NBC Pulls Next Week's Hannibal Entirely, and Other Boston-related Scheduling Changes

By Tim Surette

Apr 19, 2013

Television networks are reacting in real time to the news coming out of Boston, adjusting their schedules to accomodate breaking news, special coverage, and sensitive content that might be inappropriate to air given the nation's mood. Several adjustments have already been made, and given the turbulent situation, many more could still happen. 

We'll try to keep track of them all right here and update this story as new announcements are made. (Note: all times are subject to change.)


– CBS has moved tonight's original episode of Vegas from Friday to Saturday to make way for a special CBS News report on the Boston bombings hosted by Scott Pelley from 9pm to 10pm. Vegas will now air tomorrow, Saturday, April 20, at 8pm. This isn't a good sign for Vegas, as CBS chose to bump it instead of moving scheduled REPEATS of Undercover Boss and Hawaii Five-0, at 8pm and 10pm respectively.

– Today's Boston Red Sox game versus the Kansas City Royals has been postponed and will be part of a double-header tomorrow.

[UPDATE 2:44pm Pacific]

– ABC will air live news coverage from Boston tonight. World News with Diane Sawyer will be extended to an hour and air from 6:30pm to 7:30pm Eastern. 20/20 will air from 10pm to 11pm Eastern, as previously scheduled. Nightline will air at 12:35am and summarize the day's events. Currently, it appears that new episodes of Happy Endings and Shark Tank will still air as planned. 

[UPDATE 9:32 Eastern / 6:32pm Pacific]

– GrimmHappy Endings, and Shark Tank (but not Oh Sit!) have all been preempted on the East Coast due to ongoing developments in the Boston bombing case. Namely:

Thank goodness. There's not much we can express right now other than relief. 

(Also we have no information with regard to whether anything new will air tonight on the West Coast.)


– The episode of Vegas previously scheduled for Friday, April 19 will air on CBS at 8pm.


– ABC has decided to swap the order of the next two Castle episodes. The episode originally scheduled to air April 22 involves a bomb-related plot, which the network has wisely decided to postpone it until April 29. The episode originally scheduled for April 29 will now air on April 22. 


– NBC is pulling the fourth episode of Hannibal entirely, at creator Bryan Fuller's request, reports Variety. The episode's story centers on a group of children who are brainwashed—by guest-star Molly Shannon—into killing other children, and because of the Newtown shootings and the bombings in Boston, Fuller felt "the associations that came with the subject matter ... would inhibit the enjoyment of the overall episode." The episode isn't being rescheduled; it's being canned entirely. The network is planning to post relevant scenes from the episode that explain character development, accompanied by Fuller's commentary, online at a future date. Hannibal will jump straight into Episode 5, and the first season will be shorted by a week. The show's season finale will now air on June 20. Though the entire fourth episode is being pulled, NBC insists there will be no continuity issues due to skipping it. Also, it will still air overseas.

We'll update this post as necessary.

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  • NeeUyank May 19, 2013

    Having watched not only this so called disturbing episode 4 but the following 5th and 6th episodes, I have to say, all this "cancelling-the-4th-episode-because-it-involves-kids" thing was so stupid and meaningless.. I cannot roll my eyes more than this.. compared to blood chilling and truly disturbing killers in the 5th and 6th episodes, what was so heavy about the cancelled one that made Fuller freak out, I will never get.. actually that was the weakest episode of all..

  • mrivera Apr 30, 2013

    So if the bombing happened in NYC, they'd have to cancel the rest of the season of Law and Order SVU; or likewise in Las Vegas the rest of CSI?

  • MightyMad Apr 22, 2013

    So I guess, if you really want to see that four episode of "Hannibal", you could wait for the first season boxset to come out... or just wait for it to be put online and download it.

    I get trying to be sensitive to people and all, but, if you have a problem showing murders in a show about murderers like "Hannibal", maybe you shouldn't have greenlighted the series in the first place.

  • Vicky8675309 Apr 21, 2013

    I like this show but hope it gets cancelled and moved to TNT, FX or another cable network.

  • angeland8 Apr 21, 2013

    For the love of God, get rid of dr. Bloom in Hannibal. I just cannot watch this bimbo lecturing Crawford, it's ridiculous.

  • marioni211 Apr 21, 2013

    Not surprised by Hannibal. Last weeks episode was a borefest, show has "canceled" written all over it.

  • NeeUyank Apr 21, 2013

    you have no idea what you are talking about.. not only Hannibal received great critical appraisal and decent rating (in NBC terms of course) even this hype here about cancellation of a single episode should give you an idea.. and if you are bored with what you saw last week than you either are a gore addict or severely suffering from adhd..

  • gothceltgirl Apr 21, 2013

    I'm canceling the series on my DVR. Its a bit disurbing anyway. I can accept preemting shows (I don't have a choice), but this is too far. I'm so sick of them doing stuff like this w/TV shows. I wasn't that invested in Hannibal so no big...

  • buaidhnobas Apr 21, 2013

    What happened to "If we allow them to disrupt our lives, they win". I feel for the people who got hurt, and the one's who died, but what does this have to do with TV. That is real, TV isn't. TV is entertainment, that's all.

  • bramwijers92 Apr 21, 2013

    btw its TV not real life people will get that!

  • bramwijers92 Apr 21, 2013

    what a bullshit!

    im so sorry for the boy and other folks ,but come on ITS TV damnid.
    the people who have somthing to do with the bomb day/run i geuss will not watch tv.if they do great lifes go's on!
    i find this typical for america
    a drama and no one is gonna aur when a show has somthing they can relate to pf
    grow some balls nbc

  • Vicky8675309 Apr 21, 2013

    don't blame America for a networks decision. I'm American and have been very vocal here about how this canceling of an episode pisses me off!!

  • Grumpyclown Apr 23, 2013


  • bramwijers92 Apr 22, 2013

    you are right im sorry for that,i mean the networks!

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