Lost mystery sponsored by soda

By Colin Mahan

May 12, 2006

The mystery of Lost has been solved: It's all about branding.

For the past two weeks, a mysterious commercial for a fake organization called The Hanso Foundation has aired during the show. It is part of the giant global game called The Lost Experience, which features online, mobile, print, and televised components that give clues to the mystery of the Lost island.

Some sharp-eyed "Losties" have noticed something about the commercial--corporate sponsorship. Small text that briefly flashes onscreen indicates that while the ad may be a part of the game, it is "Sponsored by Sprite."

At the end of the commercial a message tells the viewer to "Go to www.subLYMONal.com for more information." (Lymon, as in "Sprite has the taste of lymon.")

Once on the site, the word "Obey"--as in "Obey Your Thirst with Sprite"--is surrounded by glowing blue TV screens that the user must turn into glowing green TV screens to unlock a message. The message has nothing to do with Sprite (so it seems).

The Lost Experience fits neatly into the viral marketing world that networks and companies envision to outfox TiVo.

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  • bri719 May 17, 2006

    True - it is viral marketing. But I didn't fall for it, so I feel good about myself.

  • Pyriis May 16, 2006

    Also, you dont have to enter the Drs name.. Any name will work with the Password, the site is being hacked by a hacker helping you uncover everything.. After your logged in.. go to Joops corner and send him a message.. Then find the world map and do some clicking to find something else.. There are a few other things but Ill let you find them on your own.

  • Pyriis May 16, 2006

    Ok look.. This is a site that will have further secrets later that will help people who are intrested in unlocking the secrets of lost.. The Hanso Foundation Website was also created for this. If you dont understand or dont care.. then dont diss it.. I think its a great idea for the people who made lost to get fans more interacted in the show.

  • WickedCat May 16, 2006

    that's insane

  • seanirish May 15, 2006


  • faramirza May 15, 2006

    I am finding the experience fun.

  • faramirza May 15, 2006

    I am finding the experience fun.

  • Skoad May 15, 2006

    This is strange. I have already found the info everyone here has listed. Is there anything to be known that hasnt been mentione dhere yet?

  • edenartist May 15, 2006

    I think it's hilarious and I admit I liked to follow the clues online. If you want to do it you can follow the clues, too.

    Go to http://www.sublymonal.com (the sprite site). Click on each tv screen until they glow green (the number of clicks are the same as the lost numbers). When you've clicked them all, you will see a code: Heir Apparent.

    Go to the Hanso site (you can click this from the sprite site), it's very tiny under the wording at the bottom of the screen with the code.

    On the Hanso site, sign up for the company newsletter. Use the name Dr Mittelwerk and enter the password: breaking strain. This will log you in as a Darma employee.

    Then go to the company bios and in a box on Dr Mittelwerk's bio you enter: Heir Apparent

    After you do that go to the monkey's page. Chat with the monkey. Enter the numbers.

    It's all kind of weird and kind of like THE RING. You can log in from time to time on the site for new info from Persephone.

    I think it's fun. Who cares if it's from Sprite. I'm not going to Obey anything. lol.

    Check it out.

  • kerry18 May 15, 2006

    visit http://thehansofoundation.org/index.html#section=bios it is the hanso web site on a news letter sign up page it tells you to type in a screen name and the next. but it all goes wierd and this thing says can you read this you read this [screen naame] and then type yes. it then says it me persephone you then type in anything that you want and then it says call the call section in the tv add and the everything goes back to normal

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