Lost's Rodriguez chooses jail

By Colin Mahan

Apr 26, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays the tough-talking ex-cop Ana Lucia in the hit TV show Lost, has chosen a $162 fine and five-day stint in Hawaiian jail over 240 hours of community service.

The punishment stems from a December 2005 incident in which Rodriguez and fellow Lost star Cynthia Watros were cited for drunk driving by Hawaiian police. The two had been bar-hopping and were pulled over in separate incidents just minutes apart.

Watros pleaded guilty in January, lost her license for 90 days, and paid a $370 fine. Yesterday, Rodriguez also pleaded guilty, and chose jail time over the lengthy community service.

As she was leaving the court, Rodriguez told reporters, "I kind of have to get back to my life, go back to making some money."

After the incident, rumors circulated that Rodriguez' character was going to be killed off because the actress was hard to work with. The show had previously killed off two other characters.

Show creator J.J. Abrams squelched the rumors when he said they were "just erroneous and silliness."

Watros, who plays the character Libby on the show, recently joined the cast of a CBS sitcom pilot for next season. Now, there is speculation over whether or not her character will be killed.

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  • AprilFox May 04, 2006

    Well I guess Abrams just had a big surprise for us (yeah I was NOT surprised) by killing off Ana Lucia and Libby (who may or may not be dead with that pillow she was holding) As for Michael, yikes talk about brainwash. So I guess no more speculation about MR's stay on Lost.

  • StrikerDude May 02, 2006

    Well hope she┬┤s got some cigarettes for protection

  • scooper549 May 02, 2006

    She wins in the end on this one. She was released after only spending 65 hours in jail. They say because of time she spent in custody. I guess anyone would have chosen the meager $162 fine and 65 hours in jail over 240 hours of community service. Sure all of you ask why would she be so selfish to not want to help the community? Let's pretend she did choose the community service over jail time. What kind of community helping is she really going to do? We have the prisoners do the manual labor that the state doesn't want to pay people to do (i.e. roadside clean-up) she would end up doing something useless for the community. Let her get out of it easy; I am proud of her. Who really cares in the end anyways? Their mug shots will go in to some sort of internet infamously and we will forget about it in no time...

  • HeleN_Corr Apr 30, 2006

    I would take the 5 days also, and I don't think she is a bad person just because she picks the 5 days, I think is normal, that many hours of comunity service are really A LOT. In ontario, in the 4 years that you go to hight-school you have to do 40 comunity hours service! in 4 years! and she would have to do much more, if she goes 5 days to jail she doesn't have to worry anymore. With this I'm not saying that is fair only 5 days, but if they let her pick what she wants is completly understable what she picked.

  • desperad007 Apr 27, 2006

    So everybody would pick the community time over the 5 days in jail? I don't think so. Furthermore she got caught the next day, probably thinking the had sobered up enough to be a responsable driver. Other people are a complete disaster on the road when they've used their medication or should wear glasses and get away with it.

  • PSUIrishDave Apr 27, 2006

    Wow, incredible... I mean, it's irresponsible of Rodriguez to do that, but.. Amazing -- Think of what the penalties would be for a non-celebrity. Think it would be any less severe?? Or more severe??

  • Skoad Apr 27, 2006

    Hell yea, 5 days is nothing. I would choose 5 days over 240hours community service any day.

    Now they better not kill of Libby before I get some damn answers.

  • kanniballl Apr 27, 2006

    I don't blame her. I'm all for helping the community and have volunteered for stuff in the past.

    But if given the choice to get it over with in 5 days, or spending months doing volunteering that may interfere with work I'll take the 5 days. Then again, I'm sure I'd be a lot worse off career-wise than her as I would have that jailtime on my record.

    To top it off, I heard it's actually 4 days since the judge gave her 1 day credit for time served already.

    Think of it. First, they're still filming the finale. With 4 days, she should be able to not interfere with shooting too much if they wait until she's out for her scenes.

    Second, between a movie she's working on and probably other stuff she wants to do (commercials or even personal stuff) that volunteer would be a real pain with her schedule.

  • Lost_n_24rule Apr 27, 2006

    Pity it wasn't five years then the writers would have an excuse to write her annoying and pointless character out of the show.

  • randygland25 Apr 27, 2006

    to be fair, if I was her I'd have taken the week in a cell than 240 hours painting some underserving republican voting pr--k's picket fence.

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