Mas Carlos Mencia Para TV?

By Tim Surette

Jan 06, 2010

... Loathe him or hate him, Carlos Mencia may be returning to TV. ABC continued its disappointing pilot pickup season with a comedy from the accused joke-stealer which will be based on his family life (a comedian in a show based on his family life!? Now I've seen everything!). Slightly more tolerable is ABC's other order of a Cedric the Entertainer comedy pilot, featuring the comic as a former baseball player-turned-radio host. Slightly more tolerable. [THR]

... Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is buying low and selling high with a couple of guest stars whose names are bigger than their careers. Sharon Stone will play a prosecutor in a four-episode arc, and Mischa Barton will appear in the March 3 episode with a secret about Olivia Benson. Has anyone else noticed that Mischa Barton's career is basically Sharon Stone's sped up? The O.C. was Barton's mash-up of Basic Instinct and Casino, and The Beautiful Life was her version of everything else Stone has ever done. [E! Online]

... David Milch, the man who gave us the swear-a-minute Deadwood, is giving HBO another shot. He's signed on for Luck, a drama about the culture of... horse-racing. Without old-timey prostitutes, huge mustaches, and buckets of whiskey, could this be John From Cincinnati part two? [THR]

... You all are still crazy for The Biggest Loser. NBC's pounds-dropping program posted its biggest premiere rating EVER last night with a 4.6 in adults and 11.7 million viewers overall. The show even helped The Jay Leno Show earn its biggest ratings, but I'll forgive you for not getting off the couch to change the channel since it was Loser's first episode. Baby steps! Next week, getting up to go to the bathroom! [The Live Feed]

... Shield creator Shawn Ryan is busier than you, slacker. The dude is showrunner on Lie to Me and the upcoming FX show Terriers, and he ain't done yet. Fox has picked up Ryan's pilot Ridealong, a Chicago-set police drama that follows three groups of cops. A gritty cop drama on network TV? What could go wrong? [Variety]

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  • DaVulture Jan 07, 2010

    Not Mencia again, the Cedric thing sounds interesting though. Although by the looks of it, both shows might not be on the air for very long.

  • PROD1GY13 Jan 07, 2010

    cheap rip off of the george lopez show

  • KingofIPirates Jan 07, 2010

    No more Carlos Mencia... please..

  • Miz_Tasha Jan 06, 2010

    Mischa Barton makes me laugh (and cringe internally). After TBL tanked, she said this was a good thing, that she could focus more on movies. Law and Order: SVU sounds like a show to me Mischa...