NBC is having a reality good summer

By Colin Mahan

Jun 28, 2006

America loves seeing if America has talent.

The NBC reality show, from American Idol cocreator Simon Cowell, looks poised for a good summer run. In its premiere last Wednesday, Talent was the number one show of the night.

For the week, Talent was the number two show in adults 18-49 (4.6/14) and overall total viewers (12.4 million). ABC's NBA Finals telecast kept Talent from the ratings crown, but the reality show was number two overall out of the 111 shows on the prime-time schedule.

Talent looks to continue the tradiiton of summer-fun reality hits started by Dancing With the Stars. Part of Talent's draw is its stable of celebrity judges: Piers Morgan sates viewers' desire for a snarky Brit; pop star Brandy proffers her own brand of Paula Abdul-ish warmth; and ex-Knight Rider David Hasselhoff emits tan-faced proclomations of comforting, moderate intensity.

Other highlights of the show were a grandmother who rapped and a man who played sounds with his nose, which he called a "nose flute."

Cowell has been squeezing out America-themed reality shows with clockwork regularity. Last season, ABC aired his American Inventor, a contest where people vied to be the top inventor and win $1 million toward the development of their idea.

While NBC took a drubbing this past regular season, the peacock is doing well in the summertime ratings race. Reality competition Last Comic Standing is also performing well in its fourth cycle, placing number five for the week.

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  • rsloane Jun 29, 2006

    i know these shows are like copies of copies...

  • iaag Jun 28, 2006

    Too many reality shows copying off of each other!

  • PerfectDark0Fan Jun 28, 2006

    NBC is like ABC "to many realitly shows and boring." CBS and Fox has the best Summer and Fall lineup.

  • pgsuperfan Jun 28, 2006

    too many reality shows on now

  • pgsuperfan Jun 28, 2006

    enuff reality shows

  • archangelcory16 Jun 28, 2006

    I hope this is foreshadowing for the fall, because NBC is the only network that had an impressive fall lineup. (I'm still pissed that ABC turned town basically every really good drama they had in development.)