Louie Gets Renewed for Season 2

By Tim Surette

Aug 03, 2010

... Score one for aging redheads who like to talk openly about masturbating (I'm looking at you, Vanessa Redgrave!). FX has renewed its new comedy Louie for a second season, granting the show 13 new episodes that will start airing next summer. FX also gave the green light to USS Alabama, a Star Trek spoof from the creators of Reno 911. [Post-Gazette]

... It's great to be a celebrity! Charlie Sheen's assault case against his wife has been watered down to probation and walking through the doors of a rehab center. The deal means that he won't serve jail time and the next season of Two and a Half Men won't be interrupted. Hooray for justice! [LA Times]

... MGM, you're doing it wrong. The film studio is developing a big-screen adaptation of sci-fi anthology The Outer Limits, a show that's about two decades too old for young people to care about. What you should be remaking, MGM, is '80s animated stuff with robots, anthropomorphic cats, and kung-fu turtles, not some old-fogey black-and-white show that was actually intelligent. Jeez, being a movie studio executive is the easiest job in the world, and they still find a way to muck it up. [Variety]

... Hey, remember that Arrested Development movie script? It's still in the works. After all this "it is/it isn't" talk, I don't even want to see it anymore. [THR]

... The reality show about former Baywatch babes is happening. Back to the Bay will feature Traci Bingham, Nicole Eggert, Donna D'Errico, and Gena Lee Nolin living in a house and not realizing that the joke is on them. By the way, all of them can be seen nude with a simple Google search. [Variety]

... Timothy Olyphant will guest-star on The Office as a rival to Michael Scott. And over on Chuck, Stacy Kiebler (who, by the way, can do a really cool trick with her ear) will guest-star as Greta, an agent that goes super-duper undercover and is played by a new guest each appearance. [TV Guide, EW]

... And finally, I know a lot of you Bones fans think it's the greatest show on Earth, so I'd love to hear what you have to say about this news: Producers are angling to get Jersey Shore's The Situation to guest star in an episode in which Booth and Brennan investigate the murder of a Guido. Defend your precious show now! [EW]

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  • BarryDalton Aug 23, 2010

    Bones, never got it, never will....long live Louie!