Merry Christmas! Please enjoy this classic, appropriately themed clip from Sesame Street

By Ilana Diamond

Dec 24, 2010

What better way to spend Christmas than watching the one show that shaped your understanding of how the world works? Okay, well maybe some of us took Sesame Street a little more seriously than others. This Christmas special, even with adult eyes, is just as heartwarming as it ever was.

1. This may very well be first documented performance of Sesame Street on Ice. The epic, not to be missed Feliz Navidad ice dance comes in at 2:54.

2. Only on Sesame Street can an entire subway car of passengers (and puppets) break out into the cheeriest song. Plus check out how dashing Kermie looks in his wintertime cap at 5:20. And does it get any cuter when all Grover asks all those kids to explain how Santa Claus get down the chimney?

3. In this clip, we learn how to say "Keep Christmas with you all through the year" in sign language. And it turns out that Bert and Ernie both have hearts of gold. Check out the lengths they go to in order to get each other the perfect Christmas presents. Okay wait, this exchange between Grover and the little kid may trump those others in terms of adorable cuteness.

4. Did you know they make Santa hats big enough for Mr. Snuffleupagus?

5. All's well that ends well and sweet Mr. Hooper gets the best Christmas present ever. Also, it turns out that Cookie Monster wants just one thing for Christmas. Surprise, surprise. In all seriousness, his need for cookies may be symptomatic of a deeper psychological condition.

6. Gordon teaches Big Bird about true blue miracles and even cranklepuss Oscar joins in on the fun.

7. Stay til after the credits. Can anyone make out what Cookie Monster says at the very end?

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  • DerangedLemur Dec 27, 2010

    Merry Christmas! COOKIE!

  • safibwana Dec 26, 2010

    Scotch Pine

  • atc4gvn Dec 26, 2010

    Cookie Monster after eatting the Christmas tree: Ohhhhhhh...Starch (? is there such a thing?!) Pine delicious, but Douglas-Fir give me heartburn. UUUURPPP! Scuse me. OOHHH. UUURRRPPP! Oh, sorry.

  • SokkaAppa Dec 25, 2010

    merry Christmas

  • Geek_Queen Dec 25, 2010

    Merry Christmas, everybody! Happy New Year!