News Briefs: Community's Dan Harmon Is Setting Up a Multi-Camera Comedy at Fox

By Tim Surette

Jul 26, 2012


... Community creator Dan Harmon, the man considered to be the heart and soul of the beloved comedy, was relived of his duties as captain of the S.S. Community in May. But he's bounced back, he's on his feet, and he's pitching to studios, and one pitch is close to being bought. Harmon is talking to Fox about a new comedy, the details of which are under wraps. Well, we do have one detail: It's probably going to be multi-camera (Community is the epitome of the single-camera format). How the heck is he going to pull off a paintball war on a multi-camera comedy? [TV Guide]


... In line with its efforts to rebrand itself, The CW has a new slogan! Gone is the old tagline of "TV To Talk/Text/Tweet/Bing/MySpace/Email/Smoke Signal/Wave Your Arms About," and in is the rather impatient sounding... "TV Now." NOW TV, NOW! What do you think of this? TELL ME NOW! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Comedy Central has wisely inked its fake-news stars Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to longer deals. Stewart and The Daily Show will run through the middle of 2015 and Colbert's The Colbert Report will continue through 2014. Just in time for Vice President Herman Cain to take over the country after President Mitt Romney retires to start a peanut butter farm. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Apparently MTV didn't see The River. The network is developing a found-footage horror drama called The Experiment from Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum (who also produced The River). Details on the project haven't been released, but I'm guessing the show will take place in the camera department of a haunted Best Buy. [THR]

... We all knew that Fox was thinking about getting into short-form comedy (think 12-minute episodes like several Adult Swim shows), and now it has a name. Fox will air The Short-Com Comedy Hour in the summer of 2013, featuring four short series back-to-back-to-back-to-back. It's like building a farm team of untapped comedic talent for Fox. Cool business move, Fox. [Fox via press release]

... Lifetime has ordered the pilot Cinnamon Girl from Renee Zellweger. The drama is like HBO's Girls in that it's about four young women being young women, except it's set in the late 1960s and isn't as whiny. Oh I'm kidding, relax. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has ordered a pilot based on the web series Tiny Apartment. It's about a couple that lives in a miniscule abode. Also, some guy who looks just like me thinks it's not funny at all, but I'm an impartial newsman so I don't have an opinion. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Kal Penn (House, Kumar) will star in the CBS pilot Ex-Men. The single-camera comedy will follow dudes being dudes in a short-term rental complex. Penn will play one of the dudes. [THR]

... Brothers & Sisters' Luke MacFarlane will guest star on The CW's Beauty and the Beast. MacFarlane will play the director of a ballet company in the second episode. Nice get, Beauty and the Beast! [TV Guide]

... Penelope Ann Miller (Men of a Certain Age) is joining ABC's sudsy midseason drama Mistresses. She'll play a woman who didn't know that her husband was sexing up some other ladies. [EW]

... Rome's Polly Walker will join the cast of The Mentalist next season in a major recurring role. She'll play a senior FBI agent starting in the season premiere. [TV Line]

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  • GeraldC7 Jul 27, 2012

    Oh, Luke you deserve better...

  • lucianoabc Jul 27, 2012

    I am open to anything with the name Dan Harmon on it.

  • JamesButko Jul 27, 2012

    Bring back Heat Vision and Jack!

  • jocey11 Jul 26, 2012

    the CW had a slogan?

  • RipIgloo Jul 26, 2012

    Well no wonder they passed on Adam Carolla's animated show. They want 12 min eps not 30.

  • Writerpatrick Jul 26, 2012

    I think an hour of short comedies is sort of defeating the idea of a short comedy. They are suppose to be short so a half-hour would seem to make more sense. I'm just waiting for the return of the short drama which would run half-an-hour instead of a full hour.

  • aknu Jul 26, 2012

    Mm, would probably call Arrested Development the epitome of single cam comedy, not community. That was a show that barely ever had a bad episode

  • Taccado Jul 26, 2012

    - If there is someone who can revive the multi-cam-format which is all but dead (quality wise), it's Harmon. I sure hope it would be a multi-cam sitcom without a laugh track. Are there any of those? Can't come up with one now.

    - "TV Now"? I bet some project group was paid a shit load of money for that one. I think it's on par with Lifetime's new "Your Life. Your Time."

    - I applaud FOX for making a bold move and doing short-form comedy. Succeed or fail, any attempts to do something different is appreciated.

  • safibwana Jul 26, 2012

    Rome, pfft. Sister Clarice!

  • aliSuz Jul 26, 2012

    "TV to talk about" was so catchy. I didn't realize I liked it until now. They probably shouldn't have changed it.

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