News Briefs: Fox Orders a Voice-ish Dating Show

By Tim Surette

May 03, 2012


... Fox has announced a new summer dating show to clog up your airwaves, and it's either an April Fool's joke a month late or blatant theft. The Choice is a dating version of The Voice, featuring eligible "celebrity" bachelors in spinning chairs who pick female suitors based on their voice alone and no I'm not joking this is a real show and I can't believe it either. Cat Deeley, who is legitimately great and deserves better, will host. Look for The Choice to debut on June 7 or just watch The Voice instead and imagine that Cee Lo is going to wine and dine one of his team members. Teaser trailer below! [Fox via press release]


... Amazon (the website, not the human-devouring river that's full of ghosts and dolls) is getting into original programming, but just for the internet. [The Wrap]

... HBO rolled the dice on Luck and lost. The horse-racing drama stopped production for good after a third horse involved in filming the series died (though it was not during actual filming), forcing an early cancellation. Now the bill for the one-season show has been made public: $35 million. Here's a simple solution to make the money back, HBO: Take $35 million to Vegas and bet on black! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Two And a Half Men co-showrunner Lee Arohnson is stepping down from duties at the CBS series. No details were given for his departure, but Arohnson recently made headlines for the wrong reason when he made comments about all the vagina talk on female-centric comedies like Whitney and 2 Broke Girls. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Grey's Anatomy will welcome a pair of new patients in Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) and Patrick Fischler (Lost). They'll play a couple that's rushed to the hospital after getting sick. Look for them in this season's second-to-last episode. [TV Line]

... Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) has been cast in USA's Political Animals as the POTUS, or President of the United States if you aren't a secret service man/don't watch Veep. The miniseries follows the former First Family in Washington, D.C. as they struggle to keep their political aspirations alive. [THR]

... There's a good chance that you will see the boobs of Anna Hutchison (Cabin in the Woods), Jenna Lind, and Gwendoline Taylor next year, as they've all been cast in the third season of Spartacus on Starz. [TV Line]

The Choice teaser:

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  • JT_Kirk May 04, 2012

    EDITOR: Don't make Deadline Hollywood's mistake, it's "Lee Aronsohn", the H is before the second N, not the first.

    I hadn't heard about Aronsohn's vagina comments, so I looked them up. Jerky, but not untrue, there's a lot lately, and the only response is "there's a lot of talk about pensises too!" which is also true, we could stand to hear less about everybody's genitalia in general on TV, it's almost always in place of a better joke.

    Go to hell, Fox! You are the worst!

    I foresee Amazon's programming idea going 2 months and producing nothing of note, then folding up.

    Adrian Pasdar cast as a politician, does he get a punch on his card, and he after a hundred he has to play one free of charge?

  • mksystem74 May 03, 2012

    I like how FOX went out of their way to make fun of The Voice and call it a copycat and then goes and does this. But its FOX so people think its ok. I do agree though, poor Cat.

  • FringeFanatic May 03, 2012

    It's all good, Fox. You can greenlight all the horribly contrived reality shows you want. I just can't bring myself to criticize you right now. Your renewal of Fringe has officially earned you one full year of immunity from me. So, blatantly ripoff away!

  • torque_smacky May 03, 2012

    "featuring eligible "celebrity" bachelors in spinning chairs that pick female suitors based on their voice alone"

    Why would anyone do this? Besides the money?

    How completely stupid does FOX think we are? I can't get involved in a reality show I can't believe in; there's no tension that way.

  • jaden84 May 03, 2012

    No FOX just no. Find something else.

  • VConn May 03, 2012

    OF COURSE FOX would order crap like that meanwhile the good stuff like ALCATRAZ just gets left under some execs backside.

  • pcsjunior002 May 03, 2012

    WRONG. We all know POTUS from "The West Wing". Period.

  • mac94102 May 03, 2012

    Buh-bye Lee Arohnson, won't miss you. Maybe next time you should think before you insult 51% of the population.

  • KingsX May 03, 2012

    I agree, he does insult the majority of the population by making Two and a Half Men.