News Briefs: CBS Has Not Forgotten Unforgettable

By Tim Surette

Jun 21, 2012


... Attractive-redhead-with an-amazing-memory Carrie Wells may continue solving cases with her amazing memory and attractiveness. CBS is currently in discussions to bring back its procedural Unforgettable after canceling the show this past spring. The idea would be to bring it back for a 13-episode summer run next year. Unforgettable was a bubble show, and after it was canceled by CBS it was shopped to TNT and Lifetime, both of which expressed interest. [Deadline Hollywood]


... FX has ordered a pilot for Bronx Warrants, a comedy from producer Denis Leary. The show would follow a group of warrant detectives who chase down perps with outstanding warrants and get paid on a case-by-case basis, making them essentially bounty hunters. Let's work on that title, Denis. [Deadline Hollywood]

... More Comic-Con news: Dexter has been added to Thursday's bill. Along with Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, new cast member Yvonne Strahovski will attend the Q&A.; But you know what I'm excited for? The first trailer for Season 2 of Homeland, which will premiere immediately after the Dexter panel. Shameless will also attend the 'Con, on Saturday in the Indigo Ballroom. [Showtime via press release]

... MTV is airing a special "Retro Mania" block weekdays from 9am to noon, featuring episodes of Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Daria. Festivities begin with Laguna Beach on June 25. MTV might want to update its dictionaries, though, as The Hills ended two years ago and doesn't quite fit the "retro" bill. [THR]

... A & E's surprisingly entertaining Duck Dynasty will be back for a second season of redneck fun. The network has ordered 26 new episodes of the reality show, which follows the Robertson family in Louisiana as they maintain their very successful duck-call business. [A & E via press release]

... Tim Roth (Lie to Me, Mr. Orange) has officially signed on to Knifeman, a new TV project from brilliant weirdo David Cronenberg. The drama, which was previously announced... oh... many months ago I think, follows a self-taught surgeon who is obsessed with figuring out how the human body works. The series does not yet have a home, but production house Media Rights Capital has already ordered a full season of it, so it should end up somewhere. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember that TNT pilot Scent of the Missing I've been telling you about intermittently over the last year or so? The one about a bunch of female K-9 unit officers and their dogs? Starring Tricia Helfer and Summer Glau? The one we all thought would never actually work as a TV show? Well it didn't work as a TV show. TNT has passed on it. Will someone please make some Summer Glau jokes? Because I certainly can't. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Bristol Palin's new Lifetime reality show Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp debuted last night and its numbers were nothing but suck. The first episode drew a paltry 726,000 viewers, well below what Lifetime expects from a series premiere. The show followed—I mean follows, I'm getting ahead of myself here haha but not TOO far ahead of myself—Sarah Palin's daughter and her toddler son Tripp as they do whatever it is she does nowadays. It's probably a bit early for Tripp to learn that his mother is a talentless coattail rider, but he's going to find out eventually. Yes Tripp, your mommy lost more than 50 percent of her Dance Moms lead-in! Coochie-coo! [Deadline Hollywood]

... TBS is sticking with its strategy of recycling the hits. The network, which once made a very wise investment in picking up The Big Bang Theory's reruns for $1.5 million per episode, has scooped up off-network syndication rights to 2 Broke Girls for $1.7 million per episode, setting a new record. Look for it in 2015 once the show has amassed enough episode to even be in syndication. And yes, the show will almost certainly be around until at least 2015. [TBS via press release]


... Emilie de Ravin is buying drinks next time you see her. The former Lost star ("my baaaaaby!") has been bumped up to regular-cast-member status on ABC's Once Upon a Time for the upcoming second season. In the story-book drama, the Aussie actress plays Belle from the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Congratulations, Emilie! I always thought you were the third cutest chick on Lost after Kate and Hurley. [TV Line]

... NBC is thinking about cutting Ann Curry from the Today show. What's your favorite kind of curry? And who is your favorite Ann(e)? Yellow Thai and Raggedy for me! [NY Times]

... 90210's Lauren London is joining BET's The Game for Season 6. She'll play a former child actor who's starring in a new show. [TV Line]

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  • MarkNash1 Jun 22, 2012

    I really wanted to like Unforgettable and watched every episode, the characters were good (if a little broad in one episode and oddly well rounded in others).. It just failed in sloppy writing and weak use of a rather interesting plot device.

    The rewinds could have been awesome but they all relied on showing you things the 2nd time you didn't see the first time, reversing that would have made them far harder to write but infinitely more entertaining and rewarding. It's like getting to the final chapter of a book and saying 'Oh! That thing you assumed was true, wasn't... but this was'. I find misdirects that confound your expectations much more preferable to omission... being clever by simple omission isn't really being clever at all (Unless your watching LOST.. but we all know that couldn't carry a crappy final season).

    Also that final episode was atrociously weak and hackneyed (if you weren't at least 30minutes ahead of the story-line you can't have watched a dramatic tv show before and was horribly frustrating to watch characters willfully ignore the obvious to force the drama) and typified the slapdash approach.

  • Bottron Jun 22, 2012

    Come on MTV, how about a retro for people who actually remember your tv shows like "The Maxx", "Beavis and Butthead" and I'm still trying to figure out the plot of "Aeon Flux"...

  • quasar9 Jun 22, 2012

    Tim Roth plays a good crazy person, I might actually watch that....

  • TFArchive Jun 22, 2012

    What's your favorite kind of curry?

    The only curry you need it Tim Curry :)

  • estella87 Jun 22, 2012

    So happy to hear the news about Emilie de Ravin - LOOOOVE her ever since I saw her in Lost and I really like her character in OUaT! :)

  • JT_Kirk Jun 22, 2012

    Knifeman sounds like a horror flick, not a TV drama.

    TNT's show really sounds like something you'd find on Lifetime, and the joke title of "Smelly Bitches" (they're scent dogs, folks!) writes itself.

    TBS is insane - CLINICALLY INSANE! - to pay that much for syndication rights to 2 Broke Girls. Big Bang Theory is a top earner for CBS, it brings in huge ratings, it has plenty of episodes to carry it, yet it barely makes sense to pay that much per episode despite the show airing constantly in network syndicated reruns these days. 2 Broke Girls is doing alright for a new series but is hardly a super hit, and has a paltry 29 episodes, and for all we know vagina jokes aren't going to be in season next year and it'll be canceled - they are taking a huge risk, and paying more per episode is a bad precedent for something less than fully tested and going great.

  • cinthy_11 Jun 22, 2012

    Poor summer, I think she is awesome and I want her on tv please!!!!, and unforgettable wasn't that bad :/

  • vitakato Jun 22, 2012

    I'm pretty stoked to hear that Unforgettable might be returning.

  • Adam_Dicy Jun 22, 2012

    Finally some good news, cause I was still reeling after the cancellation of Unforgettable. Which is my fave show this season. Instead of the summer of 2013, they should put in the midseason in case the show in it's timeslot "Vegas" does poorly and gets cancelled and Unforgettable can get it's Tuesday 10pm spot back.

  • Taccado Jun 22, 2012

    - Yvonne Strahovski on Dexter? I'm surprised, but pleasantly so. I'm crossing my fingers for a deranged female serial killer story line.

    - I'm pretty happy that Scent of the Missing was killed off. It should have been given the Most Likely to Fail Award immediately when someone came up with the idea. The show just sounded like a terrible idea. A waste of Summer Glau's talents, I say. How many episodes, let alone seasons, would we be willing to watch cute bitches running around wagging their tails and solving crime? (I'm talking about the dogs of course, not Glau and Helfer.) Now we'll just have to watch out for Glau's next project.

    - More Emilie de Ravin? Yes, please.

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