Lost Girl "Into the Dark" Review: Of Sex and Soccer

By Julia Bergen

Sep 08, 2012

Lost Girl S02E21: "Into the Dark"

We're almost to the end of the season! I'm enjoying the suspense, though I do hope there ends up being a good reason why the Garuda hasn't just come out and killed everyone before they could come up with a plan to defeat him. I also hope Lost Girl springs for the special effects to make him look cool. We got some glimpses of fiery wings last time he popped up, but I'm hoping for more than that.

I've complained before that when the show gets too much into Fae politics it's never as much fun as when Bo is fighting a random monster. Well, "Into the Dark" proved me wrong. Fae politics were all over the place, but the episode actually managed to handle them in an amusing way.

First, Bo was done playing around with the Nain Rouge. At Ciara's funeral she figured ol' NR wouldn't miss so much tragedy, so she demanded the little psychic show herself. When that worked, Bo convinced her to give more information, seeing as the the Nain Rouge was Fae herself, thus a target for the Garuda. The Nain Rouge begrudgingly admitted that Bo would need a powerful Dark Fae on her side to defeat the Garuda.

So right there, it was nice to see Bo working outside the Fae rules. Though why she didn't think of doing this earlier is beyond me.

Bo decided to recruit Vex, but getting at him would take more maneuvering. The Morrigan had Vex locked up for embarrassing her one too many times. To get him back Bo needed to steal a case from the Ash. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so Bo did it. But oh no, Vex WANTED to be imprisoned to get away from a gang of Red Caps—British, burly, brawling Fae who dyed their caps in the blood of their victims.

Weren't they awesome? I mean, creepy as anything, but also hilarious. Definitely want to see more of them. The Red Caps quickly captured Vex, and would only give him to Bo if she brought them the case she'd just stolen for the Morrigan. Frustrating for Bo, but pretty amusing to watch for me. Maybe it's not Fae politics that are boring. Maybe it's just Light Fae politics. Dark Fae are jerks, but they're a lot more ridiculous.

Bo seduced the Morrigan to get the case back. Man, Bo has gotten a LOT more powerful this season! She was able to take down the leader of the Dark Fae! Afterwards, the Morrigan followed Bo to the Red Caps' lair. Is lair the right word, actually? Looked more like a dive bar. In any case, the Morrigan was not playing around, and started incinerating the Red Caps. Seems the Morrigan can do more than just feed off of the talent of humans.

It turned out the reason why the Red Caps wanted Vex was that he didn't let their favorite soccer team win, and the reason why the Morrigan wanted the case was that it held a powerful Fae aphrodisiac. The Dark Fae are SO much more hilarious than the Light Fae! I wonder what their ceremony to determine the next Morrigan is like? I'm picturing The Hunger Games with more chaos and a whole lot more cheating. Vex managed to keep the Morrigan away from Bo, so he and Bo were able to escape. Hooray! Now Bo has a Vex on her side. Who likes to wear her bathrobes. Maybe not so hooray.

Meanwhile, Kenzi decided rules were for dorks.

She went with Dyson to beg the Norn for his heart back, saying he would need it to keep the Fae from being destroyed. Like the Morrigan, the Norn was more interested in petty squabbling than he was in the Fae surviving. Kenzi tried to negotiate, but Dyson said that wasn't how it worked. Since Kenzi wasn't Fae, she came to the conclusion that Fae rules were silly, and that trees weren't so hard to chop down.

The Norn and her tree are deeply connected. So Kenzi came back with a chainsaw and started destroying the tree, which would have killed the Norn if she hadn't agreed to give Dyson's heart back. But while getting the vial that contained it, a different bottle fell on Kenzi. We didn't learn exactly what it was, but this is almost certainly going to have consequences, if not in this season then the next one.

Speaking of next season, I'm seriously beginning to wonder how Lost Girl is possibly going to top this season. Everything's gotten so incredibly epic. The destruction of the Fae! Dyson's star-crossed lover laying down her life! Trick is Bo's grandfather! And there's still one more episode to raise the level of epic-ness even higher. By now Bo's gotten strong enough to defeat the most powerful Dark Fae. What else is there? I just don't see how Season 3 can produce an even more dire threat than the Garuda.

One thing about the Garuda that doesn't quite make sense, though: He wants to restart the Great Fae War, but everyone keeps talking about how this will be the end of the Fae. If the Garuda feeds on the Fae... wouldn't he NOT want them to all die? Just sayin'.


– What do you think could be a "big enough" villain for next season?

– Who do you think Bo's father is? And is Trick telling the truth that he doesn't know?

– Think Ciara's going to stay dead? So far Lost Girl hasn't done any back-from-the-dead stuff, but it's never too late to start.

– Who will be the next Ash?

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  • 2Janae Dec 29, 2013

    Bo didn't defeat Evony, she seduced her first... tricked her into going with it (she said "I could resist you, but...") ...and hey, gratuitous sexy time. ^_^

  • silverfoxy8472 Sep 12, 2012

    coincidence? nah just writing to be pissed off at characters i like dying but then again had to see deaths coming as it is a war.

  • silverfoxy8472 Sep 12, 2012

    sooooo a person lauren obsessed over for FIVE YEARS just gets dumped off as a plot device?

  • crazyforsushi Sep 12, 2012

    Seriously? How long have you been watching television? "Girlfriend in a coma" is a classic plot device. Nadia did not exist in season 1. The writers confessed to only coming up with that storyline in season 2. She was a plot device meant to keep Bo and Lauren apart. Also plot devices? Nate and Ciara. Ryan also served its purpuse. Or do you think it was a coincidence that they were all disposed of at the same time?

  • silverfoxy8472 Sep 11, 2012

    the kiss is just the beginning but the feelings as you said have been expressed and worse than that SO SOON AFTER NADIA'S DEATH it is like nadia was a plot device nothing more.

  • crazyforsushi Sep 11, 2012

    Well, she was.

  • silverfoxy8472 Sep 11, 2012

    i apologize if it seems i forgot about lauren. I was however disappointed in lauren so soon after nadia's death to get into the relationship again with Bo.

  • missquadros Sep 11, 2012

    they're not in a relationship. bo told her how she felt and went in for a kiss (which didn't even happen).

  • davros_darlek Sep 10, 2012

    I get paid $4 an hour...... LOL......get lost you idiots.........

  • silverfoxy8472 Sep 10, 2012

    yes Kenzi stepped up but when has she not ....plus as usual she was nutso about it but she is great because of it. Dyson became whole because of the crazy human. The morrigan returns at last she is great and we all know she'll be back . vex getting saved by bo and the morrigan well.... round and round we go where we stop no one knows. Bo's ethics are getting spun around as i said round and round we go where Bo's stops no one knows To me the most important event came at the end of the episode THE ESTABLISHMENT of TEAM BO( I watched Avatar the last airbender) as with Avatar she admits she the hero is unable to do this great battle alone and i think she will make a great leader. who is BO's father? interesting to find out. hmmmm the Ash truly dead this time? will the original ASH come back? will dyson's beloved return? all this is what makes it great . but this I see as being EPIC!!!

  • phatprincess86 Sep 10, 2012

    Just a thought, but perhaps Lachlan was Bo's father. Again, just a thought.

  • dostunuz Sep 10, 2012

    It's football. You know, actually playing with foots not hands.

  • safibwana Sep 10, 2012

    Actually feet not foots.

  • dostunuz Sep 10, 2012

    Sorry to you didn't get the thing :(.

  • safibwana Sep 10, 2012

    Cool. Explain the thing.

  • LukCPL Sep 09, 2012

    Don't you just love when all the reviews in US ignore Lauren, you know the person that Bo loves and went all supersuccubus for, the person that tought her how to control her hunger, who figures out how to save the Naga venom and save all the Fae ect.

    I'm so sick of all the Dyson crap. He's a 1000 year old emo. He's like Angel^2. It's good that Bo is over him and doesn't care :)

    As for the ep it was fun and campy, just the way I like it :)

  • kanniballl Sep 09, 2012

    I agree, Lauren is definitely the better choice. However, you can blame the reviewers: Lauren's role was VERY minimized this season. We didn't see too much of her. Bo backed off so she could be with Nadia, AND Lauren went on vacation for a few weeks so she disappeared entirely. So for a while, she only had Dyson and her new Dark-Fei lover to deal with.

  • crazyforsushi Sep 09, 2012

    Lauren wasn't with Nadia or on vacation this episode. She actually figured out how to save the Naga venom (which is the ONLY thing that can kill the Garuda) thanks to Bo finally admitting how she feels. So you've got 2 key scenes here. And we also got a very nice scene where Lauren comforted Dyson and they actually bonded a bit over the loss of their exes. Character development for them both. Hardly unnoticable. It is not about who is the better choice for Bo. It is about a key regular character being marginalized because of one's bias.

  • kanniballl Sep 10, 2012

    Yeh, but he mentioned "all the reviews" There were similar posts on episodes where Lauren didn't even appear... at all... and the reviewer mentioned the Bo/Dyson dynamic. And a Poster would go on to complain that he wasn't focusing enough on By/Lauren

    It's like a boss saying "You NEVER come in on time" when you come in late one day... and the LAST time you were late was like 2 years ago.

  • kanniballl Sep 11, 2012

    crazy... and I agree, this review should have focused more on it. My first sentence of the post you replied to discusses my reply. The OP said "all the reviews".

    Which is fun because some of the posts in the episodes where she DID NOT appear also complained about the lack of discussion of Bo/Lauren "ship" in that episode.

    Here it's warranted. But the "all reviews" combined with instances I've seen... sometimes it's like complaining about the lack of reviews of Lex Luthor in a Smallville episode... that did NOT have Lex Luthor.

    But here, yes... we should get more talk.

  • crazyforsushi Sep 11, 2012

    Except it did happen in previous reviews --- and point is, the complaint is justified here. If the reason is because the reviewer is biased towards the opposing character/pairing (hence the similar posts you referred to) then that is a problem.

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