News Briefs: Cult Stinks Up Its Start

By Tim Surette

Feb 21, 2013


... The CW debuted its spooky new meta-drama Cult last night, and it didn't fare too well. Less than a million people (0.94 million) tuned in to watch the series premiere, and the young-viewer contingent only tallied a 0.3 rating in the adult demo, weak even by CW standards. Smash also continues to be a bust, drawing 3.29 million viewers and a 0.9 rating for NBC. And that's about as exciting as I can make numbers sound today. [TV By the Numbers]


... Fox doesn't understand why y'all aren't watching New Girl like you used to, so it's gonna try to do something about that. On Thursday April 4, New Girl and its blockmate The Mindy Project will air in a special slot after American Idol in hopes that the singing competition's massive audience will dribble onto both comedies. They will replace a previously scheduled repeat of Glee. [The Wrap]

... FX is developing a stuntman drama called Crash and Burn loosely based on the book The Full Burn. In the series, Doc Dixon takes all kids of life-risking gigs to support his family while holding his union together in the days before computer-graphics made stuntmen obsolete. This sounds like a good idea, FX. Carry on being great. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Oprah's network OWN has picked up the third season of Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse from TBS. That'll save your sinking ship, Oprah! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sorry, one more round of boring show pickups: TruTV has ordered eight more episodes of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago and 13 more episodes of Impractical Jokers. [TruTV via press release]


... Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) has received Xenu's permission to come back to television and will take the lead in the CBS crime drama Second Sight. He'll play a New Orleand police detective who suffers from (or is blessed with) intense hallucinations and dreams from his subconscious. It's a remake of the 1999 U.K. series starring Clive Owen. [EW]

... The Fast and the Furious's Sung Kang has been cast in Fox's Gang Related, a drama about a gang task force that's infiltrated by a gang member. He'll play a specialist in Asian street gangs which is a coincidence because he's Asian! [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan (Maggie!) is getting sexually assaulted on television again. She'll guest-star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a sports reporter who accuses her cameraman of raping her. [THR]

... Criminal Minds vet Paget Brewster is joining ABC's comedy Spy opposite Rob Corddry. Corddry plays a man who joins the Secret Service to impress his son. Brewster will play his icy ex-wife. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC is still looking for a place to put Mandy Moore. This time she's been cast in the network's adaptation of the British series Pulling. Moore will play one of three women in their 30s living life they way they want to. Moore has been cast in several ABC projects in the past, but none of them have landed. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS has cast Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight) in its summer series Under the Dome. Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, Under the Dome posits what would happen when a small town is isolated from the rest of the world by a mysterious dome. Lefevre will play Julia, an investigative reporter... UNDER A DOME! [EW]

... Sons of Anarchy's Rockmond Dunbar (he played Sheriff Roosevelt) will co-star in ABC's Doubt. The legal series is about a cop-turned-lawyer who uses his street smarts to win cases. Dunbar will play the lawyer's former partner and best friend. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • calann Feb 25, 2013

    Is ABC's 'Spy' a remake of the British series on sky 1?

  • Svanehjerte Feb 25, 2013

    Cult was pretty good actually. I hope it won't get yanked after just a couple episodes or something because of the low ratings of episode 1.

  • Left4Ed Feb 22, 2013

    I wonder how much the ratings of Cult were due to the fact that it was available online. Hopefully, those overnights get beefed up by online views and DVRs. It just makes me wish they'd stop relying on Nielsen ratings and markets to determine viewers and actually use the technology built into DVR boxes to mine REAL data about viewership. I'd love to see the game change because of real, by the people numbers.

  • MunirRahool Feb 21, 2013

    I am waiting for Under the Dome, and Gang Related seems good.
    No I did not like how Cult started but I will stick around for a couple of more episodes becase sometime start of a good complicated story cannot be kick off in one episode.

  • hbf716 Feb 21, 2013

    I am so sad about the ratings for New Girl. I really hope that moving it to a new night will be the key. There are so many good shows on Tuesday but I always watch New Girl first. For me, there is nothing funnier on tv at the moment. Also, sad about Smash but only because I love Derek.

  • Mantis82 Feb 21, 2013

    Don't care for Cult but Nielsen ratings are so weird, i hate that they hold all these shows hostage with their outdated means of recording how many people watch the show. One Nielsen family represents thousands of people in your zip code and just averaging it out based on population #s. And not only does Nielsen refuse to update, but they are cornering the market to prevent other technologies from being utilized

  • sunnysfunny Feb 21, 2013

    I still watch New Girl BUT I watch it when I want to.

    Cult was available online first, so the low number are probably because of that.

  • WavSlave Feb 21, 2013

    I'm happy for Rob Corddry getting a series on a "real" network but I'll be really sad if that spells doom for the excellent Childrens Hospital.

  • Tvking00 Feb 21, 2013

    Thats because everybody watched Cult online several days before it aired...

  • ResEv Feb 21, 2013

    You want to know why these shows are all losing ratings? Because FX and AMC have totally set a new standard as to how good TV shows can be.

  • Akyriel Feb 21, 2013

    Like Anger Management? Watching the ratings tank like a lead balloon for that is kind of funny considering they ordered many more episodes based on its initial ratings when it began.

  • ResEv Feb 21, 2013

    No not like Anger Management. More like Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead...

  • Akyriel Feb 22, 2013

    BUT, it does show all networks can make mistakes - Some more than others though.

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