News Briefs: CBS Orders Stephen King's Under the Dome for Summer 2013

By Tim Surette

Nov 30, 2012


... CBS is ordering another police cop procedural with—WAIT A SECOND! This isn't a police cop procedural! [Checks CBS's temperature... everything's okay?] CBS has ordered to series Under the Dome, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. The serialized science-fiction drama [checks press release, yep it's CBS] is planned for a 13-episode summer run and like all of King's stories, will take place in a small New England town. Except this town has somehow been surrounded by a giant dome of unknown origin, trapping everyone inside in a post-apocalyptic fishbowl. The project was originally developed at Showtime, but has jumped to parent CBS. Seeing how a serialized show fares on CBS will be very, very, very interesting. I'm watching, for sure. [CBS via press release]

... Fox is adapting the telenovela Rubí for American audiences. The soapy drama follows a beautiful poor chick who is willing to do anything to get rich, including abandoning her true love. And how is this different from every other woman? BOOM! Up top, guys! *high-five* Fox is also developing a comedy called Slaty Fork, about a young female cop and her ex-police chief dad. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cinemax is developing Kingpin, about a drug dealer who is pushed into becoming a big-time drug lord by a dirty CIA agent. [Deadline Hollywood]


The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air Sunday, September 23, 2013 on CBS. The nominations will be announced very early in the morning on Thursday, July 18, 2013. [CBS via press release]


... Last Man Standing is hosting the Home Improvement reunion no one asked for. Sorry ladies, it's not Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Richard Karn, who played Tim Taylor sidekick Al on the popular ABC sitcom, will join Tim Allen again as Bill, a man who works with Allen's Mike. [TV Line]

... Richard Dean Anderson, the man behind the mullet of MacGyver, will play himself in an upcoming episode of ABC's Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23. [THR]

... The League will welcome back Seth Rogen and Jeff Goldblum to reprise their roles as Dirty Randy and Rupert Ruxin, respectively. Dirty Randy will be preparing for the end of the world in the December 13 episode, and Mr. Ruxin will return in the December 20 episode when he "inserts himself into a marital situation between his son and daughter-in-law" which sounds really gross and totally like something Goldblum would do. [THR]

... Regina King (Southland) will drop by The Big Bang Theory. She'll play the director of employee relations at Sheldon's workplace. Look for her in January. [THR]

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  • BarryDalton Dec 03, 2012

    "Under the Dome"...another fantasy/sci show for Mr. Tim "I told you Star Trek was a crappy show that should be in the dead pool" Surette to nit pick to death.

  • GirishStewart Dec 02, 2012

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

  • KayWatkins Dec 02, 2012

    I must say though when I saw "CBS Order's Stephen King's..." I was thinking The Dark Tower series! STILL don't know what's going to happen with it:-(

  • KayWatkins Dec 02, 2012

    Under the Dome has been on my Amazon wish list forever! I can't believe I never got around to ordering it and now it's to become a series? I'd better get it together!

  • VConn Dec 02, 2012

    Looking forward to UNDER THE DOME.

  • Mysterv Dec 02, 2012

    On another site they state that Under the Dome will be a mini-series that could transition into a regular series later. The good news is that even if the show is cancelled we do have the novel that resolves any cliffhangers.
    The novel has enough great characters to expand into a regular series so I wish it well.

  • danharr Dec 01, 2012

    Nice Stephen King mini-series are a tradition for me glad to see the trend coming back.

  • shootingstar609 Dec 01, 2012

    I am hoping that CBS gives Under the Dome a decent night and a decent time sot because it looks like a really good show. Also, Haven=awesome. Did anyone else know that the writers/producers/etc. of Haven originally pitched the idea to ABC who turned it down. So they went to SyFy instead.

  • Watashii Nov 30, 2012

    Yay more sci fi shows on primetime channels. I welcome summer shows!

  • TrueTvWatcher Nov 30, 2012

    Richard Dean Anderson, the man behind the mullet of MacGyver, will play himself in an upcoming episode of ABC's Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23. = AWESOME!

    Under the Dome and Kingpin seem interesting!

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