Mullally canned

By Colin Mahan

Jan 04, 2007

NBC Universal has canceled The Megan Mullally Show. The syndicated daytime talk show debuted to weak ratings, causing affiliate stations to move it to less desirable time periods.

Until a replacement show is lined up, NBC will fill the spots with repeats of Bravo's Queer Eye, the new series iVillage Live, or repeats of the previously canceled Starting Over.

"I am extremely proud of the show we created and am thankful for the passion and tireless efforts of [executive producer] Corin Nelson and the entire staff," Mullally said in a statement.

Megan drew an average of 1 million daily viewers, helping it vie for the bottom slot of the daytime ratings. Daytime giant Oprah Winfrey earns an average of 8 million viewers.

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  • bettyStar13 Nov 15, 2007

    The voice she used on will and grace was not her real voice you guys. If you had seen her talk show you would have known that- her real voice is quite normal and maybe that threw some people off a bit. I like meg, but you could smell it in the water- this show was not going to be on the air for long- it lacked something some sort of TV voo-doo,magic or perhaps a chemistry. Maybe she should have kept doing the obnoxoius, high pitched voice thing and then they could called it the Karen show it probably would have had better ratings- not to mention hilarious.

  • nikkicresswell Oct 20, 2007

    I dont know why the hell that show got Cancelled!! i use to watch it on the internet because we didnt get it in the UK and i loved it so much. it was hilarious!. With her videos about her thermos and Guilty pleasures lolx. Get megan bk on my tv!

  • HCShannon Oct 15, 2007

    She had a talk show?

  • edbaran Jun 29, 2007

    I wish they let her do a variety show (like planned) - now, that would have been a hit...

  • reeceman Feb 15, 2007

    you can see bits of her show on youtube!

  • pgpartain Jan 21, 2007

    I can't say that this surprises me. I suppose she was hoping to lure the 'Will & Grace' fans. It is very hard for new talk shows to make it these days unless they have some gimmick or fan-base before the show starts. I think the last new one to be successful was 'Ellen', and that's because she had a fan-base from her stand-up comedy act as well as her prior sitcom.

  • LAURAMARIE63 Jan 08, 2007

    Like this news is a shocker - please!

  • OTH_TW_lover Jan 06, 2007

    I caught this show once by mistake because TBS replaced its 8am showing of Saved by the Bell with it. It was really bad and i can see why it got canceled. I didnt even make it through the whole show before i changed the channel because her voice was driving me crazy and the jokes that she tried to tell were not even funny. I hope TBS puts Saved by the Bell back where it use to be.

  • GeorgeJobson Jan 05, 2007

    I'm sad to hear that Megan show has been cancelled. I wanted to be on her show. Oh well, you can dream can you!

  • tvrev Jan 05, 2007

    i didn't know she had a talk show :lol:

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