News Briefs: Fox Is Working on a Small-Screen The Punisher

By Tim Surette

Oct 22, 2011


... Despite its poor track record in adaptations, the comic The Punisher is still getting interest in heading to television. Fox is working with Criminal Minds' Ed Bernero to televisualize the superhero, a vigilante New York detective with a penchant for lots and lots of guns. The comic has been turned into a movie twice, and both were hecka-lame. We'll see if a TV version can do it better. [EW]

... Rumor has it that CBS is this close to picking up Unforgettable and Person of Interest for full seasons. Neither pickup would be particularly surprising, as both shows are performing fairly well. What is surprising is how many people watch Unforgettable! I mean, come on! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Matt Smith might be planning on leaving Doctor Who, according to a rumor that was started when someone picked through a quote of his with a fine-tooth toilet brush! [Blastr]

... Jimmy Fallon's production company Holiday Road has sold three scripts to NBC, and apparently the late-night host has fatherhood on his mind. Fat Rob follows a rap star as he becomes a father, DILFs is about a group of thirtysomething dads who don't want to grow up, and Rick tells the story of a man who becomes a stepdad to a person who's the same age as him. [Variety]

... Shonda Rhimes' production company has sold The Circle to ABC. Shonda, why won't you let other people sell TV show ideas to networks? The soapy thriller follows the ten adopted kids of a billionaire after one of them is murdered. Brangelina better watch this one closely. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Michael Bay is getting ready to blow stuff up on The CW. Bay will executive produce Outsiders for the network. The drama comes from Supernatural writer Adam Glass and centers on a sociology professor who teams up with a young, uptight female detective (I'm guessing she's sexy, too) to solve youth-related crimes involving subcultures in Los Angeles. [Variety]

... Fox will air The World Cup in 2018 and 2022. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal! Also: Soccer is boring. Fact! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember that cool-sounding UK television show starring Chloe Sevigny as a pre-op transsexual assassin? The one called Hit or Miss that I told you about a while back? Good news: It's coming to the U.S.! Bad news: only to DirecTV. [Newsday]


... Catherine Tate is returning to The Office! The actress appeared in last season's finale as a special projects manager, and will stick around the show for the rest of the season. [NBC, via press release]

... Whitney's Whitney is getting a dad. Peter Gallagher will guest-star on the NBC comedy as the lead character's father. Excellent, now someone else can be really, really disappointed in her for a change. [TV Guide]

... Mena Suvari is stopping by American Horror Story for a guest role as a famous murder victim. Maybe the show can also figure out who murdered her career. Boom! Got ya, Mena! (...says the not successful guy who writes about TV in his pajamas.) [TV Line]

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  • MightyMad Oct 25, 2011

    One of my friends told me about the Punisher TV show last week. I'm gonna say here what I told him then: "It's very simple: if it's not on FX, it's going to fail. No way a major network can carry Frank Castle without literally castrating him." 'Nuff said.

  • TheMirayShow Oct 25, 2011

    Haha, love all the soccer comments :P

    Also, I like Unforgettable... but I'm a sucker for procedurals, so maybe you shouldn't count my opinion... :P

  • fweak Oct 25, 2011

    Soccer is not boring, you just don't understand it.

  • memizz Oct 25, 2011

    Soccer (or as we call it in Europe: football) is WAY better than american football. American football is so boring and it's not even really football since you don't even really touch the ball with your feet. You should call it handball, or runball, or suckball.

  • GreenyFool Oct 24, 2011

    The world knows football as football. America knows it as soccer. United we stand, secluded we stand, huh?

    Also Re: Matt Smith, I hope not, but as long as Moffat stays in charge of the writing department I'll be happy. :)

  • Writerpatrick Oct 24, 2011

    I think the idea of Matt Smith leaving Dr. Who came about as someone misinterpreting a reference to the season finale. Although no actor has remained on Dr. Who for more than five years. And the setup for the season finale does have some similarities to what happened before the last Doctor left so it might give some an impression that he's leaving. But even if he does he'll likely do at least one more series.

  • gummiro Oct 24, 2011

    Also: Soccer is boring. Fact! (Not true)

    Also it's called FOOTBALL you nimwit !

  • drrdheroe Oct 24, 2011

    fact: what americans call football is boring and "soccer" rocks

  • Spruce80 Oct 24, 2011

    Fact: Both football and soccer is boring ;-)

  • ohnobees Oct 24, 2011

    I don't watch, enjoy, or follow sports at all but I would much rather watch american football than football/soccer.

  • CaraDowney Oct 24, 2011

    love that Unforgettable and Person of Interest is looking good to be picked up for a full season. both shows are off the hook and i have to admit I like Person of Interest better, but I still watch Unforgettable. Excited that fox will be airing the worlds in 2018 and 2022, its not boring at all.

  • ohnobees Oct 24, 2011

    Punisher is just about the only comic franchise I wouldn't be interested in as a TV show. That and the abortion that was David E Kelley's recent attempt at a Wonder Woman revamp.

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