News Briefs: CBS Is Pulling Mike & Molly's Season Finale Due to a Tornado Storyline

By Tim Surette

May 21, 2013

... In light of the tornadoes that've ripped across the Midwest, killing people and causing millions of dollars in damage, CBS has made a last-minute decision to pull tonight's season finale of Mike & Molly because it featured a storyline involving tornadoes. A repeat will air in its place, and the finale will be rescheduled to "an appropriate date." [EW]


... The remaining episodes of ABC's canceled 666 Park Avenue are coming back to haunt you! The last four hours of the series, starring Terry O'Quinn as the devilish owner of a scary New York apartment building, will air on Saturdays beginning June 22, putting the finale on schedule for a July 13 airdate. Saturday the 13th! Spooky! [TV Line]

... NBC has ordered a scripted series about an unscripted series. And it's set in the cold to premiere in the heat. In Siberia, 16 reality show contestants head to a remote meteor site in Russia when strange things starts to happen. The series, which was already in production, will debut on July 1 at 10pm. If it does well, maybe NBC will make a Celebrity Siberia version. [NBC via press release]

... IFC's high-larious Comedy Bang Bang will return for its 20-episode second season on Friday, July 12. And check out this impressive list of guest-stars: Jessica Alba, Aziz Ansari, David Cross, Zach Galifianakis, Jim Gaffigan, Pee-Wee Herman, Bill Hader, Gillian Jacobs, and Rashida Jones. Shall I go on? Okay, Andy Richter, Andy Samberg, Zoe Saldana, Cobie Smulders, Sarah Silverman, Casey Wilson, Adam DeVine, Nat Faxon, Jack McBrayer, and Jim Rash. And if that wasn't enough, Adam Scott, Lance Reddick, and Jim Rash. More? FINE! Bob Odenkirk, Kristen Schaal, and Paul F. Tompkins! And just to put it way over the top... WEIRD AL YANKOVIC. That's the mic-dropper. I'm out! [IFC via press release]

... Season 3 of Showtime's Web Therapy will debut July 23 at 11pm, Showtime would like you to know. This show also has guest-stars, but they're just Steve Carell, Billy Crystal, Chelsea Handler, and Megan Mullally. Not a single Lance Reddick in sight. [Showtime via press release]

... The next series in the Star Wars franchise will be Star Wars Rebels, it will be animated, it will air on The Disney Channel, and it will take place between Episodes III and IV. Is it just me or is the Star Wars franchise Benjamin Buttoning and aiming at a younger and younger demographic as it ages? In a few years, it will just be baby Yoda and some Teletubbies. [NY Times]


... Mia Maestro (the Twilight films, Alias) has landed the lead role opposite Corey Stoll in FX's pilot The Strain. The series, an adaptation of Guillermo Del Toro's vampire novels, follows an official for the Center for Disease Control as he investigates a virus that causes its host to exhibit symptoms of vampirism. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The X Factor has ended our long national nightmare of not knowing next season's judges will be! Joining Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato at the table this fall will be the previously rumored Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child and singer Paulina Rubio. Now we can continue curing cancer and solving global hunger. Phew. [Fox via press release]

... Life of Pi director Ang Lee won't be directing the FX pilot Tyrant as initially planned. Citing exhaustion and a busy schedule, Lee has pulled out of helming the series from Homeland producer Howard Gordon. Tyrant, which will still shoot, is a drama about an American family living in the Middle East. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • GoKuVeGeTaGoHaN May 21, 2013

    They showed Mike & Molly's season finale last night on Canada.

  • JJK_ May 21, 2013

    Wow, this is weird...this same thing has happened before for at least a few other mass tragedies. There have been other shows before that had to pull the latest episodes because it had close ties/links into a new mass tragedy.

  • NeeUyank May 21, 2013

    One thing I could not understand: so this Siberia thing that is already in production is a reality show or a tv series? which is the former and which is the latter.. the "scripted"-"unscripted" thing becomes kinda confusing sometimes for us, non-natives:)

  • JoshuaFraim May 21, 2013

    fox did a whole night of hurricane stories last year and i'm sure a hurricane happened around that time. but of course we are talking about fox here.

  • JoshuaFraim May 21, 2013

    ::In light of the tornadoes that've ripped across the Midwest, killing people and causing millions of dollars in damage,::

    come on really? this has got to be one of the most ridiculous reasons for delaying a SEASON FINALE i have ever heard of. i sympathize for the victims, don't get me wrong but tornados happen all the time. they might of well had delayed the entire season cause it involved trying to get pregnant and people every day can't get pregnant and have miscarriages and they should be sympathetic towards that. no difference.

  • Nickylucas May 21, 2013

    That's the official reason to make CBS look good. The most likely reason is that ratings will be down due to a lot of people not having access to TVs.

  • wind_shadow May 21, 2013

    First and foremost, thoughts and prayers to the victims of this disaster.

    Second, this may be the most buzz Mike and Molly has gotten all season. I am landing in the middle here....I don't really see a problem with delaying the season finale, but I also don't think doing so earns much in the way of praise/sympathy points from the network, nor do I think that delaying the episode eases the plight of the people affected by the tornado. The main argument I am gleaning from these comments is the line between respectful observance and over-sensitivity, and either way, a decision has already been made in this case.

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    I also don't think the network really deserves praise, nor think they are being good human beings.

    They're probably just being worried about being perceived as heartless AND don't want to deal with the inevitable flack that would follow. Because if they aired it, you know you are going to have tons of angry callers / hate mail / boycotts / etc.

    So they make themselves look sympathetic and avoid a headache.

    Though ultimately, I think it's probably for the best. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you realize that thing you're watching is something a person 100 miles away is going through right now.

  • JoshuaFraim May 21, 2013

    if they didn't want to air something that may make them seem heartless then they should of canceled the entire season cause it involved trying to get pregnant and that may seem heartless to the hundreds of people that try and can't get pregnant. of course I'm being sarcastic.

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    There's a difference between a national/regional tragedy, and something that affects people.

    Lots of people can't conceive. Lots of people are raped. Lots of people lose a loved one in a car accident. These are common plot-lines. Obviously it's going to upset someone.

    You're ALWAYS going to have a storyline that hits home for a group of people. Heck, that scene in the Police Academy movies where the guy gets his heady stuck up a horse's butt... I'm sure someone out there lost a family member to that because the suffocated in there.

    But with a disaster like this... it's different. I'm not saying they *must* re-schedule or else be evil jerks but I can understand the demand. But, a lot of people see tragedy as something more and some things are "too soon".

    Case in point: 9/11. Yes we have movies now. If you lost a loved one (or thought you lost a loved one) would you want a movie about it the following morning on primetime TV?

  • KateSullivan May 21, 2013

    My random curiousity about Mike & Molly (I don't watch it but it is my mother's favorite show), I just randomly assumed it was set in New York or New Jersey. My point being, I know every once in a great while a tornado occurs here in the northeast, but not often enough to have even actually been a storyline...

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    The families affected for this tragedy have my sympathy.

    I'm fine with postponing a show. It's a big flippin' deal of a natural disaster. Sure, it's no tsunami but as far as recent natural disasters go in the continental USA it's a big deal.

    So I'm OK with postponing it.

    As for the suggestions below of "why not just a disclaimer" it's kind of a mixed bag. A disclaimer seems (to some) that they considered it might be inappropriate but decided it doesn't matter.

    By postponing it they're earning some good will. It's not just the estimated 100 dead, but LOTS and LOTS of families who's homes are ruined / towns wrecked / etc. Between their friends and families worrying about them and just the average person... perhaps best not to dwell on it.

    I mean... after 9/11 the entire country was pretty depressed and afraid. I'm pretty sure a network would cancel an episode about bombing the WTC or something a couple of days after.

  • AlisonMcCormi May 21, 2013

    stunned by the lack of common decency exhibited in some of these posts - with the likely death toll from the tornadoes in one town alone to exceed 100 and most of them children from a couple of schools, regardless of why they have done it, the decision to reschedule a TV show episode of any description containing tornadoes (let alone a comedy show) is the right thing to do - I live on the other side of the world from OK and know no-one who lives there and even I can see that......glad the guys who made the decision have more sensitivity than their viewers whether that decision based on the right thing to do or money/ratings.....

  • Crystyn May 21, 2013

    Are tv guys psychic i mean castle got 1 episode switched because of the boston bombing and now this...

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    You think that's bad. Read up on "The Lone Gunmen"

    It was a TV series that spun off from the X-Files. Lovable (older) conspiracy geeks investigating stuff.

    The pilot aired 6 months before 9/11 and featured someone trying to crash an airliner into the WTC. And involved the government trying to spark a war or something.

    So, all in all, that was creepy.

  • Writerpatrick May 21, 2013

    There were a few things that happened as a reaction to 911. Some movies such as The Towering Inferno were pulled out of rotation. And Microsoft pulled it's Flight Simulator program because it had the WTC in it. Flying between the towers became about the second most popular thing to do after flying under the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    Different conversation... his was "the writers must be psychic for the various shows to have episodes air so similar to real-life events as-they-happen" Which I admit, is sometimes creepy.

    Your's is... reacting to these big events means pulling them from various media.

    So: life imitating art, versus people reacting to life.

  • wind_shadow May 21, 2013

    Crystyn's comment also mentioned an episode being switched out because of the parallels between its content and real-life events. So both comments relate to the same conversation.

  • kanniballl May 21, 2013

    This comment has been removed.

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