News Briefs: BBC America Renews Orphan Black for Season 2

By Tim Surette

May 03, 2013


...BBC America is replicating Orphan Black for a second season. The sci-fi series about clones has been renewed, with 10 new episodes due next year. Orphan Black is led by the performance of Tatiana Maslany, who plays multiple characters, all clones of one another. This is right at the top of my Shows to Watch list. [BBC America]


... Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer has signed a new deal with ABC Studios, which could trigger the first domino to fall like a house of cards in the Criminal Minds contract negotiations. The CBS procedural remains un-renewed as the cast has not penned new deals, but Messer's autograph bodes well for this standoff to come to an end soon. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cougar Town producer Blake McCormick will take over showrunning duties next season, the comedy's fifth overall and second on TBS. McCormick replaces Ric Swartzlander, who took over for creator Bill Lawrence after Season 3. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva has a return date: Season 5 will start June 23. Tell your mom! [Lifetime via press release]

... Adult Swim's NTSF:SD:SUV:: is heading across the pond, cheerio, mate! The comedy will film an episode in London, England, that will see the team from National Terrorist Strike Force:San Diego:Sport Utility Vehicle partnering up with National Terrorist Strike Force:United Kingdom:Double Decker Bus on a special mission and I'm already laughing typing this out. The Season 3 episode will be a super-sized 30-minute affair. [Adult Swim via press release]

... Dwayne Johnson (I'm buddies with him so I call him The Rock) will star in and produce a pilot for HBO. The untitled half-hour dramedy will center on retired and active athletes living in Miami. Johnson will play their butler. No, dummy, he'll play one of the athletes. Peter Berg (Battleship and a lot of other much better things) will direct. [THR]


... Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke (she plays Dany) wil lend her voice to an episode of Futurama! And if that wasn't cool enough, her character, who owns a flower stand, will romance Zoidberg. Listen for her in the series' second-to-last episode in late August. [EW]

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  • qpsmommo May 06, 2013

    Love this show..she is amazing

  • Uma May 06, 2013

    Orphan Black only has 10 episodes and I have to wait until next year for a new season? :(

    The show is so good I am surprised it's having trouble with ratings but I suspect that's because it airs on weekends and is not very family friendly.

  • Demonstrable May 06, 2013

    I know it's probably not going to happen but Tatiana Maslany deserves some kind of Emmy/Golden Globe recognition.

  • oz_island May 06, 2013

    Yes...if you're not watching Orphan Black you need to. Even a neighborhood potluck turned into an intense 45 minutes of TV.

  • DanielScholz May 05, 2013

    Orphan Black

  • RebeccaVeight May 05, 2013

    Woohooo for Orphan Black

  • chuuuuck May 04, 2013

    NTSF:SD:SUV is so cleverly written. I hope the show keeps pushing on for a long time to come. It's the best late night drunk channel surfing show I've ever found.

  • vicbjones May 04, 2013

    The item on Erica Messer could have been written a little clearer. It took me a minute to remember that ABC Studios is the company that produces Criminal Minds. When I read the first line, I initially thought you were saying the showrunner was moving to the ABC network and that contract negotiations were falling apart. I'm still not clear on what the signing of the showrunner has to do with the signing of the actors.

  • KiowaWoolley May 03, 2013

    Great news. Tatiana is amazing as every character. THe writing is great, the slow build of the suspense and mystery is fantastic, and it is just so different than most everything else on. I really do not understand how. So far it is barely even sci-fi, thats how good they are pulling things off. I love shows that dont need some sort of closure at the end of every episode.

    PS: Tatiana, please marry me. Any version would be fine, though I admit im particular to the main char, though theres something appealing about the soccer-mom to.

  • KiowaWoolley May 03, 2013

    PS: For fans of Utopia check out mini-series Utopia out of the UK. Worth your time.

    Also, seasons one and two of Mirror Black. Each epsidoe stands on its own (3 each season) but they are so well done. Its like a modern Twiligt Zone kind of thing, and have the feeling some of you more hardcore/enlightened viewers around here will enjoy them.

  • tv_gonzo May 04, 2013

    Utopia is brilliant, but it freaked me out so much. The level of distrubing isn't matched by anything i have ever seen before nor i ever want to see.

  • KiowaWoolley May 04, 2013

    There truly where moments I dont even think American tv would push on someofits more extreme channels. The whole eye removal thing was painful to imagine let alone watch. And then the killings at the school followed the the execution of the young girls parents as she was right there.... pretty brutal. But it was just so different I can't help but to respect it. Technically Spartacus is far more brutal, but this was more personnel some how.

  • Kerkesh May 03, 2013

    Orphan Black is brillian and I am very glad it will continue.

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