News Briefs: Anna Faris Is CBS's Mom

By Tim Surette

Jan 05, 2013


... MILF, thy name is Anna Faris. The funny blonde from The House Bunny the Scary Movie franchise has scored one of the pilot season's jackpots, the lead role in Chuck Lorre's new CBS comedy Mom. She'll play a newly sober single mom living in California's wine country (isn't that like a sex addict moving into the Playboy Mansion or your mom's house? Heehee got you), and given Chuck Lorre's track record, you can put that on the board for six seasons. Congrats, Anna. Drinks are on you next time. [TV Line]


... A & E has ordered the reality series Rodeo Girls, a docu-drama following rodeo riders who also happen to have lady parts. Sit tight for eight episodes or just go to the Saddle Ranch Chop House on the Sunset Strip and ogle ladies while they ride the mechanical bull like the rest of the perverts. [A & E via press release]

... Team Eat, Pray, Love is reuniting for an HBO movie. Julia Roberts will star in the Ryan Murphy-directed The Normal Heart, an adaptation of the Tony-winning play of the same name. Roberts will play Dr. Emma Brookner, a paraplegic doctor who treats AIDS patients in 1980s New York. Sounds like fun! Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer will also star, and their characters will be in a relationship aww yeah. [HBO via press release]

... Christopher Guest's mockumentary comedy Family Tree will debut this spring on HBO. The series stars funny guy Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd, Girls) as a man sorting out his ancestry and running into some kooky relatives. This is soooooo Christopher Guest (A Mighty Wind, Best In Show). [HBO via press release]

... I was recently kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to watch Les Miserables, and one of the things I saw before I fell asleep was a preview for A & E's horror series Bates Motel. It's a prequel to Psycho from Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse, and you know what? It looks good! Anyway, it has a premiere date: Monday, March 18 at 10pm. [A & E via press release]

... And just so A & E doesn't stay TOO classy, it also greenlit the reality series The Governor's Wife, which is NOT a Walking Dead spin-off but you'll wish it was. Instead, it follows former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina. What's the big deal? He's 85 years old, she's 34. America! [A & E via press release]

... The always excitable Aaron Paul recently tweeted the premiere date of Breaking Bad's final season, but like a twitchy methhead, it looks like he jumped the gun. Paul said Season 5.5 (or Season 6, depending on how you see it) would debut on July 14, but AMC squirted him with a spraybottle full of water and said that wasn't true. So in summary, there is no news on Breaking Bad's return date. [Alan Sepinwall's Twitter]

... Discovery has greenlit a pair of new shows following rough dudes who do rough things. Extreme Smuggling looks at the world of drug smuggling and the lengths to which your dealer goes to make sure your next party doesn't suck. In Shipwreck Men, competitive salvage crews scour the Florida waters for sinking boats. Both series will debut on January 14, which means they've been in the works for some time now. Why is this the first we're hearing about this, Discovery? What else are you hiding!?!? [EW]

... If you're The Big Bang Theory, you're feeling pretty good about yourself right now. The megahit comedy secured another series high in viewers (19.25 million viewers) and adult demo rating (6.1). Person of Interest also hit a series high with 16.14 million viewers. That's what happens when everyone else airs repeats! [CBS via press release]

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  • YiWernYoong Jan 07, 2013

    oouuu mark ruffalo and matt bomer... interesting!

  • 134sc Jan 06, 2013

    Yes BBT and POI for that matter. Both epsiodes were very good, but BBT episode was probably the best of the season. Loved everything about it (I mean Sheldon being accused of sexual harrasment can only be awesome. My only question is how did they not come up with that sooner?

  • jelly7890 Jan 06, 2013

    I think Anna will be awesome I remember her from Friends. And in a Chuck Lorre comedy you know It's gonna be awesome. And 19 million viewers for Big Bang that is great because it is a great show and if you don't like it well don't watch it and then whinge on tv show pages about it.

  • CiaraGlynn Jan 06, 2013

    Anna Faris is awesome, but a Chuck Lorre comedy is hardly the way to go, You're better than that, woman!

  • stofeu Jan 05, 2013

    I confirm what Tim said,, Motel Bates trailer's amazing and don't be afraid it won't last 6 seasons for those afraid of the Lost disease :)

  • JT_Kirk Jan 05, 2013

    Anna Faris in a sitcom, and she's a mother? No thanks, sounds grating as all hell. Faris is funny but only in small doses and with a good director that can rein in her goofier material. And being a "wacky" mom is pretty much unbearable in large doses, so I can't imagine CBS getting their money's worth on this. For this Chuck Lorre project, I predict 2 and a Half Seasons (see what I did there?).

  • siddharth7 Jan 05, 2013

    Glad for Anna Faris....She's cool guys...

  • ludoTV Jan 05, 2013

    Aaron Paul is the best... Jumping the gun like that... Sounds like something Jesse would do....

  • Taccado Jan 05, 2013

    Shit. Duchovny, you got me again. Happens every time.

  • KevinG87 Jan 05, 2013

    more Anna Faris is always a good thing, even though the only Chuck Lorre show I like is Mike & Mollly..

    I have been a fan of Chris O'Dowd for a while, but please God let him be Irish in that show.. I hate his American accent, it sounds weird to me.

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