NBC Renews Parks and Recreation, The Office, Up All Night, and Whitney

By Tim Surette

May 11, 2012

Fear not, Knopers. Parks and Recreation will be back for a fifth season. And really, was there any doubt? NBC has handed out a 13-episode order 22-episode order to the Amy Poehler-starring comedy, according to multiple reports, which is all we have to go on until NBC's official Upfront presentation on Monday.

NBC also handed out a no-duh renewal to The Office, just one day after it was reported that stars John Krasinski, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer moved closer to extending their deals with the comedy. However, Mindy Kaling will be leaving the show to star in her own project at Fox. There are no details on an episode count yet, nor has there been any chatter with regard to a final season (though there should be). There was no way NBC was going to let The Office go without all the fanfare of a "final season" blowout.

Up All Night, meanwhile, is coming back for a second season, I'm guessing with a 13-episode count. The new-parent comedy starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett got off to a great start before falling back to Earth and landing squarely on the bubble.

And because NBC isn't cancelling a damned thing, Whitney was also renewed for a second season. There's no word yet on how many episodes, though. I'm guessing NBC needed something to pair with the its new Jimmy Fallon-produced comedy Guys With Kids, another multi-camera series. But still... Whitney?

With all the 13-episode orders its been handing out, NBC could potentially carry almost twice as many comedies as usual. That many probably won't happen, though, as the 13-episode orders that start in the fall will be eligible for back nine and full-season orders depending on how well they perform. NBC is essentially giving everything a shot to prove itself next season. I'd assume (and there's lots of assuming going on around these parts) that NBC will go back to traditional series pickups next year, once it has decided what it's keeping. And that means way more cancellations in 2013! Joy!

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  • BLacqWyng May 21, 2012

    Getting a little tired of all the sneers at Whitney, me and my wife like the show a lot.

    It may not be everyones thing but commenting with "BOOO" if a show gets renewed is a low blow, specialy when it comes from an official TV.com writer. Grow up please!

  • ChristyHaughe May 19, 2012

    The Office needs to end already.

  • stanking May 13, 2012

    What does Leonard Hofstadter say during sex? "You wanna get married, Penny?"

    What do NBC executives say during sex? "Whitney, your show is renewed."

  • chas031 May 13, 2012

    Uhh Whitney?? I think you got a little executive on your chin!!

  • JT_Kirk May 13, 2012

    NBC is proving what I said before, they have no creative reserves right now, they cannot afford to lose ANY built-in audiences. My example was Whitney - a show I found unwatchable mainly for how poor it expresses the actual Whitney Cummings in favor of old sitcom tropes - and lo-n-behold there it is. Now it's time for NBC to clean house in the upper levels and start rebuilding with some vision, you cannot corporate-suit your way to better TV.

  • S_J May 13, 2012

    Why does every one hate Whitney?

    I found the show to be very funny, great actors and good story lines. This show is much better than Community(which I stopped watching after season 2).

    Honestly there were some episodes that I could not stop watching and laughing. Which is more than I can say for a lot of the comedy shows on TV nowadays.

  • tesseract77 May 13, 2012

    "I found the show to be very funny, great actors and good story lines. This show is much better than Community(which I stopped watching after season 2)."

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing I've heard this weekend. Whitney is mediocre at best and yet you have the audacity to compare it to the best comedy on television? And people wonder why stupidity is overrunning television...

  • Gold_Ruby May 13, 2012

    So relieved about Parks and Rec! Now that Leslie won the election, I wanna see her at work!

  • kbelliveau May 13, 2012

    I would prefer that NBC give full orders to Community and The Office instead of renewing a show like Whitney that is hated by viewers and critics. Community should be the foundation of their comedy block, not Parks and Recreation. Still though Parks and Rec getting 22 episodes is still better than a full season of Whitney.

  • Spoontown May 12, 2012

    Parks - 22, justice one of a handful of shows that can get away with that many, Up All Night is good enough for 22 as well. The Office, 30 Rock and Community for 13 is enough, NBC making good decisions about comedy.

  • LucaMaltaglia May 12, 2012

    Whitney is hated by critics and many people, but numbers say that it got a very steady audience at decent even if not spectacular levels, with the viewers that basically didn't change from the 4th episode onwards. The renewal is not so surprising after all.

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