News Briefs: Bravo Renews Top Chef, MTV Renews Buckwild

By Tim Surette

Feb 07, 2013


... Bravo has renewed Top Chef for an eleventh season! [Bravo via press release]

... TLC has renewed Toddlers and Tiaras for a sixth season! [TLC via press release]

... MTV has renewed Buckwild for a second season! [MTV via press release]


... NBC's Smash returned for its second season last night, and you didn't care. The once critically adored and apparently now universally hate-watched musical drama pulled in 4.5 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the adult demo. That's no bueno for a show that NBC once had high hopes for. The two-hour premiere also had the advantage of starting in a viewer-friendly hour of 9pm rather than the 10pm slot it will air in next week and beyond. However, ABC was sneaky and scheduled a special edition of The Bachelor against it, and it might have stolen some of the audience. Did YOU watch Smash? [TV By the Numbers]


... ABC Family has ordered a pair of new shows, and one of them is from Jennifer Lopez! Lopez is executive-producing The Fosters, which nukes the traditional family model to smithereens and follows a pair of moms raising an ethnic mix of biological and foster children. Twisted, renamed from Socio, follows a 16-year-old boy who becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation when a classmate is found dead. Both are scheduled to scorch up your summer. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC has ordered another weird unscripted show, a summery little ditty called Whodunnit?. The series will involve contestants using forensic techniques to solve fake murders. [EW]


... 666 Park Avenue star Dave Annable has joined NBC's multi-camera comedy pilot Joe, Joe & Jane. It's about a Joe caught between his best friend and his wife. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the best friend (Annable) is Joe, and the wife is Jane, but don't quote me on that. Also scoring a new job at NBC is Ben and Kate's Echo Kellum, who joins the network's untitled multi-camera comedy pilot starring Sean Hayes as a father caught between raising his teenaged daughter who just moved in and his needy boss. Kellum will play a coworker of Hayes' character. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Miguel Ferrer (Robocop and only Robocop) has gone from kinda rich to super rich. He joined NCIS: LA last year as the recurring character NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger, but will now be upped to series regular. What's more, he'll also star in the potential NCIS: LA spin-off in a regular capacity playing the same character. Drinks on Miguel! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Also joining the NCIS: LA spin-off is John Corbett, best known as Aidan from Sex and the City. Corbett will play a retired agent who works as a consultant. [TV Guide]

... Donal Logue (Terriers, Sons of Anarchy) will jump on over to the second season of BBC America's Copper, where he won't have to shave the awesome face rug he recently grew. No word on how this affects his role on SoA, but I'm sure he'll be able to do both. [THR]

... CBS's pilot Beverly Hills Cop has grabbed a pair of actors. Kevin Pollak will play the Beverly Hills Police Department's in-house lawyer, and David Denman (The Office) will play one of the department's detectives. This will get a series order, says I. [TV Guide / Deadline Hollywood]

... Margo Martindale (Justified) has been cast as Nick mom's in a March episode of New Girl. She'll also appear on FX's The Americans. TV is better with this lady on it. [TV Line]


... Joel McHale went on the Howard Stern radio show and talked about the drama with Chevy Chase on Community, and he didn't look particularly comfortable while doing so.

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  • vicbjones Feb 07, 2013

    I don't get the "Robocop and only Robocop" joke at all. And I would argue that John Corbett is best known as Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure. Are there really that many people who watch NCIS: LA? For some reason, I thought it was benefiting from its timeslot right behind NCIS.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 07, 2013

    NOW Tim, seriously, the best we can hope for in that list is Top Chef? Just kinda... how many "top" can you have? 11 apparently.

    To be fair, I didn't care about Smash premiering in its first season either.

    The Fosters seems like it has its heart in the right place, but J.Lo is J.No.

    On Whodunnit, will they be laypeople or pros? I kinda like this idea, but I bet it's not going to be watchable.

    Tim Surette of TVdotCom was quoted today that actor Dave Annable will be playing the character of Joe on NBC pilot sitcom Joe Joe & Jane. Mr. Surette stated his confidence that Annable, star of this season's 666 Park Avenue for the alphabet network, will be playing the second titular character, a best friend who comes between married couple Joe and Jane. No word on when NBC plans to cancel this project.

    Miguel Ferrer was great on Crossing Jordan, and he sat with Carrie Fisher while she was reading a script deciding on whether or not to play Princess Leia - both Fisher and Ferrer wanted badly to play the Han Solo role. Annnnyway, he's been kind of a drag on NCIS LA, and the idea that there'd be a spinoff from that dumb show to an even dumber show makes me sad - NCIS LA is pretty much the dumbest thing that can still be called entertainment without ironic quotation marks.

    Donal Logue is always growing facial hair, damned ginger genius (seriously, he's an authentic high-IQ genius apparently). I can't imagine him in a period piece.

    Kevin Pollack as a lawyer? Awesome. Roy as a detective? Could work.

    Joel McHale seems so sad talking about this. I now feel bad for Chevy, just in that description it sounds like the man is a frustrated perfectionist and possible control freak.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 07, 2013

    TIM: Editorial correction, the headline for the Chevy Chase story says "Joe McHale".

  • IndianaMom Feb 07, 2013

    It will be great to see John Corbett again and not just hear him in all those Applebee's commercials. I still think of him as Chris from Northern Exposure.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 07, 2013

    Wholly agree.

  • wind_shadow Feb 07, 2013

    Tim, I have noticed a disturbing lack of David Duchovny sightings in your photos as of late.....

  • Writerpatrick Feb 07, 2013

    Smash did have the misfortune of coming back on the same night as NCIS:LA and Vegas so many didn't even know it was on. This is the sort of show that should be on Sunday nights.

    If Granger is full-time, then what does that mean for Heddy?

  • JT_Kirk Feb 07, 2013

    She'll be grimacing upwards more often?

  • AndreaMcCooey Feb 07, 2013

    ". Margo Martindale (Justified) has been cast as Nick mom's in a March episode of New Girl. She'll also appear on FX's The Americans. TV is better with this lady on it."
    One thousand times yes.

  • ben45tpy Feb 07, 2013

    Donal Logue on Copper sounds inspired.

  • Geek_Queen Feb 07, 2013

    I think I'll pass on Twisted. The show sounds depressing and disturbing. Whenever kids are featured on tv as killers/potential killers, it's always creepy and sad. (It's even creepier and sadder when that happens in real life.)

  • darkitp Feb 07, 2013

    as i see , everybody love a show called " Kill me now " and i think its a reality show about a suicide hotline , and everybody who works there is trying to kill the suicidal person as soon as possible before the end of every episode .. #pitchingittoNBC

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