News Briefs: Community Returns to Bigger Ratings

By Tim Surette

Feb 09, 2013


... The good news: Community returned to higher ratings than it did in Season 3, which is pretty amazing considering how long it's been off the air. 3.88 million viewers tuned in, and the show registered a 1.9 rating in the adult demo. That's up from the 1.7 posted by the Season 3 premiere, though it's down from the 3.93 million who tuned in for the Season 3 premiere, but the difference was just a bunch of old people so who cares. Kidding, old people! Let's also not forget that Community was up against The Big Bang Theory AND American Idol. [TV By the Numbers]


... IFC has renewed Comedy Bang! Bang! for a second season, and this makes me the happiest I've been since I saw that kid who bullied me back in grade school get run over by a steamroller. I love Comedy Bang! Bang!. It's the closest thing to Mr. Show on television ever. Season 2's episode count has been doubled to 20, meaning I'm gonna need a new DVR. [IFC via press release]

... ITV has renewed the British television show Mr. Selfridge for a second season. The drama stars Jeremy Piven (Entourage) as the founder of Selfridges department store. The show airs on PBS in the U.S. Now can we go back to talking about how awesome Comedy Bang! Bang! is? [Digital Spy]


... The Rapture and Damon Lindelof are coming to HBO! The premium-cable network has ordered a pilot of The Leftovers, a drama set three years after The Rapture has taken all the goody-goodies up to Heaven. Lindelof (Lost) is developing the show based on the Tom Perrotta novel of the same name. [Vulture]

... Showtime has ordered a pilot for The Affair, a drama documenting the fallout that occurs from an affair between a married man and married woman. The story will be told from both perspectives. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks (MIKE!) will star in NBC's pilot Bloodline. The show centers on a girl who is caught between two feuding families. Banks will play a really bad dude named Leo Killpriest (LOL@ThatName). [EW]

... Discovery's first scripted series Klondike has its leading man. Chris Cooper (American Beauty) will play a man surviving the harsh conditions in northern Canada on a quest for riches. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ER's Scott Grimes will join CBS's potential NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off. He'll play a sharp-eyed agent starting in the backdoor pilot. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Christina Ricci has recovered from Pan Am's crash and will star in the NBC pilot Girlfriend in a Coma. She'll play a woman who wakes up from a coma to find that she has a 17-year-old daughter. Geez, what happened during that coma anyway? Parker Posey has also nabbed an NBC pilot role, landing on the untitled DJ Nash comedy about a son who idolizes his blind father and watches his mother (Posey) regress back to adolescence. Two fine actresses that NBC will chew up and spit out. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • ohnobees Feb 12, 2013

    Thank goodness, Community is finally back on the air and CBB gets a second season. This makes me feel a little better about the future of comedy on television. Still not sure what to think about Girlfriend in a Coma, or if it's based on the Douglas Coupland novel.

  • CosmicSystem Feb 11, 2013


  • JT_Kirk Feb 09, 2013

    Christina Ricci is 32, did she have a kid at 15 while in a coma? Still, she seems like the anti-mom so it's not a bad casting choice in that way. I don't know how she'll do as a sitcom actor though, I didn't like her work on Pan Am, she's a more nuanced actor that needs a different kind of stage.

  • hannah_ Feb 09, 2013

    HAPPY OCTOBER 19th everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Writerpatrick Feb 09, 2013

    Comedy Bang! Bang! should add a flying car so they could call it Comedy Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang!

  • rye06p Feb 09, 2013


  • crystakke Feb 09, 2013

    LOL, now NCIS:LA is gonna have a spin-off? The show itself is a spin-off of NCIS which is a spin-off of JAG.
    Loved JAG, one of my all time favorites, liked the first 7 seasons of NCIS, now I just hate watch the entire season over a weekend when its over, never watched NCIS,, pretty sure I'm not gonna watch its spin-off.
    I watch plenty of CBS comedies and procedurals, but they need to come up with something original once in a while.

  • abed_nadir Feb 09, 2013

    More good news for Community is that Do No Harm was cancelled and Up all night has reportedly lost its lead actor...Season 5 looking likely

  • sleepy-sonic Feb 09, 2013

    Good news for Community :)

  • mrjimmyjames Feb 09, 2013

    Yay! More Reggie Watts and Scott! Now if only IFC would announce a pick for the hilarious fake game show "Bunk".

    Good for Scott Grimes. He managed to take a horribly abrasive character on ER and IMHO gradually turn him into the best character on the show by the end. He was fantastic. Great to see him back on tv again (aside from voice acting).

    Glad to see Jonathan Banks back, but did he really have to go to NBC? I suspect he'll regret going there.

    Christina Ricci just needs to go back to movies. She's continuing to sink further into bad pilots (it's NBC after all). So you made a mistake with Pan Am. Get out while you still can!

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