News Briefs: Comedy Central Renews Brickleberry for Season 2

By Tim Surette

Nov 10, 2012


... Comedy Central has ordered a second season of Brickleberry, the animated series from Daniel Tosh about a bunch of park rangers and some bears that's full of references to genitals and sex. I can't say it's any good, but I understand that Comedy Central wants to keep its prized possession (Tosh) happy, because business is all about sticking your lips so far up the ass of the right people you can taste the back of their throats. [Comedy Central via press release]


... Disney and Disney XD have ordered additional episodes for several of their series, including my favorite show of all time Dog With a Blog. Jessie has been extended by six episodes, Dog With a Blog gets one more episode, Crash & Bernstein is five episodes fatter, and Lab Rats will add four episodes. I have no idea what I just wrote, but I can't wait to see what happens on Dog With a Blog. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC has scheduled its midseason comedy 1600 Penn, and it will use the old Revolution strategy of placing the newbie immediately behind The Voice. The sitcom about the first family will debut December 17 at 9:30pm right after the singing show's Season 3 finale. It will then air in its regular Thursday-night at 9:30pm slot on January 10. [NBC via press release]


... Rosemarie DeWitt and Patton Oswalt will join the second season of HBO's The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin's mouthpiece for crapping all over the news media. DeWitt will play a lawyer defending Atlantis in a lawsuit and Oswalt will play a VP of Human Resources at ACN. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect) will guest-star on Fox's Ben and Kate as a potential love interest for... Tommy! [E! Online]

... Buffy the Vampire's D.B. Woodside will guest-star on Emily Owens, M.D.. He'll play (flips the doctor/patient coin) a doctor! [THR]

... Mary Lynn Rajskub (Mr. Show, 24) will drop by The Mentalist for a guest role. Look for her as a rehab patient in a January episode. [TV Line]


... Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to do an interview with Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20, so of course Lindsay Lohan abruptly canceled her interview with Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • telvisnostic Nov 12, 2012

    Brickleberry stinks. Sometimes I wonder...

  • smorbie Nov 11, 2012

    OT, Tim are ya'll no longer reviewing Last Resort? Don't want to be the last rats off the ship?

  • LeahLefler Nov 11, 2012

    wow, D.B. Woodside! Principle Wood is back!

  • KevinG87 Nov 11, 2012

    I don't like Brickleberry because I don't like Tosh, although I watch Tosh.0, but I'd like it a lot better if they'd focus on clips more than his jokes/skits

    1600 Penn just looks like crap. no thanks to it and The Voice

    I like Rosemarie DeWitt, Patton Oswalt, and The Newsroom so that's cool. little bit of an United States of Tara reunion there

  • JT_Kirk Nov 11, 2012

    1600 Penn, if only I could have put that turd on my Dead Pool this year. By the time they get to it, The Voice will be starting every single night for NBC and maybe 2 or 3 nights for Syfy and CNBC as well.

  • TrueTvWatcher Nov 11, 2012

    I like Brickleberry and find the cliche's humorous

  • EsmeBuffay Nov 10, 2012

    It seems any offensive animated "comedy" with shit animation will be renewed these days. I guess it appeals to a large group of people I like to call idiots.

  • Dudekotka Nov 10, 2012

    Brickleberry is by far the worst show this season.

    And Patton Oswalt is the best.

  • DrSpongejr Nov 11, 2012

    clearly, you haven't seen the mindy project.

  • Dudekotka Nov 12, 2012

    I have, and it's terrible, but oh god is Brickleberry worse.

  • ohnobees Nov 10, 2012

    Yay Patton!

  • terminaltrip421 Nov 10, 2012

    I support the 'The Newsroom' castings.

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