Lost Girl's Season 1 Finale: Exploding With Disappointment

By Julia Bergen

Apr 10, 2012

Lost Girl S01E13: "Blood Lines"

Tension had been brewing on Lost Girl for a while leading up to tonight's Season 1 finale. Going into the episode, a lot of conflicts were careening toward a dramatic explosion. And yes, there was drama. And yes, there was even an explosion. But the only response I seemed to be able to muster during the hour was a shrug. Something was lacking—that certain wow factor that makes a season finale special.

I’m sure that some of you enjoyed the episode, and to be fair, there was a lot to like. Had "Blood Lines" been just another monster-of-the-week episode, I wouldn't have minded one bit. And I get that not every TV season has to end with a bang, but the events that went down tonight had been building all season: Dyson told Bo that Saskia (a.k.a. Aoife) is her mother! Trick revealed his secret powers of Blood King-ism! Bo had a death match with her mother! This was not supposed to feel like any other episode. It should have been thrilling! But unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Here's what I think went wrong. Admittedly, some of the episode's missteps were smaller than others, but when combined in the same beaker of an episode, they made for an explosion of mediocrity.

1. There was way too much going on

Great television relies on excitement and surprise. But cram in too much of either, and each new discovery, each new plot twist starts to mean less. Tonight we learned that Aoife is Bo’s mom, we learned what happened to Aoife, we learned how Trick’s blood magic works, and we learned that Aoife is plotting to destroy Fae structure. That's a lot of learning. And then the Ash got hit by an explosion and is probably dying. Also: Trick might be dying, and Dyson can’t feel love for Bo anymore, and Aoife got kidnapped by some mystery man, and now her entire rebellion seems over.

It was too much! Some of these events could have been spread out over another episode or two. Putting everything out there at once made the finale feel less impactful than the sum of its parts.

2. The fight scene was lackluster

Bo versus Aoife! The match-up should have been sooo exciting, with Bo fighting for the future of the Fae while infused with the powers of both Dyson and the Blood King. But it just didn’t come off as that intense, and didn’t last nearly long enough. As soon as it ended, all I could think was, “That was it?” I understand that TV shows don't always have the budget to stage something mind-blowing, but this was pathetic.

3. Bo was all over the place

Seriously, she kept wavering back and forth between being mad at Dyson and not loving Dyson—it happened about eight times. And her feelings flip-flopped about her mother almost as much. Human nature is dynamic, yes, but this was a little ridiculous, to the point where I wondered if the writers were throwing darts at index cards with random emotions scribbled on them.

Also, when Kenzi asked Bo how she felt about her mother, Bo listed several conflicting responses, including “great.” Hey Bo? Saskia/Aoife just raped your boyfriend. I know you’ve been searching for your mother for years, but..."great"? Really?

4. Aoife’s plan didn’t make any sense

Aoife wanted to destroy the entire Fae infrastructure? With very attractive suicide bombers? Everything we'd seen before tonight implied that the Fae structure of power runs a lot deeper than a few old Fae sitting around a library. But even if it had been that easy, how did Aoife presume she'd take over afterward? By using her Succubus powers? Oh, you mean the same Succubus powers that the Light Fae can negate with that amulet they possess? I just didn’t get the feeling that she had any hope of succeeding. A good villain at least has to have a shot, otherwise why do we care if the hero wins?

5. Why was Bo the only one who could stop Aoife?

Throughout the whole first season, we’ve been told that the reason Bo can handle the particular cases she pursues is that she can work outside of factions. She may not be the most powerful Fae, but she can go into Light and Dark territory, and she is not bound by either side’s rules.

But dealing with Aoife’s threats didn't require anyone to work outside the system—all the Fae needed was a heavy hitter to put her down. I have a hard time believing that Bo was the best they could do, even after the Light Fae elders died.

6. The characters called Aoife's actions toward Dyson everything but rape

They even said “seducing” at one point. If this had been a male character magically forcing a female character to have sex with him, everyone would have called it rape. This really bothered me. And the fact that apologized to Bo for it happening made it even worse. Last week I said I'd be outraged if the writers didn't address the rape thing this week; well, they addressed it, but I would have appreciated if they'd called it what it was.

I guess it goes without saying that I wasn't entirely impressed with how Season 1 concluded. But I’m still looking forward to Season 2. It’ll be interesting to see how the Fae will rebuild their infrasctructure, and how Bo and Dyson will handle the "Dyson not loving her anymore" issue. It also helps that we don’t have to wait for Season 2—SyFy will begin airing it next week. Hooray for no downtime!


– Am I being too harsh? Did you love this episode? Or am I leaving out another reason why it was lame?

– Now that we have confirmation of who Bo's mother is, who is Bo's father?

– Who was the mysterious man who carried away Aoife's body?

– How many shirtless thralls does it take to screw in a light bulb?

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  • tocski Apr 19, 2012

    Did anyone else notice the similarities to the Luke/Darth Vader fight during the Bo vs. mom fight? Basically, "join me and we will rule the galaxy together!" I kept waiting for Bo to have her hand cut off.

  • JuniorKronsta Apr 15, 2012

    dont give up on lost girl! season 2 brings alot of good stuff ;)

  • bluemystique Apr 13, 2012

    I don't think you were being harsh. I completely agree...with pretty much all of it. I have nothing much to add. It was lackluster, and while it's great that in hindsight for those who've seen the second season it all becomes crystal clear..watching it episode by episode as it's been aired here in the US, it was a very lackluster, confusing, and unimpressive season finale for a show that's relatively entertaining. Oh and not nearly enough of Kenzi...who is awesome, and should be shown from beginning to end.

  • hockeyrick Apr 11, 2012

    as much as I love the girl on girl, this show has lost me!!!

    sadly not interested any more!

  • mad-pac Apr 11, 2012

    I've been wondering what the target demographics of this show is. Bo has all the characteristics of a rebellious teenager, so it seems to me like a show for teenagers trying to pass as a show for adults.

    Let's see. She can't commit with a side (while adults commit to things all the time, especially family and career). She says she'll lead the life she chooses, and the Fae elders (the Fae grownups) won't tell her what to do. She does a lot of sexual experimentation. And she has mommy and daddy issues.

    But I guess in a way she really is a Fae teenager, since all the other Fae seem to be hundreds of years old...

  • mad-pac Apr 11, 2012

    I think the episode had its ups and downs. The Wolfman giving up his love was a poignant scene. (Let's see now if in season 2 Bo will fight will all her strength to restore their love, or will use that as an excuse to sleep with every other character in the show.) The Blood King deciding the outcome of the fight with his blood seems to be something that will bring serious consequences in the future.

    But the final fight scene was pretty lame. The show's low budget was more than evident there. It just looked like two women in an otherwise empty house poorly rehearsing a few fight moves.

  • bkyle2429 Apr 11, 2012

    S1 finale was awesome , why are you complaining!!

  • firedrakes Apr 11, 2012

    yeah watch the season finale of season 2 and ended on a interesting cliff hanger

  • BeccaRebner Apr 11, 2012

    Season 2 does get better, but I still have plenty of issues with this show. The Number One problem this show has is Bo! I don't buy her as this tough, sexual chick! I find her so boring! Kenzi is so much more interesting to watch! I really wish this actress would find another show where she could do more because Bo is just bringing her down!

  • JamalSmith3 Apr 10, 2012

    and yes julia you are being too harsh. i know its your job to review ( i get that! ), but season 1 is the set up. the short season is all about laying the ground work, and allowing us to be introduced to the characters & their corks. Maybe the ending was jammed pack, but so much happens in season 2 that I can understand why the writers felt the season needed to end with more items for season 2 to fall back on.

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