News Briefs: American Chopper Is Ending Its Ride

By Tim Surette

Nov 17, 2012


... Discovery Channel is putting an end to its long-running docu-reality series American Chopper after 10 years of fixing up motorcycles. The show is considered one of the pioneers of the popular genre of "family business" reality series, so if you don't like those, blame this show. Cancellation is nothing new for American Chopper, which has changed networks and names multiple times throughout its run. Which I guess means that if you're the kind of person who believes in hope, there it is! [EW]


... Showtime has renewed Web Therapy for a third season. The show stars Friends' Lisa Kudrow as an online therapist and features tons of guest stars. Season 3 will feature Matt LeBlanc, Meg Ryan, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, among others. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Big Bang Theory isn't going anywhere. This week's episode scored the series' biggest audience ever with 17.4 million viewers, or just a few million off from the entire population of Florida. That's an insane number not only for a show that leads off a primetime block, but for this season, which is seeing ratings drops due to highly competitive time slots, cable, online viewing, pirating, football, lost remotes, Words with Friends, cats that require too much attention, and those damn kids of yours. [EW]

... Mark Wahlberg is producing a reality pilot at A & E focusing on a quartet of tough women in Boston. Inspired by the sisters of the lead characters in Wahlberg's feature The Fighter, the show will follow the ladies as they juggle jobs, family, and relationships. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW is developing Book Club, a drama that follows a multi-generational group of people connected through... a book club! It's based on the documentary by Hope Hartman. I love it when scripted series are based on documentaries because it means things can stop making sense and nothing has any meaning anymore. [THR]


... Arrow has booked True Blood's Janina Gavankar to play a cop who's on the case when a designer drug called Vertigo hits the streets. If Gavankar shares a scene with Katie Cassidy, I may just melt. [TV Line]

... Kim Delaney will not be returning for the next season of Army Wives. If you want to know how she'll be written off, follow the link, but there's a huge spoiler in there! [TV Line]

... Entourage alum Constance Zimmer will join Grey's Anatomy in a recurring role as... (will she be a doctor? Or will she be a patient? Find out by following the link!) [TV Guide] Okay fine, a doctor.

... Lost's Rebecca Mader is joining 30 Rock for an episode. She'll play a temptress, which mean she won't have to do much acting hubba hubba seriously she's like meow meow ruff ruff pant pant AHHH-OOOOOGA! Wolf whistle. Look for her in one of the series' last episodes. [TV Line]

... Mykelti Williamson (Justified) will appear in Fox's Touch in a recurring role. He'll play a cop who has "seen it all." Williamson is also known for having "seen it all" when it comes to shrimp in Forrest Gump. [THR]

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  • aliSuz Nov 18, 2012

    That Army Wives spoiler about HOW she'd be leaving was in the headig of a few articles. I was very annoyed even though I stopped watching the show years ago. Big spoiler to post all over? Maybe it's just me.
    Book Club sounds like it might be good. I guess it depends. Personally, I love the book/movie The Jane Austen Book Club. I doubt the CW could pull that off though...

  • Akyriel Nov 17, 2012

    I like Big Bang Theory. I do think it may be one of the last sitcoms of its type that isn't too snarky, mean, vulgar, etc. that so many show seem to be these days. One reason more for its success is that it may be safe because of those reasons, and therefore "family friendly", plus a general audience probably can relate to it more than say, "Community" - sorry to say to fans of that.

    My one ongoing problem with it is Cuoco dating Galecki seems unrealistic, more often than not, and I always wished she had a real friend more like her that she meets at work or her acting class/auditions that could be a recurring, if not regular character. I don't know or remember if Penny has a mom, but always thought it would be cool if they cast Katey Sagal. Yes, she was on that Rules for Dating My Daughter show, but that's one reason a reunion would be nice, plus they look like they could be related.

  • Taccado Nov 17, 2012

    Tim, I share your hopes (and fantasies) for Janina Gavankar and Katie Cassidy sharing the same scene.

    As for TBBT, I can't understand its success. It's a total mystery to me, and it makes me question my sense of humour. Am I missing some wiring needed to understand this type comedy? What is so funny about it? As KeyserSoze said below, the jokes are expected and cliche. They are typical multi-cam one-liners aimed to please the masses. They aren't even sharp geek jokes, because if they were, then only the geeks would understand them. But as it is now, they've had to dumb down the "geek factor" to a zero so that the millions of non-geek viewers would understand them. And that just makes the jokes bland.

  • bicelis Nov 19, 2012

    You kinda answered your own question :)

  • KeyserSoze Nov 17, 2012

    I really can't believe so many people watch BBT. How much of the same, expected, cliche geek-jokes can a species endure?

  • bicelis Nov 19, 2012

    It's not the seasons 1-2 we knew and loved. I still watch it but now it's mostly just relationships and humor around them. Or the characters get into weird situations based on what we now about them.

  • LucaMaltaglia Nov 17, 2012

    There are no geek jokes anymore since last season actually, now it's mainly a story of boys&girls; with some weirdness here and there.

  • MichaelZeiger Nov 17, 2012

    People obviously don't want to think these days... or have any sense of continuity, character, or smart writing in their shows.
    It is kind of ironically funny how a show about really smart people is pretty much catered to complete imbeciles. At least that part of the show can make me laugh.

  • CharmedOneP391 Nov 18, 2012

    my TV viewing is mostly consisted of hour long, serialized dramas that you need to think about if your one of those people (like me) who like to ponder what the writers of a certain show are going to do next. Or how a mystery series like Lost or Fringe will be tied up in the Series Finale. But I also watch TBBT because's funny. That's really all there is. I also watch Community, so please dont call me an idiiot for watching a show like TBBT, which if consistently funny. HIMYM, another show that I really to love and adore, has been lacking in that department as of late.

  • rye06p Nov 17, 2012

    Yay for Web Therapy!
    I personally no longer watch TBBT but I still think it's the best multi-cam-laugh-track show on the air so more power to it.

  • hockeyrick Nov 17, 2012

    Ac is 6 yrs overdue!!!!

  • saxyroro Nov 17, 2012

    Web Therapy is so underrated. The stuff Conan, Meryl Streep, and Minnie Driver did was so fun. Keep on keepin on Lisa Kudrow.

  • rishabhpb Nov 17, 2012

    Rebecca Mader on 30 Rock! I'm already excited.