line. [Variety]

... Animal Planet's tenth annual Puppy Bowl set another personal record for viewership on Sunday, drawing an audience of 13.5 million viewers. That made it the second most-watched telecast on all of television for the day and the most-watched show on cable. That's still almost 100 million viewers less than the Super Bowl, so I don't know what these puppies are so happy about. You got your butts kicked, dogs. Meanwhile, Hallmark's inaugural Kitten Bowl drew 1 million viewers and Nat Geo's Fish Bowl drew only 27,000 viewers. [Animal Planet via press release / EW]

... TBS has ordered eight episodes of Funniest Wins, a comedy competition show from producer Marlon Wayans. Each week, comedians from all disciplines will try to out-funny each other for a shot at a cash prize and the chance to be the star of a web series. So really, just a cash prize. Look for it this summer. [TBS via press release]

... Discovery is hoping people that people who don't know what to watch will just click through the cable guide without really reading the show titles and has ordered Game of Stones. The series follows real-life extreme gem hunter Don Kogen as he looks at rocks. "Goddammit Marie, they're not rocks, they're minerals!" [Discovery via press release]

... Neil Gaiman's super-popular novel American Gods will get another shot at television. After failing to get past the development stages at HBO, Freemantle, the company behind American Idol, has picked up the rights to the book. American Gods is a sci-fi novel that follows a war between the old gods (the gods of classic mythology) and a new set of gods based on today's world. It's great that this project is still alive, but should we trust the company behind Clay Aiken when we could have had HBO shepherding it to our screens? [Speakeasy]

... Fox's The Following is in need of some recruitment. The series continued to slide on Monday night, hitting another series low, numbers-wise. Only 5.9 million viewers tuned in, which was good for a 1.9 rating in the important 18-49 demo. Almost Human, meanwhile, outperformed The Following with 6.4 million viewers but had a lower rating at 1.8. [The Wrap]


... Schmidt is headed to The Mindy Project! Sorta. Max Greenfield, who plays the excitable Schmidt on New Girl, will guest-star on the comedy that airs after New Girl as a character named Lee, a bar patron that's up to no good. Look for him in the April 22 episode. [E! Online]

... GSN, the Game Show Network, today announced that Rebecca Romijn is the new host of Skin Wars, an eight-episode competition show that pits body painters against each other. In related news, Rebecca Romijn today announced that she is desperate for work. [GSN via press release]

... David Strathairn (Alphas) will play a lead role in the ABC pilot Clementine. The series follows a female criminal who learns that she may be the possessor of latent superpowers after a group of strangers begin hunting her. Strathairn will play her dad. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW's The Flash pilot has added The Game's Candice Patton and Broadway's Carlos Valdes. Patton will play Iris West, the best friend and romantic interest of Flash/Barry Allen. Valdes, best known for playing Andrej in the musical Once, will play Cisco Ramon, the alter ego of Vibe. [TV Line]

... Ryan Phillippe will star in ABC's Secrets & Lies, an adaptation of an Australian series that hasn't even aired yet Down Under but still managed to earn a straight-to-series, 10-episode order from ABC. Phillippe will play a father who finds the body a four-year-old boy and becomes the main suspect in the boy's murder. Ahhh, the ol' "He who smelt it dealt it" rule. [THR

... ABC's comedy pilot Marry Me was already a looker, and now it's a keeper. Right from the get-go, the show had the pedigree of Happy Endings creator David Caspe behind it, and last week it added a star in Happy Endings' Casey Wilson, and now it adds Childrens Hospital's Ken Marino. He'll play the fiancé of Wilson's character in this show about a couple whose life gets more complicated after they get engaged. [TV Guide]

... CSI: NY's Eddie Cahill will soon be stuck Under the Dome. Cahill is joining the second season of the CBS summer jam (which premieres June 30) as the brother-in-law of Big Jim. Do you think his character will exhibit the same artistic talents that Big Jim's dead wife had? [THR]

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  • JT_Kirk Feb 06, 2014

    Jesus Christ, Nat Geo's fish bowl had 27,000 viewers? They'd have been better off airing a test pattern!

    Oh man, Funniest Wins sounds pretty g... oh, you said "Marlon" Wayans, never mind. Good idea though, too bad about the producer and that awful web series "prize" which probably will work off that cash prize value.

    I don't get it, why is superhero the new TV ripoff thing when most of the superhero shows have been eating shit in the ratings the past decade? At best, they put up respectable ratings but not enough to offset their larger budgets.

    The Flash is making a well-known DC character black, that's going to make some people unhappy - I just hope she can act and that the producers can make her likable, unfortunately Smallville and Arrow haven't done well in those areas before.

    WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! DC's "Vibe" is going to be on The Flash? Hollllllllly fuckballs! That is a left turn I didn't see coming, screw the "hot black chick dates nerdy white guy" spin they're putting on the show, Vibe is going to be breakdancing his way back into our hearts! That is seriously awesome (or seriously disastrous).

    You know what? I love Ken Marino, and I like Casey Wilson, but they are from this school of comedy that only works when they are the weird ones, every time you put them in something that has another of their ilk such as June Diane Raphael it ends up being obnoxious.

  • Loooooooooooost Feb 05, 2014

    There are actually a few crappy shows that try and popularize big names in tv now. There is Guns of Anarchy, Person of Pintrest, The Jaywalking Dead, Pretty Little Friars, Once Upon a Mime, American Hobo Story and Duck Rhinoplasty, just to name a few.

  • bendylegsnick Feb 05, 2014

    Ken Marino? KEN MARINO?! I AM IN!

  • SinspaW Feb 05, 2014

    I really like David Strathairn. But damn, he always gets himself into cheesy/corny/depthless leading roles. Go HBO, FX or AMC man, that's where your talent will be appropriately used.

  • hopitopia Feb 05, 2014

    I'm afraid of what could happen to American Gods. How about we just keep it a book?? Crazy, no? I imagine Neil Gaiman would be on board, if he gets creative control, so I guess we'll see. Would be much happier if Moffat could oversee, but evidently he's busy running a show and a half already!

  • missjudgment Feb 05, 2014

    I'd loooove to see it as an HBO series but now I'm worried too. It's such a good story, though.

  • CarolineEmili Feb 05, 2014

    Until now Gaiman had a pretty close eye on how they adapted his stories. Lets hope that doesnt change.

  • hopitopia Feb 05, 2014

    I would assume he still has control, don't see him agreeing otherwise. I would also hope that if what they pitch doesn't sit with him he can yank it.

  • ben45tpy Feb 05, 2014

    By now Linda Cardellini should get her own Tim Surette meme special a la David Duchovny.

    Gulp, if we thought Under the Dome was bad (and it is!) imagine what NBC will do with Stephen King.

    And I'm amazed Strathairn has gone from critically acclaimed movie star to very typecast tv sci-fi actor in no time at all. I really don't know what to make of it.

  • antdude Feb 05, 2014

    Puppies, Fish, and Kitten. What about ants? :P

  • Akyriel Feb 05, 2014

    Tim, 13.5 million people watching a cable channel showing puppies playing on a fake football field is phenomenal. That's Walking Dead territory , if not higher! You need to realize what the average ratings are for any cable TV show, which is certainly below 5 million. You should have stated it as the Puppy Bowl kicked the butts of the Kitty Bowl.

    I never knew Strathairn to be into fantasy sci-fi stuff. Doesn't seem the type. Surprised he's not on something like The Good Wife or any decent real world drama.

    Greenfield on two shows at the same time on the same network practically one after another is just dumb. If you know him as one character, suddenly you're going to believe him as another? Everyone will just see him and go, "that's the guy from New Girl".

    Romijn had work and TNT fired her for no real good reason plus she's been body painted for modeling and basically for playing Mystique in X-Men. The worst thing about the show will likely be censorship, as they did it on SyFy's recent body painting show.

  • cuculhain Feb 05, 2014

    I missed Linda Cardellini, so this was good news. Also, Kyle Chandler makes a cameo in Spectacular Now, worth seeing. Not the whole movie mind you, just his character.
    And American Gods was a terrific book, so as long as Gaiman has input it should make for an interesting show.

  • Dre5d Feb 05, 2014

    I am happy the Flash show is getting diversity. All the CW shows are whitwashed, no matter how much i love majority of them Blacks and Hispanics just don't get no starring role. So happy Flash and Supernatural:Tribes is so far changing that

  • JT_Kirk Feb 06, 2014

    Poor Pete Ross, the CW just didn't love him enough, is all. Still, Diggle hasn't left... yet.

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