NBC Cancels Some Show Called Do No Harm

By Tim Surette

Feb 08, 2013

Made in Jersey, make room for Do No Harm! NBC canceled the Jekyll-and-Hyde medical drama today, just hours after last night's final ratings were released and NBC saw a stain where its 10pm primetime series should have been. The show has been pulled from the schedule (i.e. canceled) after just two episodes, matching Made in Jersey for the shortest stay of the season.

But that doesn't even begin to illustrate just how poorly Do No Harm performed. When it debuted last Thursday, it became the lowest in-season debut for a scripted show on a major network EVER, with a 0.9 rating in the adult demo. Last night's dip down to a 0.7 rating was all NBC had to see before finally making a good business decision for once.

Do No Harm starred Steven Pasquale as a neurosurgeon with an evil alter-ego who took control of his body every night starting at 8:25pm and holding on for 12 hours. It also featured a Golden Retriever, a blow-up sex doll, and a Ferrari IN THE SAME SCENE, but you probably didn't know that because no one watched this show except for me. I'll miss you, Do No Harm. You made me laugh.

NBC will air Law & Order: SVU reruns in Do No Harm's place.

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  • pxelarpi Jan 26, 2014

    i just started watching the show and it's awesome... i would be nice if it would continue with season two or something

  • tilmeena Jan 14, 2014

    My mom and I loved the show. Do no Harm was good. Please bring it back

  • chickunit Sep 08, 2013

    Boy this is biased or what? Why is there no YES button for the question "Did You Watch Do No Harm?" above? I would bet you if you registered the YES votes, there would be a lot more of them than NO votes.

    I don't know who's making decisions at NBC but it's evident to me that some idiot thinks reruns of old shows will get better ratings than this show. I think Do No Harm is an excellent show and it's fascinating to see what could develop with it ... why not give it a chance?

    Shame shame shame for cancelling this show. I'm really enjoying it and I'm really glad there's 12 episodes to this first season. Keep it going ... move it to another network! Forget NBC if they have absolutely no imagination!

  • HenrythegameM Aug 20, 2013

    Fact is, they didn't hype it as much. And NBC is stupid to think people will wait to watch a brand new unhyped show at 10pm. Now they realize people actually like the show but they stupidly cancelled it after 2-3 episodes. I want another network to take this. That title by the editor is as stupid as the fat guy booing Punk

  • kat412 Jul 30, 2013

    This was a great show! I watched the pilot and episodes 1 & 2 - I loved all of them. NBC is currently airing the remainder of season one which I'm enjoying very much - the acting and the satire are great! Please NBC, bring this show back. . .the ratings must be better now that you are airing the remaining episodes from season one! Please give it another chance for a season two. . .

  • puppylovermom Jul 07, 2013

    Come on, NBC!!! Bring this show back!! You finally got a great series under your belt, and hen you cancel it? Seems like a lot of people like the show, too. There are so many shows out there now that don't deserve our attention, reality shows being one type, which is inundating our tv screens. Please, please, please!!! I would love to see this show come back this Fall (2013)!!

  • susankerr583 Apr 17, 2013

    I've. Had this on my dvr forever. Finally watching & I really like it. Too bad someone else didn't & pulled the plug. Would continue watching if it was brought back.

  • lawrencelabar Apr 15, 2013

    I really liked this show,It was different,but in a good way

  • tammyrupert5 Apr 08, 2013

    I'm so mad! I thought this was great. I wonder if they will ever release the already recorded episodes.

  • SamanthaLynne1 Mar 13, 2013

    I liked it and thought it was entertaining. I was like WHAT?? like seriously? What am I going to watch now? Oh well I guess on-demand shark tank will do now for a show.

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