News Briefs: Do No Harm Got Off to a Record-Setting Embarrassing Start

By Tim Surette

Feb 02, 2013


... The series premiere of NBC's Do No Harm did not do too well. According to Nielsen, 3.1 million viewers tuned in to see the pilot last night, good for only a 0.9 rating in the important 18-49 demographic. That makes it the lowest-rated scripted show ever on the four major networks. Ever. EVER. WORST EVER. Worse than Cavemen, Lone Star, and Work It. Guess it's time to dust off another season of The Voice. [TV Line]


... Speaking of terrible, TBS's Men at Work has a Season 2 premiere date: April 4. [TV Line]

... Even if you don't have a Netflix subscription, you can watch the first episode of its exclusive new original drama; the company has made the pilot available for free. I watched it. It's okay. [Netflix]

... Lifetime has picked up the drama Witches of East End with a 10-episode series order. The show stars Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston, and Madchen Amick as witches on Long Island. [Lifetime via press release]


... Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn has landed the lead in Bravo's pilot Rita. Gunn will play an outspoken teacher at a private school who has three teenage kids of her own. Then she gets diagnosed with cancer and starts making meth. Ugh, I take that "joke" back. Pretend you didn't read that. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC's pilot The Gates is replacing Aasif Mondvi in its cast after hiring him earlier this week. Taking his spot as a driven lawyer in this comedy about the parents of elementary school kids will be Ally McBeal's Greg Germann. [TV Line]

... Rob Riggle is trying TV again. The former Daily Show correspondent will star in Fox's pilot The Gabriels, a single-camera comedy about a neurotic family living among pleasant people in the Midwest. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lily Rabe will return to American Horror Story for Season 3! No word on what role she'll play or what Season 3 will be about other than the very cryptic "it will involve a romance." [Ryan Murphy's Twitter]

... Revenge's Emily VanCamp is getting richer. She's landed a major gig in Marvel's next Captain America movie, though details on her role haven't been announced. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • youngnan Feb 03, 2013

    Reason that it bombed: Maybe because it was available online like a week or three before the TV premiere and basically everyone realized it was an Epic Shitstorm of Fail?

  • shocker713 Feb 03, 2013

    Greg Germann? never saw Ally McBeal, not liking him on NCIS, hated him on In Case of Emergency (yes, he was the worst actor in a short-lived cast that included former WCW Champion David Arquette), and without even knowing anything about the character, I can tell you he shouldn't be replacing Aasif Mandvi.

  • ErlendJohanne Feb 03, 2013


  • shocker713 Feb 03, 2013

    Note to NBC: stop putting double life/split personality dramas in that timeslot.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 02, 2013

    Is that a sex doll in the passenger seat of that sports car with a dog on its lap? Oh, sorry, the crux of that story is IT BOMBED. Reasons I suspect it bombed: - did not do a good job advertising when it'd be on; - marketing did not do a satisfactory job of explaining to audiences what it was saying; - title did not do any job of explaining what the show was about; - concept was too strained to be engaging to a wide audience; - marketing looked devoid of passion, looked like a show by executive committee. That said, I know Fox has launched stuff with more crickets than this, so I dunno about "worst evah!" but it's obviously not good at all, so hopefully it's at least cheap to produce.

    WTF? Aasif Mondvi is the man! Only NBC would be so dumb as to can him, I can only assume that show sucks donkey crotch to explain this choice. On the other hand, Greg Germann is fun, but I really would like to see him get better material again, his work on "Ned & Stacy" alone showed more range than he gets in the majority of his jobs these days. Also I saw him shopping at Target a few weeks ago here in Culver City.

    Rob Riggle, noooooooo, that sounds awful, find better material! Take "President of the Navy" to its own series, anything but that drivel described in your latest pilot.

  • shocker713 Feb 03, 2013

    I wouldn't say the title didn't do ANY job of explaining the show..."do no harm" is the main idea of the hippocratic oath, so at least you can maybe assume it's a show about a doctor.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 03, 2013

    Is that really enough to tell you anything about this show though? Does that entice in any way the show's main hook, Jekyll & Hyde? I don't think so, it sounds an awful lot like any ol' medical drama.

  • shocker713 Feb 03, 2013

    And I'm sure if it was any ol' medical drama, the ratings would've been better, because god forbid we as a people watch anything new or different.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 03, 2013

    Tell that to The Mob Doctor, Emily Owens MD, Animal Practice, and Saving Hope - all quickly canceled in the last year. Or to Private Practice, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie - all struggling in their respective ratings. Medical dramas aren't doing that great right now, audiences are burning out on them. So making the title something generic in the medical field seems more like a hindrance than a help IMO.

  • Akyriel Feb 02, 2013

    NBC really seemed to push Do No Harm in the last month or so including the aggravating pop-ups for it during shows on air. As for conveying what it was about, you may be right, but I usually mute commercials or not pay much attention. My sense, in general from what I saw, was that it was about an intense doctor of some kind and not a Jekyll/Hyde kind of thing, which I was already aware of.

  • JT_Kirk Feb 02, 2013

    I don't disagree that they pushed it hard, just that they didn't do a good job selling the show's message or its premiere date.

  • Demonstrable Feb 02, 2013

    Sometimes I think that my enjoyment of a show is some kind of kiss of death.

  • mrjimmyjames Feb 02, 2013

    Yay! Lily Rabe! Not to mention the return of Taissa Farmiga from season 1. Will Zachary Quinto return as well?

  • Kerkesh Feb 02, 2013

    Frankly, I did not get it. I just found it awful and all over the place, no focus at all.

  • kevekev302 Feb 02, 2013

    Jack must be trying to tank the network again

  • hell693 Feb 02, 2013


  • rye06p Feb 02, 2013

    Do No Harm has an interesting premise that has been destroyed. Watching the promo's made me immediately turn against it.

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