News Briefs: Bro! TNT Renewed Franklin & Bash for Season 3!

By Tim Surette

Sep 29, 2012


... TNT has renewed legal dramedy Franklin & Bash for a third season, WAIT THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON FOR AT LEAST THREE SEASONS? [TNT via press release]

... Elementary schooled (OMG I'm genius!) the competition last night in with its series premiere, winning the 10pm hour in its debut for CBS. The Sherlock rebootinization drew 13.4 million viewers, good for a 3.1 rating in the adult demo. The other big premiere of the night was ABC's Last Resort which stayed afloat (OMG I'm so good) at 8pm with 9.31 million viewers for a 2.2 rating, but that was to be expected since it's up against The Big Bang Theory and The X Factor. Yep, it's a terrible time slot for the Shawn Ryan show. [TV By the Numbers]

... If you are one of those unfortunate Dish subscribers who isn't able to watch AMC programming because two giant companies are squabbling over pennies, I'm sorry. But at least AMC is sticking one to Dish by live-streaming The Walking Dead's Season 3 premiere for Dish subscribers free of charge. Let's be clear about something: This fight needs to end for one reason only. To get rid of those stupid AMC ads where they constantly remind you that their shows are not available on Dish. [AMC via press release]

... AMC has renewed Small Town Security, its new reality show about a family and its security company, for a second season. You can't watch it on Dish. AMC has also ordered Road Show, another reality series about small-town talent shows. It will not be available on Dish. Let's face it, Dish sucks. [AMC via press release]

... NBC is developing a comedy called The Swamp, about a marching band in New Orleans. What's next? A comedy called The 'Walk about Prohibition-era Atlantic City? Or The Bayou, about vampires in Louisiana? Or News Time!, about a cable news channel program obsessed with bringing you the truth? You see where I'm going with this? Or Chicks, about a bunch of girls in New York? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Greg Kinnear might return to television to star in an adaptation of the Australian series Rake. The show follows a brash criminal defense lawyer who takes seemingly impossible cases. The show does not have a home yet, but I hear NBC is buying any pitch that starts with "It's about..." [Deadline Hollywood]

... Craig Ferguson has sold a couple comedy projects to CBS, where he hosts The Late Late Show. Both comedies are multi-camera and don't sound very interesting at all. One is about a group of 30-something dudes who want to stay single for as long as possible, and the other is about a former party animal who lives next door to his ex-wife. The lowest of low-concept television. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Friday Night Lights and Parenthood executive producer Jason Katims is working on a TV version of About a Boy, the 2002 movie starring Hugh Grant as a man who develops a relationship with a young boy. Not that kind of relationship, perv! NBC bought the project, because NBC just signed up for its 30,000th credit card. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Joel McHale has signed on to host The Soup for at least two more years! [THR]

... Miley Cyrus might star in the Lifetime movie about Bonnie & Clyde as Bonnie. This is the same network that cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Next up, Zac Efron as Abraham Lincoln and Justin Bieber as Carmen Miranda. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Ryan Murphy took to Twitter today to announce that Nicole Richie and George Takei will guest-star on his new comedy The New Normal, which makes me think that Takei has not seen this show. No official word on who they'll play, but my inside sources say they will play a skinny annoying woman and a Japanese man. [Ryan Murphy's Twitter]

... True Blood werepanther Lindsay Pulsipher (she played Crystal) will guest-star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She'll recur as the younger sister of Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish). [TV Guide]

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  • james526 Oct 24, 2014

    This season was awful enough already it jumped the shark let's move on.

  • McNoodz Oct 01, 2012

    Go easy Tim. No sitcom has ever sounded good at the 1 sentence pitch stage.


  • Shreela Oct 01, 2012

    F&B; is silly, yet I love it.

    "Miley Cyrus might star in the Lifetime movie about Bonnie & Clyde as Bonnie. This is the same network that cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Next up, Zac Efron as Abraham Lincoln and Justin Bieber as Carmen Miranda."-->ROFL!

  • CrazyAsian1080 Sep 30, 2012

    Boston Legal had 5 season so Im not quite sure why everyone is surprised F&B; "works".

  • JT_Kirk Sep 29, 2012

    Yes, Franklin & Bash have proved that being fun and quirky can work for boy lawyers too! Brotastic!

    Tim, it's the back of the class for you on that awful Elementary pun. What's that, the submarine pun too? You'll wear the dunce cap for the rest of the day, young man!

    I'd like Greg Kinnear to return to tv to do something funny, plus then we'd have all the worthwhile Talk Soup/The Soup hosts on TV again (I can't speak to whether Hal Sparks' Disney channel show is going to remain on the air long enough to warrant that claim once Kinnear gets there).

    Craig Ferguson is a great late night host, and he was pretty good on The Drew Carey Show, but yeah those both sound stale... perfect for CBS midseason replacements! Or NBC anchor-shows.

  • Akyriel Sep 29, 2012

    Swamp could have been based on DC Comics' Swamp Thing. Maybe it's a re-imagining with him playing trombone.

    AMC is really dishing out, aren't they?

    Who is the new brunette girl on Ferguson's show? Is she supposed to be a censor or something? Also, didn't they originally have her as the voice of the Rhino over the fireplace?

    On another matter, until (or unless) TV.Com fixes it, hit the enter key once, not twice, and you should get single spacing.

  • JT_Kirk Sep 29, 2012

    "Beth the CBS censor" is played by comedian Dana DeLorenzo and yes she was also the voice of the rhino head character, Sandra Peterson (no relation). I think Beth is hilarious, I think more importantly that Craig's interactions with her are a scream. The night before last she didn't even say anything though, was just there for a commercial-return doing a take on the Gangnam style dance with Craig and Secretariat.

  • Akyriel Sep 30, 2012


    His "interactions" with her seem more flirtatious than his wife would probably like them to be.

    I also wondered whatever happened to the intern, Alex, he pulled from the audience one night and hired. She seems to have left, I guess. The second night she was on, her mother was there at the end and it almost seemed like she was there to be sure her daughter wasn't being messed with. I never forgot that.

  • JT_Kirk Sep 30, 2012

    With Beth, it's supposed to be the same antagonistic relationship he had with the censor before except that censor was always off-camera, now that he's getting actual feedback from the joke it's like he's gone all crazy with it and it does come off a bit randy for her.

    Oh yeah, Alex the intern, Craig kept suggesting that she and Bridger had a thing going on. She came back a few times months later too, nice continuity. Now apparently she's got a real gig, her IMDB listing is under Alexandra Sgambati.

  • lanzie_rulz Sep 29, 2012

    What, America has already remade every British show possible that you guys need to take Aussie ones too? I will never understand why Americans can't just air the foreign shows as is

    Has the UK ever redeveloped an American show to suit British culture better (of course excepting reality shows)?

  • docspector Sep 29, 2012

    Because furriners talk funny, that's why. British shows need subtitles to run in the USA.

  • shocker713 Sep 29, 2012

    The most obvious one is Law & Order UK...the British version even recycles scripts.

  • McNoodz Oct 01, 2012

    Other than gameshows & reality garbage not much on that list at all.

    In fact other than L & O UK don't think there's been anything on the scripted side this millenium. I think the crappy remake of That 70s Show was pretty

    much the final nail in the knock off coffin.

  • shocker713 Oct 02, 2012

    US shows based on UK shows tend to be more successful than the opposite...not more recently (except American Idol and The Office), but definitely in the 1970s (All in the Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons, Three's Company, etc.).

  • ben45tpy Sep 29, 2012

    Rake is an incredibly tedious show. While a remake will probably be an improvement I'll have no interest in watching it.

  • JamesButko Sep 29, 2012

    I can't wait for NBC's new show "The Family", about a crime boss and his family.

  • GCCHumanBeing Sep 29, 2012

    that's what Craig WANTS you to think!