Lost will be broken in two

By Colin Mahan

Jul 19, 2006


LOS ANGELES--The alphabet is hoping that absence will make the Lost fan's heart grow fonder.

ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson, speaking July 18 at the TV Critic's Association press tour in Pasadena, California, said that Lost will air next season without repeats. Instead, the castaway show will come back to the fall schedule with six episodes, then break for 13 weeks while ABC runs the new Taye Diggs series Daybreak. In February, Lost will return with an unbroken block of episodes.

"We listened to the audiences and felt this was the best way to address the issue of repeats," he said. "We'll have to spend some money and market it aggressively to let the audience know it's back."

Coming back in February puts Lost up against American Idol, which put a dent in the island-mystery's ratings this past season. When season five of Idol premiered in January, Lost ratings dipped 20 percent.

"I think that if you have two good shows in the same time slot, the ratings have shown that the audience is there. They can both survive and thrive," he said. "A lot of it was due to what the producers could deliver. The production cycle for 22 episodes was just too long."

On Friday, Lost show creator Abrams signed two separate contracts--a deal with Warner Bros. studios to produce new TV shows and a deal with Paramount (where Abrams directed Mission: Impossible: III) to write and direct more films. The combined deals are rumored to be worth between $60 and $68 million.

McPherson said that at season's end, Abrams' departure will be an issue, but this season he is working on the show in a big way.

"This year, he is back 100 percent. He is writing, he is even directing some episodes," McPherson said. "Last season it was tough, he did what he could but he was away doing MI3. This year, he is back, working on the show full time."

McPherson conceded that "down the road, [Abrams' involvement] might become more of a question."

McPherson expressed gratitude toward Abrams, who has given ABC the hit spy show Alias, Lost, the solid What About Brian, and the upcoming Six Degrees.

"Frankly, he has been an amazing part of my career," he said. "I thank him for that."

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  • Stews_ego Feb 12, 2007

    well to be honest abrams doesn't really do that much on the show it's down to the two main producers dammon and carlton, they have mot the ideas and say on what goes on. All Abram did was say that there is a island and some people crash on it and wouldn't it be cool if there was a hatch they tried to get in to.

    Then Carlton and Dammon came along and got the characters and the story line going.

    So really Abrams can go away and try and do anouther show which I'M SURE he will take credit for while others do the work

  • bonnieerb Feb 09, 2007

    This is so like JJ to start something and NOT see it through to the end. I mean look at how badly alias went. That series finale could have been way better. I just hope lost stays around until the initial estimated 100 episodes.

  • amg503 Nov 11, 2006

    I have to disagree. There's no way that any new people can start to watch Lost now. If they id, they'd be...lost. I'm really hating the execs right now. I don't know if this Lost break is a marketing ploy, or what, but they need to struggle to hold onto the fans they currently have, and this won't help.

    While I REALLY hat to say it, I don't see this show holding it's footing, and may not even last for that long after it comes back. While I'll wait, there are some who will say goodbye, simply because they'll find something else to watch.

  • DSandPSP_owner Nov 09, 2006

    Well...all the people who hate this decision hate it because they want to see [i]Lost[/i] right NOW. So, they definitely won't choose to not see it at all when it finally arrives, because that'll simply make their wait longer. Also, in that time, more viewers can build up...and in the end, that's all ABC cares about.

  • jambodini319 Sep 14, 2006

    WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    they need to solve the problem of people being annoyed about the breaks then just runn the wholes series with no break. its a pile of dump with no need for it. n why would JJ leave he should stay loyal. if this show gets ruined i will blame him

  • Cajungirl26 Aug 09, 2006

    I have an idea of how to address the issue of repeats....DON'T HAVE THEM!!! Oh and 13 weeks hiatus....are they nuts!! I think my strike will be not to watch any other show they air in Lost's timeslot....that's all that belongs there anyway. I don't watch American Idol...I'm loyal throughout the year and they want to try to market a whole other series...why?? Used to be a show held it's timeslot from the end of Sept to through May...why does this have to change??? Booooo ABC...first they cancel Invasion now this....they really need to buy a clue.:?

  • slicksean22 Aug 07, 2006

    Don't get me wrong, I love JJ Abrams and all...I mean "Alias" is pretty much my favorite show of all-time but I sort of lost all respect for him these past two years. I mean, he completely ditched "Alias" at the begining of it's third season where everyone knows it kind of lost it's way. SURE he ditched it to bring us "Lost" but at what cost did that do? Then he comes back to co-write the season 4 premeire of "Alias" and leaves again all together. He didn't even give the series he created the time of day by writing and directing the series finale.

    It just bugs me, if it were me and I were the creator of a series I'd wanna be the one to end and direct the damn thing, not put it in the hands of others. Then again my priority would be television not film so hey...that's just me. So what...is JJ going to ditch the rest of the remaining ABC series' he has on the network with the new deal he has going on? That's real great.

  • CWHunter Jul 19, 2006

    13 weeks, friend is exactly 3 months, not 4. and this is a good thing. We get to refresh with 6 episodes, i believe it begins in early October, then from November to February, which usually is repeat time, we can talk about it and then we get 16 new episodes for spring without constant repeats.

  • el_latino Jul 19, 2006

    I think that it is a bad strategy...

    Here in Latin America they did the same with Desperate Housewives, they repeated the first season over and over until February (the original run it had finished on June) and then they gave us the show without re runs... It is great not having re runs, but I think that don't broadcast Lost it is something very stupid.

    Respect to Lost, here in Latin America the show started on March of 2005 so we get the full season without re runs... :)

    Respect to Taye Diggs: THE MAN ISN'T FUNNY or TALENTED

  • playwert Jul 19, 2006

    doesnt effect me S in ireland it started in jan for both the first 2 seasons so it will properly be on every week[for the first 2 seasons it was sometimes shown twice a week]

    I have greats worries bout jj leaving at end of season 3[is it official?]as when it left alias it sank badly....

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