NBC tweaks Thursday, 30 Rock

By Colin Mahan

Oct 26, 2006

The peacock is making some schedule shifts, hoping to recapture the glory of its Thursday comedy blocks of yore, when Seinfeld and Friends made the night "must see TV."

Beginning November 30, freshman comedy 30 Rock is moving from Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. Medical sitcom Scrubs will return for its sixth season that same night, landing in the 9 p.m. slot. Rock had underwhelmed in its Wednesday berth, opposite the dominating Dancing With the Stars on ABC.

My Name Is Earl and The Office will both remain in their time-slots, from 8 to 9 p.m. The permanent schedule changes will follow one of NBC's patented "super-sized" comedy nights on Thursday, November 16, when episodes of Earl, Office, and 30 Rock will each be expanded to 40 minutes.

"We are excited about the prospect of two hours of top-notch comedy on Thursday nights, which includes the return of Scrubs," said Kevin Reilly, president of NBC Entertainment. "We will stay on-brand with the best comedy block on television, which will position us for the future on the night."

Twenty Good Years, the low-rated post-30 Rock John Lithgow/Jeffrey Tambor sitcom about wacky men enjoying their golden years, will leave the schedule following the November 8 episode. Its return is in question--although NBC has made no official comment and the show hasn't wrapped production, Years' premiere was the lowest-rated sitcom premiere for the network in 15 years.

After November 8, NBC will run specials on Wednesday nights until it figures out what to put there.

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  • shanfan14 Jan 14, 2007

    I have never liked Tina Fey: she's smug and the "humor" incorporated into her writing on "SNL" was puerile. The once-sharp satire of the show degenerated into bathroom humor and lame wink-wink, nudge-nudge tasteless innuendo on her watch.

    I wouldn't watch her in a local commercial, much less waste prime time on her.

    Tracy Morgan is funny, Rachel Dratch can be, but Baldwin...sigh. I don't know what's happened to him, but he's almost a cartoonish figure, these days, no matter what he's on.

  • Kleinke Nov 04, 2006

    Twenty Rotten Years on hiatus? Aaah, there is still justice in this world. Regarding this desperate "Must See" moniker that NBC uses to urge people into tuning in - it seems to me they're still in shock that the time of Friends & Frasier is over. Those were the days.

  • jmagnifocent Nov 01, 2006

    They are making Thursdays all about NBC for me...i love all those shows including ER(i just hope they dont cancel 30 rock like they did 3 kings...they need to give the show a little time to develop). The only thing getting in the way is Supernatural so apparently something will have to get Tivo'd.

  • emptynestfan Oct 31, 2006

    I would love to see Earl at 8:00

    The Office 8:30

    Scrubs 9:00

    30 Rock or something good 9:30

    and Cross Jordan at 10:00 Now that would be a great Line up, that way I can watch Arrested Development at 8:30 and read at 9:30 until Cross Jordan comes on.

  • rklrkl Oct 29, 2006

    "30 Rock" is OK - nothing fantastic, but certainly watchable. "Scrubs", of course, is great and most of its episodes are still very good, although I worry that, like far too many US sitcoms, it'll run out of steam soon and ruin what's been one of the best US sitcoms in recent years.

    "Twenty Good Years" was a *terrible* concept - even the title sequence alone should have rung alarm bells at the studio, but nope they commissioned an old-fashioned, unfunny, canned laughter piece of drivel and put it out on national TV. Shame on you NBC!

    There's definitely been a dearth of new top-notch comedy shows in this current autumn season - I tried to stick with "Happy Hour", but they took a break and I didn't feel it was strong enough to warrant returning to watch it. "Help Me Help You" was plain awful (Ted Danson - you peaked with Cheers, just give it up now). One underrated show that looks like it's coming back in January - "The Loop" - was probably one of the better new comedies of 2006, IMHO.

  • GeorgeJobson Oct 28, 2006

    I'm glad they moving "30 rock" to another time slot. the power behind the show is Tina Fey. Like I say before, I'll back that show and Tina Fey 110%. I don't care much for "Twenty Good Years." Judging from my reviews, it keeps going down hill every week. But I'm glad that NBC is giving "30 Rock" a fighting chance.

  • tigerbot_hesh Oct 28, 2006

    It's a fantastic set. In fact, it's the only decent list of shows outside of the animation block on Fox Sundays.

    Now what are NBC's plans for the rest of the junk they have? Are the million Law & Orders and the handful of "The Matrix contained more reality" shows and "gameshows with little game and no show" really necessary? Come on, networks, you're killing television with this stuff.

  • m0nkEy89 Oct 27, 2006

    30 Rock was ok last night. Less of Tina Fey and more of Tracy Morgan and even more of Alec Baldwin and the show would be better. The writing definitly isn't where it can be.

  • fiveironbell Oct 27, 2006

    woohoo Must-See TV is back. Scrubs and The Office rock...as for the others, I haven't seen them because of soccer practice, but now I can. Hooray.

  • krazy4crack Oct 27, 2006

    Cool Scrubs!

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