Lost Girl: Something Awesome This Way Comes

By Julia Bergen

Apr 17, 2012

Lost Girl S02E01: "Something Wicked This Fae Comes"

After a disappointing end to Lost Girl's first season, I was a little nervous going into Season 2, which premiered tonight on SyFy. The Season 1 finale crammed a huge amount of plot material into such a small space that—for me, at least—it came off as dry and lifeless.

But oh, Season 2, I think we are going to be friends.

Things started with a Ray Bradbury reference. The episode's title, "Something Wicked This Fae Comes," was an obvious play on Bradbury's 1962 novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Plus, Lost Girl didn't just borrow the title of Bradbury's masterpiece—it centered tonight's episode on the novel's actual theme, which involves an evil traveling carnival.

How genius was that? An evil carnival was the perfect complement to Lost Girl's quirky aesthetic. The best Lost Girl episodes we've seen so far are the ones that've embraced the series' eccentricity instead of trying to fit the supernatural action show mold...Well, that and they've featured Kenzi pretty heavily. "Something Wicked" unfortunately did not have a lot of awesome Kenzi moments; “cuff your muff" is a phrase I could have done without.

But anyway, in tonight's premiere a string of unusual-and-mysterious Fae murders led Bo and Kenzi to a group of circus Fae, or Fae that travel around pretending to be circus humans. I wasn't sure—did the carnival members actually perform at any time or did they just pretend to be performers while avoiding actual tightrope walking, sword-eating, and other circus-y pursuits? I'm hoping it's the former. Because how amazing would a Fae carnival be? I wish we'd gotten a peek at one, you know?

Zale, the leader of the carnival—and a Fae, obviously—admitted that one of his circus carnies DID kill one of the Fae from Bo's investigation, but also claimed it was an accident. Bo and Kenzi knew he was fibbing, but realized they were outnumbered by carnies, and so they (wisely) decided not to call Zale out. Instead, they retreated—and with Trick's help discovered that Zale's goal was to take the Ash's land for himself. Trick is still the most convenient character ever.

But what did all this land-grabbing have to do with the dead Fae, you ask? Allow me to explain. The evil carnival gang wanted to take advantage of the Ash being on death's door by usurping the Light Fae's land. See, part of the Ash's duty was to ceremonially marry the land that his district occupied. To do this, he consummated with a physical manifestation of the land, and an artifact called the Heart Stone represented this bond. If ever the Heart Stone broke, the Ash's bond to the land would also be broken, and could be usurped by anyone else. The murdered Fae were the bearers of items used in the ritual to bind the land.

It's a cool concept, I'll give it that. And honestly, this little nugget of folklore was a lot more interesting than most of what we learned about the Fae last season.

As Bo and her team tried to stop Zale, he continued to stay one step ahead—until the team caught wind that the Light Fae's acting leader was helping the enemy. He was worried that even if the Ash died, which would allow him to assume the Ash's duties full-time, he had no real future with the Light Fae. But he did see potential for himself in the carnival. Go figure. I guess he never got over the childhood urge to run off and join the circus.

And with the truth revealed, it wasn't too hard for Bo and company to find Zale—he was in the middle of using a dance club to fuel the ritual of consummating with the land. Bo easily used her Succubusery to stop him. She's getting a lot better at that! Murder solved and Succubusery had, everything felt happy again. But then Dyson revealed to Bo that the Norn had taken away his love for her. Yeesh. Poor Bo. It was obvious their romance wasn't going to last forever, but this was a really tough break for her.

Overall, "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was pretty amazing. We got to see a lot of little plot seedlings get planted, and they are all going to be a lot of fun to see grow.

Additional Notes:

– We didn't get to talk much about Dyson. Remember when he went on that wolfish jog through the forest at the end of last episode? That wolfish jog lasted three weeks. And when he came back, even after expelling all of that energy, he was still completely cold to Bo—and refused to give her an explanation as to why. I wanted to slap him whenever I saw him on screen.

– It looks like there's more trouble among the high-ranking Light Fae than we may have guessed. Even if the Ash pulls through, Aoife's attacks rocked the Fae power structure, so it will be interesting to see more on how this plays out throughout the season.

– I'm super intrigued by the creepy little girl who speaks in multiple voices. So excited to see where her prophesies are going to go, and what this evil is that's been awakened.


1. What kind of acts do you think an evil Fae carnival would have?

2. Now that Bo and Dyson are done, what do you see happening with Bo and Lauren?

3. I know many of you non-U.S. readers have already seen Season 2, but so far it looks as if it's going to be way better than Season 1. Fellow first-time viewers, what do you think?

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  • tvaddict_14 Apr 28, 2012

    Great season opener! I love this show!

  • Merinwe Apr 20, 2012

    Love this show! It's so much fun. Kenzi is definitely the best character on the show (thanks to Ksenia Solo). Everything that comes out of her mouth is just...gold. Also, Team Dyson!

  • memizz Apr 19, 2012

    Seen entire season 2. It was awesome!!!

  • JustinJohnson9 Apr 18, 2012

    Okay, two things:

    1. The season 1 finale was awesome! It wasn't nearly as complicated as you made it to be.

    2. Great start to season 2. Loved this episode. The little girl's prophecies are very interesting, as is the girl herself.

  • mattgus Apr 17, 2012

    i have been off and on with this series,but i keep comming back. i reallly like it when we get to see british and canadian fare and i wish we had more of an oportunity for others as well. with all the cable and the excessive crap from reality(which i know is common in other places too) and redundant stories,,police,,law and anyone in uniform, one channel could specialize in fare from other "worlds"...ie...the original killing from some cold european country. i can't remember which one??? i'll keep giving this one the benifit of a doubt just to see the diff in story telling...

  • AkiraHideyo Apr 17, 2012

    Already done with a spectacular Season 2 weeks ago, awaiting Season 3. What are these backlog reviews about? Geez!?

  • kanniballl Apr 17, 2012

    The US is getting its first look at Lost Girl via the SyFy channel; we just finished Season 1 and immediately started Season 2

    And it looks like a number of the main reviewers as well as some of the show-admins on this site are from the US. Hence *some* reviews and show-schedules follow the US-airings instead of their original Canadian airings.

  • Lenny_Man Apr 17, 2012

    We have been reiterating this ever since Season 1 started airing on SyFy in the US. Why do people not understand this yet? Finally some good Canadian television is making it's way across the border and they are loving it enough here at TV.com to do a weekly review on it. Just be happy! :)

    Proud to be Canadian :)

  • christieg77 Apr 18, 2012

    It's annoying dude. You're a year behind and acting like it's brand new.

  • kanniballl Apr 18, 2012

    Nah, I never act that way. I know full well we're a full season behind our Canadian brothers and none of my posts are like "OMFG I DISCOVERED THIS AWESOME SHOW"

    My only complaint is, Canada is done with S2 and last I checked there were no S1 or S2 box sets yet. THAT'S annoying.

  • smeagol8 Apr 17, 2012

    Dyson went on the wolfish jog and ended up in underworld: awakening