Mad About You creator sets up Fox comedy

By Reuters

Oct 13, 2006

Mad About You creator Danny Jacobson has set up a comedy script at Fox said to revolve around a hard-charging guy let loose in a country club. Jacobson will write the script and serve as an executive producer.

Last year, he wrote a comedy pilot for the WB Network starring actor-singer Nick Lachey. He was among the screenwriters on last year's feature film adaptation of The Honeymooners. His Emmy-winning romantic comedy Mad About You ran on NBC from 1992-99.

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  • krazy4crack Oct 15, 2006

    Should check it out...

  • Adrestea Oct 14, 2006

    This show is too funny :D

  • fiveironbell Oct 13, 2006

    Well, since he created Mad About You, which is one of the greatest shows ever, maybe I'll check this out.

  • LincolnBurrows Oct 13, 2006

    Is it possible for them to cancel this before it even airs?

    I'm just sayin' is all...