New Girl "Pepperwood" Review: Julius Pepperwood, Jess's Great Protector

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jan 23, 2013

New Girl S02E14: “Pepperwood”

This was a fun one! The importance of communication and the disastrous hilarity of assumption got a workout when Winston got a boner and Jess had a good day at work. Jess was elated to finally connect with one of her creative-writing students, but Nick was less-than-thrilled with the kooky content of the dude’s stories. Specifically, some stabbing-his-prey-to-death-while-wearing-a-gimp-suit imagery that kind of pushed Nick over the edge. Also jealousy. Certainly jealousy. Edgar’s story received far more attention and praise than Nick’s own masterpiece Z is for Zombie. It sounds like a sequel is in the works, though!

While the meaning behind the details in Edgar’s tale was far more innocent than Nick initially believed, Nick’s quest for the truth led to the creation of alter ego Julius Pepperwood and more zany adventures than you can shake a zombie leg at. Love me some zany adventures. “Pepperwood” was the second episode in a row to highlight Nick’s protectiveness, particularly concerning Jess. For all the laughs we tend to get at Nick’s inept expense, we owe it to him to acknowledge that when the stakes are high, he never fails to step up.

Of course, his efforts are still clumsy and mostly insane, but that’s why we love the guy. Julius Pepperwood is the anti-Nick and though he has his quirks, he lacks the neuroses that would otherwise stop a more rational human being from poking around a suspected serial-killer’s house. A former cop and Marine, Pepperwood is tough and fearless and capable of protecting his sexy doe-eyed friends from harm. Mostly. I mean, underneath the sunglasses and bluster, it was still Nick. Getting stuck in a window? That was allllll Nick.

In the loft, Winston’s penchant for popping a pup tent in the most inconvenient of places prompted a little chat about pogos—the thing about you that your friends talk about when you aren’t in the room. Jess is a know-it-all. Schmidt has barnacle toenails. Nick “isn’t going to make it.” We learned that Schmidt occasionally sneaks crushed-up vitamins into Nick’s food and everyone takes turns hiding money in Nick’s pants before they go into the dryer just to give Nick a little something to live for. They good peeps.

Nick seemed genuinely surprised by his pogo and used it to motivate himself to take better care of himself, while everybody else was embarrassed or angered by theirs. Cece was desperate to know what her pogo was, unnerved by the idea of her friends gossiping about her behind her back, and given the antics surrounding Edgar the Serial Killer Who Wasn’t, she’s well within reason. Whatever she THOUGHT they were talking about was most likely far worse than what they were ACTUALLY talking about. You know what they say about when you assume, right? It’s like that, but with trespassing charges and pepper spray.

Thanks for the PSA, New Girl. It was fun. <3


– One-liner of the night: Schmidt on why Cece’s shower backed up, “That’s what you get when four models with protein deficiencies share a shower. They shed like a four-dollar Christmas sweater!”

– Jess’s annoyance bowl is a great companion to Schmidt’s douchebag jar. If Winston and Nick had their own punishment banks, what would they be called?

– What do you think was in Edgar’s duffle? Gimp suit? It’s totally a gimp suit.

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  • fcarlo17 Jan 28, 2013

    Wait, so is Jess back to work now?

  • fzlmcq Jan 24, 2013

    Did I miss something? Why was Cece sleeping over at the apartment? The last I saw, Schmidt and her ex had teamed up to get her back but were unsuccessful.

  • AllieAllie Jan 25, 2013

    Her shower backed up and she had to use the one at their apartment.

  • fzlmcq Jan 25, 2013

    Thanks! That was bugging me.

  • LarissaPeixot Jan 24, 2013

    "It's more of a loft thing." Poor Cece, she just wants to be a part of the group.

  • anon_fe87ce779d7b09026d5a6951ff92d420 Jan 24, 2013

    This was such a hilarious episode! Cece's baby voice had me cracking up and Jess and Nick's antics were hilarious! Julias Pepperwood should make a comeback in future eps!

  • bicelis Jan 24, 2013

    Nick: "Writers don't read. Writers write!" lol

    Super funny episode. I think Nick's pogo was the funniest because while the others' were kind of made up mostly out of nothing (still funny though), Nick's pogo was sad and truthful to what we now about the character. "He isn't going to make it" is the perfect description for Nick.

  • MunirRahool Jan 24, 2013

    That was crazy crazy fun, laugh all the way, crazy, silly, innocent and adorable fun. I felt Nick over acted a little bit during the ladder scene but all forgiven in the name of situation. Maybe I will do much more over-acting thing at the same situation so laugh it out for good.

    Cece was superbly cute, but personally I want to see her more in her Indian getup too, not too much but just a story about her will do me the favor. No comments for the eyebrows though, that made me scream to be honest. Poor Winston he had to take Schmidt alone. Good fun.

  • violetpretty Jan 24, 2013

    This episode was fan-freaking-tastic. I could not stop laughing.

  • ChristyannaOh Jan 24, 2013

    Also the best bit of the entire episode was definitely Jess and Julius fighting over the book

  • ChristyannaOh Jan 24, 2013

    Loved the new jar! I finally got my mum to watch it with me ("those American comedy shows I don't like as much as British ones" as she calls them) and she laughed pretty hard and mostly muttered "stupid!" as she did it. Great episode!

  • PaulaGonzalez Jan 24, 2013

    This series is getting better with each episode. I remember before it premiered I feared it was going to be the Zooey Deschanel show, but it really is about this awesome group of friends and how they relate to each other. I loved the pogo thing, it's so true, how we always talk about little things that bother us about our friends! (BTW, I had a hard time getting used to what they meant by the word "pogo" because in my country it means something entirely different... though it could have some kind of connection with Winston's pogo...) I'm really loving the group dynamic, and the chemistry between Jess and Nick. They are so cute!! But I don't want the writers to rush this relationship. Great episode!!

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