Lost Girl: The Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider

By Julia Bergen

Feb 28, 2012

Lost Girl S01E07: "ArachnoFaebia"

Sometimes it's hard to name the best part of an episode, but in this week's Lost Girl, there was no contest: Kenzi's seizure-psychic dancing incident was by far the best thing to happen in the entire hour.

This little bit of hilarity was just another part of Kenzi's many cons, wherein she pretended to be an Eastern European mystic who could “cleanse” houses for real estate agents. Bo came along to watch the trainwreck, but was unfortunately too distracted to notice a giant spider crawling into Kenzi's purse. Apparently for a Fae, bag-snatching is far from the worst thing that can happen when you don't keep an eye on your stuff.

And I'm guessing that one should be especially watchful when hanging out in a house where two little old ladies were involved a muder-suicide, but that might just be me. Coincidentally, Dyson and Hale were also canvasing the very same neighborhood, trying to figure out why said little old ladies would suddenly want to kill each other. Dyson, naturally, suspected supernatural involvement. I mean, I've gotta know: How do these two always wind up getting the cases involving Fae? It's just so unbelievably convenient.

Dyson, Hale, Bo, and Kenzi went to the bar to discuss the case, and Dyson asked Bo to use her connections with the Dark Fae to look for leads... that's where Lauren came in.

So then Lauren, Bo, and Dyson decided to take a seat on the same couch, making it one couch with at least five couches' worth of tension. Lauren and Dyson argued about everything besides the fact that they both wanted Bo, but both were obviously just upset that they both wanted Bo. Obviously, Bo took the high road and downed several shots of liquor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bar, Kenzi watched over the scene jealously, wishing not for either of Bo's particular aspiring lovers, but for an aspiring lover of her own. Hale warned her not to get jealous, but then proceeded to brag about how many “leftovers” he gets from Dyson. Saddest bragging round, ever. Kenzi reached into her bag, which of course gave the giant spider the opportunity of a lifetime. Oh noes! It took the bait and bit her. And the next morning the spider bit Bo, as well.

That thing gets around.

As a not-so-shocking result, Bo and Kenzi proceeded to get more and more angry at one another: Kenzi because Bo is more popular in the bedroom and Bo because Kenzi is a slob. And did I mention how Bo hallucinated that Kenzi and Lauren made out right in front of her? That probably got her goat, too.

Bo's brain wasn't so warped that she couldn't give Dyson his list of leads. However, it was warped enough to hallucinate Dyson's orders to kill Kenzi. And because for some reason Dyson doesn't know anyone else with a microscope, he delivered some crime-scene cobwebs to Lauren (his arch nemesis!). After examining them, she confirmed that they were dealing with a Djieiene, a nasty Underfae that causes people to hallucinate and makes them super paranoid and violent. Lauren went on to explain that the Djieiene then feeds on those emotions and makes its victims kill each other. Dyson, brainiac that he is, realized that Bo and Kenzi must have gotten bit, and sent Hale to help them. And after Dyson left Lauren's lab, she called a mysterious woman to let her know what happened. Previous suspicions that she might be bad are starting to solidify!

Bo arrived home to find Kenzi freaking out about a giant spider she saw. I wonder which spider she was talking about? The girls headed to the basement, where the spider had made itself right at home by decorating with tons of cobwebs. For some reason, the cobwebs were super scary (these two haven't seen worse?), so Bo and Kenzi ran back to the door. In a blast of spider trickery, they both hallucinated that the stairwell had been bricked over, trapping them in the basement.

Hale came to help, but Bo knocked him out with a frying pan. Why? Because Bo decided that the reason she'd been hallucinating was that she needed to feed. Kenzi, who wasn't unconscious, ran away, leaving Hale to become Bo's dinner. As a Fae, he was fine, but his energy did manage to ward off the Djiejene's effects. When Bo opened the door to leave, she found a quarantine outside, lead by the woman Lauren had called (maybe she's not so bad?). Hale woke up, and, of course, was promptly bitten by the Djiejene.

Dyson tried to get past the quarantine, but the Ash's security wouldn't let him in. They did, however, give him two hours to figure it out. Next stop: the bar! Though apparently not for alcohol, just to yell at Lauren for calling in the quarantine. Trick defended her, and after some research found that the Djiejene buries its heart, so the only way to kill the Djiejene is to destroy its heart. Using Bo's list of leads, Dyson and Lauren worked together (aww!) to find the man who brought the Djiejene to town only to discover that the Djiejene had implanted its heart into him! Using whatever surgical instruments she could find at the bar (surprisingly, she had plenty), Lauren surgically removed the heart.

So, back in the spider basement, everyone was trying to kill each other, but also everyone was really bad at it. Like, surprisingly bad at it. Hale had a gun that he just flat-out forgot to use, and Kenzi gave Bo a head start before shooting at her. Was this just the Djiejene's way of drawing things out to get more feed-worthy emotion out of its victims, or are Bo, Hale, and Kenzi just the worst murderers known to man!? In my opinion, the fact that they were all so ineffectual really ruined the tension. This scenario could have been something really wonderful, but for it to work I needed to actually believe that the characters are going to kill each other, not just let each other run away and use frying pans as weapons when there were better ones all over the place!

Fortunately, the heart was destroyed before any real damage was done. Lauren called off the security, which apparently she can do. Interesting: This gave us some insight into the Ash's hierarchy this week, which is something we've been curious about for the last six episodes. It was also nice to see Lauren and Dyson working together. They still hate each other, possibly now more than ever, but it's always good to see a show fleshing out its relationships.

With the danger over, Dyson brought Kenzi and Bo pizza. It seemed like such a chivalrous gesture, I know, but unfortunately it was less of a, "Glad you guys didn't kill each other!" pizza and more of a, "Why don't you heal with Lauren if you like her so much?" pizza. Oh Dyson. So mature. I just can't wait to see what you'll come up with next week.


– If you were trapped in a house with your best friends, which weapon would you use? Axe? Gun? Frying pan?

– Would you buy a house where an evil spider made two old ladies kill each other? What if it was a really good deal?

– Was it okay for Lauren to call the Ash on Bo? She did seem kinda nonchalant about it.

– What do you think of the fact that Lauren can tell Fae what to do if she uses the Ash's name? What does this say about her position?

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  • CharmedOneP391 Mar 01, 2012

    Watched all of season 1 within 24 hours. Been on season 2 for the past couple days. This series surprised me with how well the writing was. It's fresh and entertaining...it always helps throwing in quality comic relief into a show so campy...and this show blends it well. Can't wait for season 2 to finish/season 3

  • bluemystique Mar 01, 2012

    Kenzi is like the saving grace of this series. It isn't something I'd typically be into and for the most part it's kind of campy and cheesy but it's also wildly addictive in the weirdest of ways. It has almost the same hold on me as a reality show...sort of mindless entertainment, a guilty pleasure of sorts.

    I'm rather fond of all the characters, but Kenzi is by far my favorite. As is Dyson. I don't know what it is...I just love the guy, and he made valid points about not trusting Lauren. I just don't trust her. She has an undeniable chemistry with Bo which really sells the love triangle, which I'm grateful for. I hate love triangles where it doesn't seem like much of a triangle but....yeah don't trust her.

  • Glimdrel Feb 29, 2012

    Love the show! I have already watched all the episodes of the 2 seasons, as it aired in Canada (I watched it online, it doesn't air in my country, yet.)

  • JustinJohnson9 Feb 29, 2012

    I really like this show. At times, Kenzi is so hilarious to me. The beginning bit with the "shaman" routine had me laughing big time! Bo is definitely a hottie! I look forward to seeing more of this show.

  • LukCPL Feb 29, 2012

    Love the show. It's like a breeze of fresh air. Funny, sexy and highly addictive :)

  • Akyriel Feb 29, 2012

    Last Monday's ratings:

    0.965 million viewers, #22; 0.536 million adults 18-49 (0.4 rating), #20

    That is not good for a basic cable series. I am guessing that since SyFy is not producing, just getting the rights to air it, it can slide by with fewer viewers than their own original programs. However, if ratings continue at that level or sink, a season 3 for SyFy may be out of the question. A better thing would be for SyFy to air this during the summer or after major network shows end their seasons.

    The show is a bit cheesy, but OK, mindless entertainment. That first episode was good up until the cringe-inducing fight for each side of the Fae scenes. Anna Silk is eye candy though. Supposedly she's near 40, but it's hard to believe. I know Solo (Kenzi) from Life Unexpected. She was kind of cool in that and I wished she kept the curly hair she had. Her black hair looks too artificial, but I guess works for her character. Will keep watching to see how it goes and I'm about three episodes behind, as it is.

  • lsbloom Feb 29, 2012

    Love Lost Girl. Obsessed with it. Nerdily so. I want it to have a huge audience and never go off the air. And usually I love the various TV.com blogs recaps, but these are not up to par. There are so many mistakes and the nuances are glossed over or ignored in favor of a quick joke, and character motivations and histories are misplaced. Next week's episode is so great, please oh please don't let it feel like you phone it in.

    1. Dyson and Hale get the fae cases because the entire purpose of their job is to look out for them. They handle a lot of human cases also.

    2. Kenzi wasn't jealous of a lover of her own. On the surface, she was upset that Bo was being a dork to Lauren and Dyson, the subtext was that she felt left out of Bo's life.

    3. Lauren runs the light fae labs. So when Dyson in an official capacity needs to investigate a fae crime, he goes to Lauren.

    4. They weren't trapped in the basement. That was the door to the house. They were simply trapped in the house. Basement doors don't usually look out at the sky.

    5. Bo knocked out Hale because in her paranoid state the fact that he was talking about the spider meant he was in league with it. Bo feed off of Hale when she became lucid enough for a moment to realize that she was hallucinating and obviously sick, ie, she needed to heal and she feeds to heal.

    6. Once Bo feed off of Hale, she wasn't trying to kill anybody she was trying to keep them safe, ie, she knocked out Hale she didn't stab him or anything. And if you thought that there was the potential for them to actually hurt each other, then you've been watching too much Game of Thrones, nobody else kills off main characters halfway through the first season.

    7. Dyson brought the pizza to check in with the girls and offer up a warning about "I almost got you killed today" Lauren. When Bo didn't listen and said she trusts Lauren more than she trusts him, then he stepped back and said no more healing.

    8. Lauren is the Ash's slave. She can only do things that he would approve of. This is why she can use his name. Like the CEO's assistant making travel arrangements or name dropping their bosses name to get something for the boss. VPs might not approve and technically outrank them in the general scheme of things, but when giving orders the assistant has a certain amount of power, ie, enough to call off the hit she called in the first place, but not enough pull to force Dyson to answer her phone calls.

  • DavidSalem Feb 29, 2012

    awesome show

  • bkyle2429 Feb 29, 2012

    Lost Girl is awesome, I hope showcase makes a season 3 and SYFY continues to air, Kenzi is plain awesome I just adore her, as for Lauren she is growing on me, but Dyson made some good points,!

  • oz_island Feb 29, 2012

    Lost Girl was already picked up for Season 3 on Showcase.

  • bkyle2429 Feb 29, 2012

    thanks for the info

  • Mate Feb 29, 2012

    This might be my favorite new show. Yes Canadians, I know it isn't new. But it is new to me so sit up their in the cold and enjoy your free health care and let us to the south of you enjoy it.

    I absolutely enjoy Kenzi as a character. She is just constantly entertaining. The whole damn show is. i can't really point to one specific thing about the show it is just an amalgam, where all things together just make something great.

    If I was trapped in a house with my best friend it would have to be the Sword. Or maybe the pan.

    I would buy that house. If it is a great deal, why not.

    Yea, she is the doc. It is like the fae version of the CDC.

    I think it is interesting. I agree with Dyson in that he doesn't trust her. (no matter how hot she is). I think she knows more about Bo then she is letting on. If that is from her position related to the Ash (weird name by the way) or something more surreptitious is something I guess we are going to find out.

    I for one am glad that SyFy is going to keep the story going in the second season right after the first. I simply love the show. So the more the merrier.