NBC Announces Its Fall 2013 Premiere Dates, Saves Most of Its New Series for October

By Jen Trolio

Jun 22, 2013

Today is officially the first day of summer, so naturally it's time to start seriously thinking about the fall. Now that CBS has kicked off this year's annual Fall Premiere Date Announcement Party a bit earlier than usual, it looks like the other major networks are ready to follow suit. Next up is NBC, which—now that it doesn't have the option of using the Summer Olympics to launch its new shows like it did last year—is mostly returning to the traditional "Premiere Week" model, with a release schedule that's largely concentrated in the last full week in September... except with regard to its freshmen shows and Grimm

The Voice and new James Spader drama The Blacklist will kick things off on Monday, September 23; the singing show gets a two-hour premiere that will reunite its original judging panel of Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton (Usher and Shakira are sitting out the fall). Chicago Fire returns for its sophomore season on Tuesday, September 24 (after the first Tuesday edition of The Voice). Revolution makes its mid-week debut on Wednesday, September 25, and leads into the Season 15 premiere of Law & Order: SVU (which will pick up where it left off, with Olivia in the clutches of a killer). Parks and Recreation returns for Season 6 on Thursday, September 26 with an hour-long premiere, followed by a two-episode debut for new comedy The Michael J. Fox Show and the Season 5 premiere of Parenthood, which moves to Thursday nights after several seasons on Tuesdays. Dateline wraps up the week on Friday, September 27. 

It's interesting that NBC appears to be saving a handful of its new series for the first week in October—Premiere Week-Adjacent, you might say. The network's Ironside reboot, starring Blair Underwood as the titular wheelchair-bound detective, bows on Wednesday, October 2, and new comedies Welcome to the Family and Sean Saves the World will take their spots in the Thursday-night comedy block on October 3. My thinking is that NBC possibly wants to stagger the debuts of its new shows in order to avoid competing with CBS during Premiere Week, and possibly with ABC and Fox as well if those networks also decide to return to the "launch everything in one week" tradition. 

So what's left? Grimm! And Dracula. Oh, and The Biggest Loser, too. (And Community, but we already knew that one would be missing, at least initially.) Those are the stragglers: The Biggest Loser returns on Tuesday, October 8. Then, Nick and Monroe and the rest of the Portland monster(-hunting) crew will be back on Friday, October 25, and that same night will open the coffin on the Jonathan Rhys Meyers-starring vampire drama, just in time for Halloween. 

NBC's 2013-2014 Fall Premiere Dates:
(New shows in bold and ALL CAPS)

Monday, Sept. 23

8-10pm – The Voice (Season 5 premiere)

10-11pm – THE BLACKLIST (Series premiere)

Tuesday, Sept. 24

10-11pm – Chicago Fire (Season 2 premiere)

Wednesday, Sept. 25

8-9pm – Revolution (Season 2 premiere)

9-10pm – Law & Order: SVU (Season 15 premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 26

8-9pm – Parks and Recreation (One-hour Season 6 premiere)

9-10pm – THE MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW (Series premiere with two back-to-back episodes)

10-11pm – Parenthood (Season 5 premiere)

Friday, Sept. 27

9-11pm – Dateline (Two-hour season premiere)

Wednesday, Oct. 2

10-11pm – IRONSIDE (Series premiere)

Thursday, Oct. 3

8:30-9pm – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (Series premiere)

9pm-9:30pm – SEAN SAVES THE WORLD (Series premiere)

Tuesday, Oct. 8

8-9pm – The Biggest Loser (Season 15 premiere)

Friday, Oct. 25

8-9pm – Dateline NBC (Time period premiere)

9-10pm – Grimm (Season 3 premiere)

10-11pm – DRACULA (Series premiere)

Fall premiere dates by network: ABCNBC | CBS | FoxThe CW

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  • ahamcell Dec 14, 2014

    I have seen all these shows but not all there episodes. In this guide, I followed most of it.

  • janesmith988 Sep 17, 2013

    grimm, it's not halloween it's the 25. It's a week before.

  • lynn1eric Sep 09, 2013

    The only show listed I will watch is Chicago Fire, from DVR because Person of Interest has top priority because it is a much better show. None of the other shows listed seem interesting at all. Keep trying NBC, some day you might get it right. Body of Proof was pretty good, but you took that off too.

  • SarahFloyd Sep 06, 2013

    The Black List, The Michael J. Fox Show, Dracula.

  • cathykreyokee Sep 03, 2013

    I love Parenthood and Law & Order: SVU, going to give Ironside a chance (i'll give it 2 or 3 episodes) but what happened to The New Normal? that show was soooo funny!

  • Boozwaa Aug 24, 2013

    The only show that I would want to see on this list would be 'The Blacklist'.......,

  • Dirk13 Jul 17, 2013

    Wow....NBC actually did it...they have managed to create a lineup that has NOTHING at all that I want to see. Ok, I am intriuged by the Michael J Fox show for perhaps obvious reasons and have not seen anything on it, but with that one potential exception, now that any show I actually watched is gone (well, I guess Community is coming back though?), it seems like NBC has finally become the network to me that it has been to everyone else for a while now (don't ask me why, but outside of maybe Fox, I always felt NBC was one of the best networks despite what people said about it, as it had the highest concentration of shows I watched outside of like, HBO and stuff, certainly more than ABC or CBS).

  • KeithOConnor1 Jun 27, 2013

    With where the put everything, everything will be canceled and they'll have to start from in September 2014 with a completely new line-up. Parenthood going up against Scandal and Elementary equals canceled. Chicago Fire up against Person Of Interest might work, because the new ABC show is going to bomb and be canceled after 2 episodes where it'll be burned off in the summer on Saturdays. With Chicago Fire getting a spin-off I don't see it being canceled, but Law & Order had several and it got canceled before the spin-off's so we'll see. Law & Order: SVU has run its course...it might be time to let it go NBC or bring Stabler back. All of the new shows will fail miserably and Revolution is as good as canceled going up against Survivor and The Middle.

  • KeithOConnor1 Jun 27, 2013

    Grimm will probably be the only show to return for 2014-2015, although CBS moving Hawaii Five-0 to Fridays and the popularity of Shark Tank might start to hurt it, but I don't think that'll happen.

  • KeithOConnor1 Jun 27, 2013

    I don't like the October wait for Grimm, but it'll be better than schedule shifting and pulling from the schedule for 3+ months.

  • txgirl75 Jun 25, 2013

    Looks like Thursday nights are going to be good.

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