NBC Picks Up Jimmy Fallon's Comedy and Two New Dramas

By Tim Surette

May 10, 2012

Chalk up three more new series for NBC's 2012-2013 season! The network has had a busy few days as it prepares to announce its schedule on Monday. Today, The Peacock ordered a comedy and two dramas to add to its previous pickups. Allow me to introduce them!

Guys With Kids

What it is: This comedy was created by Jimmy Fallon, so it had an automatic in with NBC brass. The premise is pretty simple: Three 30-something dudes (Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson, and Zach Cregger) are new dads who still like to have a good time. That means bringing their babies to the bar and sporting events, I'm guessing. And here's the catch: It's a multi-camera comedy.

Initial reaction based on description alone: Ummm... what's a nice way of saying "this sounds terrible"?

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: NBC isn't a good home for multi-camera comedies, so I think this one will face an early exit.

Where NBC might schedule it: That seems to be the question du jour. It's multi-cam, so the network's Thursday comedy block is an unlikely home for it. Either NBC needs to pick up another multi-camera comedy (or renew Whitney) for a mini-block on Wednesday or this thing is going to disappear fast.


What it is: Formerly titled Notorious, this soapy drama follows a detective (Meagan Good, ROWR!) who goes undercover for the rich family she grew up with in order to solve the murder of the family's daughter—who just so happened to be her best friend. Sounds an awful lot like Revenge, doesn't it?

Initial reaction based on description alone: Can television afford two versions of Revenge? The ABC drama may have taken all the interest out of this style of soap already. I approve of the casting of the African-American Good in the lead role, though.

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: I'd predict a non-eventful first 13 episodes, with the possibility of a back nine order but not a Season 2.

Where NBC might schedule it: I'd say it sounds like a 10pm Wednesday show, but that's where Revenge currently sits. Could it move up to Tuesday behind The Biggest Loser or to Thursday after the comedy block? Or will it get a better hour and sit earlier on Wednesday? For now I'll guess 9pm on Wednesday.

Do No Harm

What it is: One of several Jekyll-and-Hyde-like series put into development over the last two years, this one puts the schizophrenic in the scrubs of a neurosurgeon whose alter ego makes a mess of his personal and private lives. Probably not a good idea to have brain surgery done by a guy who can snap at any second. Rescue Me's Steven Pasquale has a chance to break out in the lead role, but because the show is on NBC it may just end up being a stepping stone to something else.

Initial reaction based on description alone: I'll bite, this sounds pretty interesting. But why is he a Jekyll-and-Hyde type? What happened!? Tell me, NBC!

My guess at the show's chances of survival even though I haven't seen a second of footage: Fifty-fifty. NBC loves these types of shows, but they just don't seem to work out.

Where NBC might schedule it: Normally I'd say this series could be paired with Grimm on Friday nights, but I think NBC has higher aspirations for it and will give it a prime slot, though it runs into the same problems as Infamous.

Do any of these three new NBC shows sound appealing to you?

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  • Tigerbob May 12, 2012

    They all sound crap.

  • DavidJackson8 May 11, 2012

    I don't think I'll watch any of these.

  • terminaltrip421 May 11, 2012

    i'm not going to bother with any of them. first off, fuck nbc. second, while i like the cast from first and last and last's schizo schtick might sound somewhat interesting, i'm sure they have less than half the heart of currently airing and currently getting canned shows.

  • PerfectoMagal May 11, 2012

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  • zeddyp May 11, 2012

    ummmm....isnt that idea being done in a movie thats coming out...like very very soon....I mean yeah I get he prolly pitched the idea before having heard about the movie...but why would NBC okay it?

  • pcsjunior002 May 11, 2012

    Not really any of these sound great to me. Maybe the last one. But that's about it.

  • sunnysfunny May 11, 2012

    Do No Harm and I'll probably check out Guys With Kids. Anthony was great on The Shield. He should do more serious roles IMO.

  • JT_Kirk May 11, 2012

    Guys With Kids looks like a ripoff of half of the upcoming movie What to Expect When You're Expecting; plus, wasn't this called "DILFs" up until now? Anthony Anderson is generally a fun actor to have around, but he's also a scene-stealer a lot of the time. Jimmy Fallon is a lazy actor and writer and I suspect he'll be a lazy producer as well. I suspect this will tank mainly due to being expensive to have so many babies around all the time, and also because it sounds terrible, yes.

    NO MORE SOAP-TYPE DRAMAS! NBC sucks at soapy material, they are hamfisted and put too much money in early so they fizzle fast. NBC is the worst with this crap. Everything detailed about Infamous sounds lame. I'm impressed they found a TV actress with over 15 years of experience that I've never seen before aside from 1 episode of House. But a Revenge ripoff sounds like it'd only work on the CW or ABC itself, not NBC at all.

    Do No Harm sounds not at all intriguing to me, split-personality shows are always the same thing over and over, and they generally all seem like total crap compared to actual clinical versions of split-personality disorders.

    Great job NBC, you've played it safe right into the grave.

  • torque_smacky May 11, 2012

    "If you can't do something FIRST or BETTER, you probably shouldn't do it." --somebody

    If Infamous isn't better than Revenge, it'll expire pretty quickly.

  • LightningAnnie May 11, 2012

    do no harm - sounds the best of the 3

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