News Briefs: CBS Is Developing Beverly Hills Cop for TV

By Tim Surette

Sep 05, 2012


... Remember when Eddie Murphy used to be a star? Well he does, too. The comic who once had a stand-up routine about pooping in the tub is looking to reignite his career and will attempt to do so with help from CBS. The network has committed to a pilot for an update to Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop film franchise, with Murphy back to reprise his role as wise-cracking cop Axel Foley and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan writing and producing. However, the new series would follow Foley's son, also a cop, as he takes on crime in Beverly Hills in procedural fashion like most of CBS's other popular shows. Murphy would be featured in the pilot and possibly recur in the series. [Deadline Hollywood]


... TBS has renewed its new comedy Sullivan & Son for a second season after a first season that averaged 2.5 million viewers. Probably 2.5 million who fell asleep watching The Big Bang Theory reruns that precede it. [TBS via press release]

... Fox has renewed Hell's Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell for a second season because Fox only has 14 Gordon Ramsay shows on the air right now. For some reason I feel like the Fox offices have a desk for Ramsay and a desk for Seth MacFarlane and that's it. [EW>]

... Breaking Bad (midseason) finale'd on Sunday, and drew a much bigger audience than it did for last year's fourth-season finale. More than 2.8 million viewers tuned in to watch Sunday's episode, 47 percent up from the Season 4 finale. And AMC still can't wait to rush it out the door. AMC, I'm starting to not like you. [EW]

... Starz is adapting The White Queen, based on Phillippa Gregory's historical fiction novels detailing England's War of the Roses. The 10-episode first season is scheduled for 2013, and because it's on Starz, there is a great chance that we'll see the queen's boobs. [Starz via press release]

... Jimmy Fallon's production company Holiday Road has sold a few more projects. NBC has purchased Slammed, a workplace comedy set in the arena of professional wrestling, and an untitled project about an anthropology student who studies modern-day hipsters. Both of these sound like they would be hilarious... as five-minute Saturday Night Live sketches. Holiday Road has also sold a one-hour drama called Bad Seeds to Fox. The series is being described as "The O.C. meets Dexter" (???) and follows teens who gang up on bullies. Holiday Road's first project, Guys With Kids, debuts on NBC this fall. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Law & Order creator Dick Wolf is giving the legal genre another shot with Injustice, a drama based on a British series. The show, which is being set up at NBC, focuses on a criminal defense attorney with a complicated past and a worry that the people he represents might be... you know, criminals. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Community has booked super hottie Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) for a guest-starring role in the upcoming fourth season. Helfer will play a fan of the show-within-a-show Inspector Spacetime, and will likely appear in the episode that's set at an Inspector Spacetime convention. [TV Line]

... Jillian Michaels is returning to The Biggest Loser because her attempt to leave The Biggest Loser and become a big star totally failed. Who's the biggest loser now, Jillian? [EW]

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  • MightyMad Sep 11, 2012

    Eddie Murphy never stop being a star. Granted, most of his movies in the past 20 years were far from being watchable, but he is still a very recognizable star, and, even after all of his turkeys, everybody damn well knows that all would be forgiven if he only does ONE great movie. That all he would need for all the naysayers like Surette to call him again the funniest man of Earth.

    Ain't gonna happen with that "Bev Cop" TV show, though - that series' success will all depends on who is cast as his son. If the guy they pick isn't as funny as Axel was, forget about it - that thing will get cancel ASAP.

  • vicbjones Sep 07, 2012

    I stand corrected: If you don't work for the studio or are the actor or the actor's agent, what difference does it make what the box office is? The money's not going into your pocket either way. Eddie Murphy is still a recognizable personality, and there's no shame in working as a supporting player. It's still work. Never feel sorry for a working actor. Would you think Martin Landau, Jack Palance, or Christopher Plummer would win Oscars after some of the movies they appeared in late in their careers?

  • jaden84 Sep 06, 2012

    Lets hope that CBS doesn't screw up Beverly Hills Cop. I wonder who they get to play Axel Foley's son?

  • JT_Kirk Sep 06, 2012

    What? Paramount, who owns Beverly Hills Cop, is going to make it into a TV show? Gasp and surprise. The concept sounds lazy, like a bad '80s TV series, but since this is a movie series from the '80s I guess it'll pass muster. I suspect it won't make it to air though as Eddie Murphy has been viewed as flaky on the set in the past, and won't want to put in that kind of time commitment, and the show simply will not work without Eddie Murphy as it is entirely his attitude and interactions with the various types of people inhabiting Beverly Hills which drove the series, without Murphy you'd need to find a needle in a haystack miracle talent to pick up that feeling again.

    Ok, I'm surprised as Hell that Hotel Hell is getting a renew, the first season was repetitive and I can't imagine how Ramsay is going to get any cooperation out of anybody next season after he trashed every single owner in the first season so badly. More importantly though, where is Ramsay getting the time to do all of these shows?

    Oh damnit, Jimmy Fallon finally has his name on something that could be interesting. Workaday life behind pro wrestling could have a ton of sitcom potential if it was written like an Aaron Sorkin or David E. Kelley-type of workplace environment (with or without the political implications that come with both, imagine a conservative and liberal wrestler having an argument in the lockerroom about politics). Still, if Jimmy Fallon is involved, it'll suck. Oh, and speaking of, there's 'teens who gang up on bullies', so teens who bully bullies and thus become bullies themselves. Sounds like a brainless wish-fulfillment show.

  • bluemorphotat Sep 06, 2012

    "and because it's on Starz, there is a great chance that we'll see the queen's boobs. " LOL! Am not sure I want to see the Queen's boobs :-S

  • safibwana Sep 06, 2012

    Not THE Queen. The 15th century queen. Supposedly the most beautiful woman in all of Britain at the time. If you can believe the gossip scrolls.

  • MrBenA Sep 05, 2012

    I've read a few blogs about this new show, could be interesting. Obviously Eddie Murphy is too old to reprise the same role he had in the movie. But it looks like he's slotted as a reoccurring guest star. I work nights at Dish and will miss the premier on CBS. Thankfully, with my Hopper DVR, it will be recorded for me automatically. All the shows in prime time on the four major networks are recorded without having to set a reminder to do so. I had heard Donald Glover would be cast as Axel Foley's son in the new TV show. If that's true, I would tune in every week. I am just afraid the show will have a hard time finding an audience with younger audiences since the last Beverly Hills Cop movie came out 18 years ago.

  • kanniballl Sep 06, 2012

    I think the post last week suggested that he was going to be a Chief or Lt or something, and that a younger "Axel" would be the wise cracking, rule breaking cop. So, either he'd just have a minimal role, or just a recurring role like you suggest.

  • drudager Sep 05, 2012

    "CBS Is Developing Beverly Hills Cop for TV" How original. Not.

  • Mate Sep 06, 2012

    I think the real news is that Shawn Ryan is doing a new Cop show. The Shield was probably the best cop show until Southland came around. The Chicago Code was another one of his that was very highly rated but didn't get the viewers that Fox wanted and Fox canceled it right when it was getting good. So Shawn Ryan does dark cop drama well. Original premise or not. Shawn Ryan makes good tv.

  • kanniballl Sep 05, 2012

    Didn't you guys already report on the Beverly Hills Cop show last week, with the whole Joss Whedon / Shield announcement?

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Sep 05, 2012

    Indeed, we did report that Murphy wanted to make a Beverly Hills Cop TV show. The "new" news this week is that CBS will be the network to put the show into development.

  • kanniballl Sep 06, 2012

    Ah, cool! Tried launching the older news item and got a Google warning so I couldn't see it.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

  • Raccoon1459 Sep 05, 2012

    *Hums Axel F.*

  • ted2332 Sep 05, 2012

    Beverly Hills Cop as a TV show sounds like it might work.

    Tricia Helfer guest stars on every show eventually.

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