NBC cancels My Own Worst Enemy

By Tim Surette

Nov 13, 2008

The fall season has its first high-profile cancellation (we're not counting The Ex-List). NBC has put the kibosh on the ballyhooed My Own Worst Enemy, reports Variety. The word came down last night after My Own Worst Enemy once again fizzled in the ratings department, with Monday night's episode drawing only 5.2 million viewers and a 2.3 rating/6 share among key demographics.

Riding a flood of publicity, My Own Worst Enemy was one of NBC's brightest new entries when it debuted on October 13 in the time slot behind the struggling Heroes. But the show never caught on with viewers, and Heroes' dwindling numbers and competition from Monday Night Football and Dancing With the Stars probably didn't help get the word out, either.

My Own Worst Enemy marked Christian Slater's debut as a leading television man. He played a man with two lives--one as a suburban family man and one as a super spy--that eventually converge after not knowing the other existed for some time.

The debut season of My Own Worst Enemy will be cut short, completing nine episodes of its 13-episode order. The show's fourth segment aired this past Monday.

My Own got pwned. What do you think--is this show worth organizing a "save the show" campaign around? Or should we just let it go?

VIDEO: Between Takes with Christian Slater

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  • GabriellaMH Sep 14, 2009

    This was such a great show! I dont understand why they canceled it. Its not even like EVERYONE hated it. There were a great number of people who enjoyed the show. And what is with the way it ended, they could have at-least wrapped up the end of the season, to give those who actually like the show some closer.

  • birdlegs Aug 17, 2009

    My husband and I LOVE this show and are SO disappointed that it isn't returning. Christian Slater did an awesome job of playing both characters!

  • peak_a_bu Apr 15, 2009

    yup another great show down the tubes

  • ochreangel Apr 14, 2009

    This totally sucks as it is a well written interesting show. What the hell goes on in the publics minds that they would ignore a gem like this? Not Happy!

  • Xaviersx Feb 27, 2009

    I mark this as more of a failing of NBC than the show. There were some flaws to the show, but most definitely is that it's own NBC, placed in a time slot that for that network is now the kiss of death, and what we've seen often from NBC Universal is a cut quick and bed*mned letting a show develop an audience or promote a show to gain. They might as well have made Monday nights after Heroes the variety show hour or a two hour news block because they did My Own Worst Enemy in much worst than any ratings or review of the show itself, IMO. Too bad most producers can't or don't shop their works to other networks, but after a strike such as cancellation, only a successive movie follow-up can revive a series these days.

  • dregie Feb 12, 2009

    I guess the only thing that Networks want to produce anymore is reality TV. With the economy in the tank people could use a bright spot and a well produced, written and acted show can bump up the spirits. Look what the depression did for the movies! Can we get some network executives to stop looking at the numbers for a minute and stand behind their decision, let people find and get interested, there is too much on TV to expect a decent show to find it's audience in the first 9 episodes. Look at Cheers! Come on guys.

  • darthHunnet Feb 12, 2009

    thats weak! We liked it.

  • Johammes Feb 06, 2009

    Don't kill this show, give it a chance, You start a that is not know yet with no fans yet and put it against football night, come on just because it is not competing with football on rating level does not deserve to die change it to another day, and put an old show with lots of followers against Monday night football. I hate these Show killers.

  • peak_a_bu Jan 26, 2009

    Another great show not given a chance, I give up watching any new shows on any of the networks because all the shows I like get cancelled . Maybe the networks can hire me to rate there shows they can save themselves a lot of effort by asking me if I like it.

  • clambert11 Jan 16, 2009

    Sucks. The wife an I liked the show.

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