News Briefs: Nobody Wants to Marry Harry, a Justified Villain Will Don Some New Suits, and More

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 22, 2014


... Fox's new reality series I Wanna Marry "Harry" premiered last night and it bombbbbbed. Only 2.1 million people tuned in to watch stupid women try to win the heart of a random English dude who bears a slight resemblance to a prince who will probably never be king anyway, resulting in a sickly 0.7 in the 18-to-49 demo. The good news is that my faith in humanity has been restored now that I know how badly the show did. The bad news is that there are women out there who were dumb enough to appear on the series in the first place. [E! Online]


... More ratings! The Voice's two-hour finale pulled in only 11.6 million viewers on Tuesday, a 25 percent decline compared to last year's spring finale. Meanwhile, 14.9 million people tuned in to find out who'd take home the Mirrorball on Dancing With the Stars, while the Supernatural finale shocked 2.3 million viewers with its game-changing final moment. [Vulture and TV By the Numbers]

... Bill Hader is jumping into bed with HBO. The former SNL star just signed a deal to create and star in a new comedy series for the premium cable network. And sadly, that's all the info I've got on the project. [Deadline]

... Starting today, full seasons of several HBO shows—including The SopranosThe WireDeadwoodSix Feet UnderRome, and Enlightened—are available to stream on Amazon Prime. If those don't interest you, you should know you can also catch the most recent seasons of shows like Boardwalk Empire and Treme. [Amazon via press release]

... According to former Bachelorette contestant and recent Bachelorette cocktail-party-crasher Chris Bukowski, his surprise visit to the show's Season 10 premiere on Monday night was scripted by producers. HONESTLY, IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE? [TMZ]

... HBO has posted a first look at the comeback of The Comeback. One day that joke will get old. That day was probably several weeks ago.

... What better way to spend Memorial Day than by taking time to remember all the stuff you forgot about Falling Skies? TNT is airing a 10-hour marathon of the alien drama beginning at 10am on Monday, May 26 in anticipation of Season 4's June 22 premiere. So if you're allergic to the outdoors and/or your family, you can spend the day with Noah Wyle and a bunch of ETs instead! [TNT via press release]


... Justified's Neal McDonough, he of the creepy blue eyes, will next be creepin' on the fine folks at Pearson Specter when he joins Suits in the role of Sean Cahill, a fearless SEC investigator hired by Zeljko Ivanek's Eric Woodall. [USA via press release]

... Gillian Jacobs wasted no time in lining up her first post-Community gig. She's joining the cast of Girls in the secretive role of Mimi-Rose Howard. Sounds fancy; let's hope she doesn't Britta this one. [TV Line]

... Chloe Sevigny (Big Love) and Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me) will both recur on Netflix's still untitled family drama from the creators of Damages about four adult siblings (Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn, and Norbert Leo Butz) whose secrets surface when their black sheep brother returns home after a long time away. Sevigny will play Chelsea, a former romantic interest of Mendelsohn's character, while Pasquale will take on the role of a potential love interest for Cardellini's character. [Deadline]

... Jessica Chastain and HBO have both shot down recent rumors that the actress has been cast in the second season of True Detective, which still doesn't officially exist, by the way. I guess it's back to the Twitter drawing board. [TV Guide]

... Several actors are returning to Major Crimes for the show's third season: Jon Tenney, Tom Berenger, Bill Brochtrup, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner will all reprise their roles on the series. Season 3—which is sent to include a backdoor pilot for a potential Major Crimes spin-off—will premiere Monday, June 9 at 9pm. [TNT via press release]

... The Blacklist has upped Amir Arison to series regular for Season 2. Arison recurred as FBI tech-guru Aram Mojtabai in Season 1.  [TV Line]


... If you've ever wanted to know how people end up on MTV's hit show Catfish, Vulture's got the scoop. It's mildly more interesting than your average episode of Catfish. [Vulture]

... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day gave a very funny commencement speech at Merrimack College over the weekend, dropping a few knowledge bombs while making sure to point out, "I'm much smarter than the character I play on TV." Let's all hope Day parlays this experience into a new episode of It's Always Sunny in which Charlie Kelly does give a commencement address, because can you imagine how AMAZING that would be? [Gawker]


... Fargo aired its most intense episode yet on Tuesday, and Tim wrote all about it

... Cory compiled the eight big lessons of the 2013-2014 TV season

... Supernatural's Season 9 finale made a big leap in terms of storytelling, and it inspired us to fondly recall the show's real OTP—Dean and food—by revisiting some of their best moments

... Thinking about watching Fox's new show Gang Related? Check out Tim's preview of the new Fox cop drama

... American Idol has crowned a Season 13 winner

... And Survivor has a new winner, too!

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  • koko32 Jun 22, 2014

    Looking forward to more True Detective, however, if it's going to be Cagney and Lacey this time... UK TV has gone mad with female lead detective shows after criticism that there's not enough of them and I'm so over it now.

    thanks for this great words

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  • ludoTV May 23, 2014

    The problem with 'Marry Harry' is not in the Harry but in the Marry... Harry is the guy to hook up in Vegas and debauchery, nudity etc ensues... Not to 'Marry' so yeah, worst casting ever...

    Should have been Marry William but a) Kate got there already and b) Doesn't rhyme....

  • SheilaGirl May 23, 2014

    Nothing creepy about Neal McDonough's lovely blue eyes!

  • itsmemadie01 May 22, 2014

    the comeback is really good, glad it came around even after several years. lisa kudrow is amazing.

  • JT_Kirk May 22, 2014

    Oh man, Fox ate it hard... GOOD! Fuck them, this was an absolutely awful premise, how they thought this could make it to air and not tank is beyond me. I hope it cost them a fortune in make-goods to the sponsors.

    Neal McDonough as an antagonist on Suits seems like a perfect character to crush, makes it hard to believe he'll come out on top.

  • current May 22, 2014

    Bill Hader was one of the more inventive and convincing personalities of SNL. The thought of him being given a more open rein on a cable network can only be a good thing.
    Neal McDonough as "...a fearless SEC investigator...", yeah cause that's such a scary and dangerous occupation to hold down. So basically it's going to be more 'realistic' illegal detentions and trickery? I'm in, it's Neal McDonough dang gum it. Note to self, stop watching Alaskan reality shows.
    So it'll be Chloe Sevigny in a role suited to her I'm superior to all and/or have I just smelt it and not dealt it facial expression.
    Thanks for clarifying that The Comeback line was a joke. I hope this is as good as Web Therapy, but I doubt it.
    Looking forward to more True Detective, however, if it's going to be Cagney and Lacey this time... UK TV has gone mad with female lead detective shows after criticism that there's not enough of them and I'm so over it now.
    Major Crimes is bollocks. Daughter of Major Crimes? Oh fuck off. That shameful cast should've done the decent thing and went to pasture with Sedgwick.

  • ludoTV May 22, 2014

    Neal McDonough might just be enough to rekindle my love of SUITS that kind of diminished with the rather boring season 3...

    Amir Arison's Aram in The Blacklist is one of the characters with potential as he was one of the smart ones in that FBI team. Let's hope that bland ineffective Cooper does not come back (actor was ok, the character was dreadful) and please let's make Lizzie into a good agent and not a clueless mess...

  • caesteckered May 22, 2014

    Yay for Amir Arison! I despair over so many things on The Blacklist, but Aram is not one of them. The character's just so adorable.

  • 377221 May 22, 2014

    Joining Girls sounds like something Britta would do!

  • KevinG87 May 22, 2014

    even if these girls were dumb enough to think it's real, once they met the guy, how did they still not realize he's a fake? he doesn't even look like Harry, he looks more like a ginger William.

    Bill Hader should just do a Stefan show and get it over with :p I'd probably watch any show he does, as long as it's not lawyers.

    I'm still holding on to some hope that another network will pick Community up. if it's TBS, USA, or Comedy Central then all the cast could still do other work like Girls because it wouldn't be a whole 22-24 episode type season.

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