Neve Campbell joining The Philanthropist

By Lila Holland

Dec 04, 2008

Neve Campbell is returning to television. I know, I can barely contain myself, either. The former star of Party of Five is going the route of many of her contemporaries by heading to the small screen through The Philanthropist, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Due out on NBC sometime this midseason (it wasn't included in NBC's most recent schedule), The Philanthropist is a drama following "a renegade billionaire" who helps the needy through his network of privileged avenues. Campbell will play the wife of the lead's best friend and fellow billionaire (they travel in packs, don't they?), who will inevitably end up having some sort of affair.

The Canadian Campbell has been in the business since the early '90s, but really caught her first break in 1994's Party of Five. She had some success in feature films, starring in the Scream trilogy and having a steamy scene in Wild Things with Matt Dillon and Denise Richards.

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  • vicky24c Dec 07, 2008

    Looking forward to this I like Neve as an actress.

  • LAURAMARIE63 Dec 07, 2008

    Sounds incredibly boring.

  • gonzo00420 Dec 05, 2008

    Neve please do another Scream!!! =()

  • ali_tv_fan Dec 05, 2008

    Yawn. Not very appealing, though i like Neve

  • Nikkles Dec 05, 2008

    Sounds like a boring show.

  • peon4570 Dec 05, 2008

    Can't say that I missed her.

  • Angehelix Dec 05, 2008

    Oo Neve Campbell. I forgot about this show. I hope it is good!

  • Dakotagirl823 Dec 04, 2008

    Sounds like an interesting show. I hope NBC gives it a fair chance.

  • GotalSaiyajin Dec 04, 2008

    I'll give it a try...

  • hrgaffney Dec 04, 2008

    Could be interesting. Time will tell I suppose.

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