Lost Girl: When Basilisks Go Bad

By Julia Bergen

Feb 21, 2012

Lost Girl S01E06: "Food for Thought"

This week we learned that the darkest Fae are the ones who bother the living: The nice ones only bother the dead. In Monday's episode, "Food for Thought," an Aswang named Halima (an Aswang is a type of Fae that eats human corpses) became ill and started bleeding from her eyes. The Ash, leader of the Light Fae, sent Lauren to investigate. Lauren, of course, had been helping Bo control her Succubus-ing, so she invited Bo and Kenzi to come along. How nice.

Lauren listened to Halima’s symptoms as well as her self-defensive spiel about corpse-eating. After all, most Fae do bad things to humans while they’re alive; Halima just deals with the bodies. It was all very green. But is it just me or did this show suddenly turn into a supernatural version of House? Not that I’m complaining: That would be awesome! Would there be a lupus-equivalent? Like, they always think it’s leprechauns, but then it never is? Fans start wearing T-shirts that say “It’s Never Leprechauns”?

I’d buy one.

Anyway, since Kenzi was creeped out by sick people and didn’t want to go into the sick room, she decided to instead go into the kitchen and steal some food. Smart. Look, I know Kenzi steals whenever possible, but that’s just dumb. When going to visit a Fae, why on Earth would you even consider eat their food? It's too easy to assume the jam in their Pop-Tarts is made from pixie blood and their lemonade is a rare form of ghoul urine.

Kenzi found a stew, and because she wasn't the least bit concerned about what Fae put in their stews, she helped herself to a bowl. Naturally, it turned out to have a human foot in it. Which was not only gross, but since Halima ate the stew right before getting sick, it was likely the foot that caused the eye-bleeding aliment. Terrible move, Kenzi!

Bo and Kenzi tracked down the man the foot had, uh, been attached to. He was supposed to have been killed in an innocent hit-and-run, but when they showed up at his place some dude broke in and pulled a gun on Bo. She fought him off, but then realized Kenzi was bleeding from her eyes. Good gravy. You don’t have to be Dr. House to put two and two together here: That foot was totally to blame.

With Dyson’s help, Bo tracked the dead man to a motorcycle gang. And seriously, this was the most stereotypical motorcycle gang ever. They looked like they did a Google images search for “motorcycle gang” and then copied everything they found. The man Bo had seen earlier was there, and said he had been hired by Behren Chemicals, a pharmaceutical company. Lauren deduced that the dead guy must have been infected with something, and if she could find the source, she could make an antidote.

Bo and Lauren went off to investigate, leaving Kenzi to the Light Fae doctors. It was not a good combination. Kenzi wound up running off to chill out in a graveyard. Because when you’re dying, a graveyard is just the place to cheer up.

Dyson found her there, and Kenzi explained that she hung out there a lot as a child. I can only imagine she had the most depressing childhood ever. Dyson comforted her, and promised to take her someplace safe. These two actors have such great chemistry, it’s a shame the show doesn’t try to make anything happen between them. Dyson took Kenzi to Trick, who traded the chain that bound the fenris wolf for a horn. Apparently, drinking it with tea would prolong, but not cure, whatever was killing Kenzi.

While Kenzi "temporarily recovered," Lauren and Bo went undercover at Behren Chemicals, where Lauren realized the lab's Sector 6 seemed to be pulling some shenanigans. Bo went to meet her there, only to be stopped by a guard. She tried to seduce him the old-fashioned, non-supernatural way, but her “I love a man in a uniform” line was only met with a, “Honey, that makes two of us.” BURN!

Since succubus-ing is apparently not restricted by sexuality, Bo fed on him anyway, but just enough to make him pass out for a minute. Which, for her, was a huge accomplishment. Hurray for being able to not kill people! He got right back up, but Lauren was there with a needle to make him pass out again.

It really wasn’t his day.

In Sector 6, Lauren and Bo found a big green tank with a basilisk on life support. Bo managed to get a sample of it, then Lauren took it off life support so the lab couldn’t use it for any more evil-ness.

Quite frankly, I think the basilisk was underused. You can’t just throw in a basilisk at the end of an episode! Let it have more time to be awesome. There are also a lot of unanswered questions here: What was the deal with Behren Chemicals? What did they hope to achieve by making a toxin that kills Fae? Where did they find a basilisk? Pretty sure you can’t just buy those things at Wal-Mart!

While Kenzi still thought she was dying, she made Dyson promise to take care of Bo if she couldn't, even if it meant giving Bo up. Just when we thought this episode couldn't get more cliche, right? So when Bo finally came back with basilisk juice for Kenzi and the news that she can likely have sex with humans without killing them (due to her little experiment with the security guard), Dyson tried to act like he didn’t care. The weird thing about this, though, was that you'd think Dyson would actually have been ecstatic for Bo if he was truly trying to heed Kenzi's advice, because Bo's ability to sex-up humans means Dyson won't have to be responsible for healing her all the time and will actually be able to let her go. But maybe his interpretation of 'letting her go' translates to 'confusing her until she leaves him alone.' It's worked before, I guess.

Overall, this episode was decent, but where Lost Girl really seems to suffer most is that it doesn't understand where its cool parts are. Last episode we had a possessed cat that lost out to a body snatcher. This time we had a basilisk on life support that got way less screen time than a dying, corpse-eating Fae. Learn your strengths, Lost Girl.


– Kenzi stated in this episode that she doesn’t entirely trust Lauren’s intentions. Do you think she has reason to be worried?

– Did anyone notice that when Lauren arrived on the medical scene she flashed her necklace like a badge?

– With all this Fae medicine, I gotta wonder: How does their health insurance work?

– Where did that basilisk come from?

– If you were in a Fae’s house, would you start chowing down on everything you saw, or maybe be a little more concerned that there might be a foot in your soup?

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  • TrueTvWatcher Feb 26, 2012

    I enjoyed the episode and agree that the series should have made better use of certain scenes, characters or circumstances, but I enjoyed it all none the less.

    Lauren does seem to have some ulterior motives that her girlfriend is slowly discovering perhaps.

    No I'll have to re-watch that part.

    Barter system.

    The depths of somewhere.

    No don't eat food at other people or fae's homes, you don't know where it's been or how it was handled or prepared, let a lone whats in it!

  • bluemystique Feb 24, 2012

    Oh boy nothing like corn flakes and anti-American hate speech to start the morning off right. Am I a more tolerant American if I can see Canada from my house? Wait...needn't be concerned since my head should be up my arse. Nevermind then.

    But since I came here to talk about the actual series...I have to say I'm really loving this show. I'm not generally into anything that falls remotely close to sci-fi/fantasy or the like but there is something inexplicably intriguing about this show. I love all the characters but I'd be lying if I didn't say that that I mostly watch for Kenzi. She's the epitome of a show stealer. So I LOVED this episode. I especially loved Kenzi and Dyson together. They have such an adorable little relationship and a fun chemistry between them. I hope that their friendship progresses in the series. I'm sure my loveley neighbors up North could offer some insight. I did wonder about the basilisk though!

  • MashaVaraeva Feb 23, 2012

    Well.. Lauren is sort of like the Fae's pet so until she is out on her own they should be worried.

    Also, i would definitely not eat someone's food without asking them first XD... and especially not if it smelt like feet!

    Thanks for reviewing the episode! I enjoyed it.

    Although this aired like a year ago in Canada I am glad that Americans are starting to watch it too!!! More viewers :).

    Its a really good show and season 2 is just as awesome. Keep watching!

  • christieg77 Feb 22, 2012

    I can't believe you guys are reviewing these eps like they just aired or something. You're a year behind for f's sake. Come on guys this is stupid.

  • jtrolio Staff Feb 23, 2012

    They *did* just air... Lost Girl is currently airing in the U.S. for the first time, on SyFy. Same idea as Downton Abbey having just finished its second season/Christmas special this past Sunday on PBS, even though it'd aired previously in the U.K.

  • phatprincess86 Feb 22, 2012

    Uh, I don't know where you're from, but we're just getting these episodes in America, so for us, it's something new.

  • christieg77 Feb 23, 2012

    Um newflash: this show is in it's second season in Canada. I love the ignorant comment "I don't know where you're from..." I'm from Canada. Are you even aware that Lost Girl is a Canadian show? No probably not because you have your head up your ass like all Americans.

    And I don't care if they just *did* air in the U.S. You know what we do in Canada when there's a US show that isn't airing yet - e.g. Homeland? We download it for God's sake and catch up with the rest of the world. Come on you guys are so f'n ridiculous.

  • jtrolio Staff Feb 23, 2012

    There's really no need to attack people over this. We are a U.S.-based site, and we write about TV as it airs legally in the U.S., even if some of our readers may have already seen a series' original airing in another country or "worked around" pesky legal problems/TV schedules as @Isbloom pointed out. If you'd like to talk about Lost Girl and share your thoughts on each episode, we welcome your comments. If you just want to yell at people, please keep quiet instead.

  • lsbloom Feb 23, 2012

    Just to um, clarify, I wasn't insinuating that anyone should do--or has done--anything illegal to watch all the available LG episodes no matter how crazy obsessed fan they've become. Only that you can't buy the new episodes in the US. I did read somewhere that season 1 dvd is supposed to be available to, hopefully, the entire North American market at the end of March sometime--probably after SyFy is done airing it.

    And good news, SyFy is running season 2 right after they finish running season 1, so maybe we'll all be one happy caught-up family for what I can only assume will be the greatness of season 3.

  • lsbloom Feb 23, 2012

    You can't download it legally in the US. Sure some of us have *worked* around that, but this is a US site and they have decided to track it from the beginning. If you are a fan of the show, getting a US audience will only help it, so it would be better if we didn't alienate people.

    And newsflash, Canada isn't the only country showing Lost Girl, so it was a legit question.

  • RobertRosenbe1 Feb 26, 2012

    The official show site at http://www.lostgirlseries.com/ has all the episodes available for viewing but has them embargo'ed for non-Canadian users. There are ways to get the rest of Series 1 and as much of what has aired in Canada of Season 2 if you know which Bit Torrent site to look at but since SyFy is going to air Season 2 right after they finish Season 1, this option is not needed since it is not as if there will be a long wait for them to air Season 2 (as is the case with some other BBC and CBC shows where the current season is held back until the following season starts to air or where a show is years old and you want to play catch-up). We are only about 20 episodes behind and Season 3 will not start in Canada until most if not all of Season 2 has aired on SyFy. Yes you can get an "illegal" download now BUT once you get current with Canada you will still need to go cold-turkey once Season 2 is over there.

  • phatprincess86 Feb 23, 2012

    Thank you. Yes. :)

    As for you christie, I knew it aired originally in Canada. I just didn't want to assume you were Canadian. As far as I knew, you were an American fan who wanted to point out that it was originally a Canadian show. Again, didn't want to assume.

  • AlbertoPastor Feb 23, 2012

    I totally agree with you, Americans think that rest of the world doesn't exist, sad but true. When they find some series better than theirs (a lot of times), they buy it and show it like new American series. Americans, you're not the center of the world, wake up.

  • safibwana Feb 25, 2012

    Speaking for all Americans, we do not believe the rest of the world is nonexistent, merely irrelevant.

  • bluemystique Feb 24, 2012

    Generalizing much? By all means keep the hate speech and obvious prejudicial vibes to a minimum if you could. Generalizations are a bit overrated don't you think? I mean after all I didn't read the comment section and believe the obviously misconstrued notion that Canadians are supposed to the nice, laid back, respectful ones. I believe shows work both ways. The US does acquire a fair share of foriegn shows but only after a season or so, just like most foriegn countries an abundance of US shows...again after a season or so. The popularity and expansion of the audience actually helps the show, so why be so needlessly negative,hateful, and embarassing to the human race?

  • Mate Feb 22, 2012

    Another great episode. I think Kenzi is hilarious and Bo just keep getting more awesome in each consecutive episode. And foot soup? nice.

    As for your questions.

    Lauren's intentions are interesting they really could go anyway the writers desire. Essentially she is a light fae and is probably trying to recruit her.

    I did notice that, she then said The Ash sent her so I gather it must the sigil of their respective tribe, house or whatever you want to call it.

    It is a Canadian show right? So I imagine that it is free. Or maybe on some sort of barter system.

    The basilisk was on of the babies of the one harry offed? Underground Basilisk salesman? That store that had the shark in it in Nat Geo's Wild Justice? Some fae kid had a baby basilisk and went it started to get big they flushed it and it lived in the sewers? Who knows really.

    Absolutely not I spent 6 months in Japan and ate some things in people's homes that I care to not acknowledge that I actually consumed such things. When in a Fae's house, brown bag it.

    Still such a great episode. I prefer to not have Kenzi MIA for most of the episode. Her one liners help to make the show.

  • NeverFallAway Feb 23, 2012

    haha i love the bartering idea. from what i gather it's more of a fae protect their own kinda thing. the light ash protects all light fae in his district and the moragan protects all dark.

  • Joker62002 Feb 22, 2012

    Gotta catch up on this Episode

  • lsbloom Feb 22, 2012

    Okay, I glossed past the weird not actually possessed cat obsession, but seriously? More basilisk with these kind of production budgets? It was in there just long enough for me to continue to ignore that a snake swimming happily in a tank isn't exactly on "life support." What exactly was that respirator attached to? I kinda felt like the less the better.

    I liked that they show up at the motorcycle gang and Dyson doesn't yell at Bo about being careful or picking a fight she can't handle, he just kicks a little ass and let's Bo do her thing. After so many shows like Vampire Diaries and even Buffy it was nice to see the backup just be backup. But with the sex with humans thing, you are missing the fact that Dyson doesn't want to cut Bo loose or for Bo to be sleeping with other people, especially Lauren.

  • phatprincess86 Feb 22, 2012

    -- Well, from what I've read about the first couple of seasons, Lauren has an ulterior motive, but she's a good person.

    -- Yeah, I noticed that too. :D

    -- Uh, never stopped to wonder about their health insurance.

    -- Maybe they got it from Fae-Mart. ;)

    -- Personally, I'd be wary about eating anything that came from a Fae house. But then again, I don't go around munching on other people's food when they're not paying attention.

  • exptl Feb 22, 2012

    Hi Julia,

    Enjoyed your recap. Am enjoying the series.