Lost kills more cast

By Colin Mahan

May 05, 2006

Despite J.J. Abrams' assurances to the contrary, it appears drunk driving is enough to get you axed, or in this case shot, off of the show Lost. The characters Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez, and Libby, played by Cynthia Watros, were both gunned down in the dramatic conclusion to last night's episode.

The killing occurred after Ana Lucia, guarding the prisoner Henry Gale, loaned her gun to Michael, who said he had a murderous vendetta against Gale and wanted to kill him. Once he had the gun, however, Michael turned the gun on Ana Lucia, telling her, "I'm sorry," before blowing her away.

Watros' character Libby was unlucky enough to walk in and startle Michael, and she received several bullets in the gut for her transgression.

The shocking murders might not come as too much of a surprise to Losties. In December, the same two actresses were arrested by Hawaiian police for driving drunk. There were also rumors that Michelle Rodriguez was difficult to work with. The show had already killed off one actress, Maggie Grace, who was also rumored to be difficult.

Abrams told reporters that Ana Lucia would not be killed because of the incident. However, he didn't say she would never be killed.

"While we don't want to report on the fate of any of the characters in the show, I would say without question that any reports that anything that's going on with any of the actors as being problematic or certainly resulting in changing the storyline to sort of, you know, get rid of them is just erroneous and silliness," he said in December.

Additionally, cocreator Damon Lindelof told TVGuide.com, "Lost's story is the star, and no actor would ever be killed off for any other reason than supporting the story."

Allegations of difficult behavior on-set and run-ins with the law have dogged Rodriguez her entire career. In March of 2002, Rodriguez was arrested for assaulting her female roommate, although the charges were later dropped. In June of 2004, Rodriguez pleaded no contest to charges of hit and run, drunk driving, and driving with a suspended license. The actress was also pulled over several other times in Hawaii while filming Lost.

Watros is another story. She was recently added to the cast of a new fall sitcom pilot, My Ex-Life, starring Tom Cavanagh. Once this announcement was made, speculation began as to Libby's fate.

Libby, who had been embarking on an increasingly ludicrous love story with Hurley, fell to the floor after being shot. Since the island doesn't have any sort of ICU or proper medical facility to administer care to a person with gunshot wounds to the stomach, it is logical to assume she died, too. Since this is Lost, however, logic may not apply.

In the previews for next week's episode, one of the characters is heard to say, "She's dead," instead of "They're dead." This could indicate that only one of them died, and since Ana Lucia died on camera, that is pretty final. As the line used in the preview could have been taken out of context from anywhere in the show, this is splitting hairs.

Sound off: At the point Ana Lucia was shot, did shock give way to elation? Just a little? Do you think Libby is dead?

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  • puddlestomper Jul 14, 2006

    i was definitely surprised. ...but.. i couldn't stand her anyway. .. but poor libby.

  • buffyfan_5 May 11, 2006

    Ana Lucia wasn't my favorite character, but I was nothing but shocked. I'm watching Lost right now (5/10/06) and Libby started coughing when Jack and the others came into the hatch. Michael seemed very surprised to see her alive. What I want to know is why he shot Ana Lucia in the first place. Did the Others brainwash him or something?

  • Filmfakersfan21 May 10, 2006

    I love Ana Lucia. Her character is so tough and complicated but I enjoy figureing out ppl who are tough and comlicated. Michelle Rodriguez is an awesome actress. I never really saw a point for Libby, except to give Hurley a love interest. I mean Ana Lucia got shot before and she survived. This time she ony took one bullet soher chances of surviving are greater, Libby on the other hand is kinda scrawny and took 4 bullets.

  • Piroshi May 09, 2006

    I read one of those spoilers that supposedly got a script that said Eko lives... that sequence (in the "spoiler") was like a vision or something, as he was "saw" his brother up there

  • JaineBlaize May 09, 2006

    think Ana Lucia is dead because she was shot head on. However, Libby went to go get a blanket and a bottle of wine so there's no telling what else she scooped up and had under that blanket.
    I also though it was absolutely stupid for them to bring Michael back and not keep him under surveillance! For Gawd's sake! He was wandering around the woods for how many episodes (including repeats) before they found his @$$ in the woods??? That means he could have been tainted and sent back as a plant. Like a Trojan Horse of sorts! They should have assigned someone to watch him! But my question is this," Did Michael shoot himself at the end of the episode or did he shoot something off to the left of him?" Also, is he mentally controlled or are they making him do this in order to get Walt back?

  • gdiza May 08, 2006

    I would hope this isn't true because both these characters play important roles in LOST.
    Personally, I think Hurly needs Libby for his character to grow and Ana Lucia is a strong woman that the other female characters could look up too.

  • spaceberry May 08, 2006

    yer i agree. If Ana-Lucia is dead, which she certainly seems to be (plus theres this site that said weeks ago that they already shot her funeral and she was 99.9% gonna die this season) then it doesnt matter what the folks at Lost say bout the reasons, but its gotta be cos of the DUI.

    She seemed like a good character when she was introduced and I thought her story would add a lot to the show, but to just kill her off when she hasnt really contributed anything as far as we can tell is just plain weird.

    I can't see that they would have planned from the beginning to kill her off now, cos it seems like there would be no point in having her at all.

    Killing off a character cos of their personal life is unfair to viewers. Understanderbly Michelle Rodriguez was acting irresponsibly, but the law's there to punish her.

    If the death was intrinsic to the story, then fair enough, but if the Lost bosses have killed her off cos of the DUI, then they've completely undermined the story and the entire show.

  • mytrini May 08, 2006

    Ok, I know that they are saying that the death of Ana Lucia was planned but please then tell me, exactly what did her character or storyline add to the show? If you remove her from the island and erase her story, there really isn't anything significant that her character did, other than shoot Shannon and any of the characters could have done that. I really think that she was dumped from the show, before they completed her story arc, because even being with Jack's father in Australia was a red herring. Nothing really happened there either.

  • bye_692001 May 07, 2006

    ye its cool

  • Ponyboy76 May 07, 2006

    I was shocked when Ana-Lucia was shot my Michael. The show definitely seems to have a sense of Karmatic justice. She shot and killed someone, so she died by being shot. Ana is clearly dead, due to her being shot directly in the chest at close range. Libby may not be, because of where she was shot even though she was shot twice. It seemed to be in her lower extremities. Maybe she`ll be paralyzed or something. They haven`t even finished her backstory, unless they explain it as she dies, like with Boone. Micheal is really starting to annoy me. Maybe he`ll be the next one to die. Some failed attempt to save his son. What a great show!!

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